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12 Beauty Trends You Are Going To Start Hearing A Lot

12 Beauty Trends You Are Going To Start Hearing A Lot

Fall is finally here and with that a whole new pack of new trends in the beauty world for this season of the year. Some classics, such as red lips and smoky eyes, are not going anywhere during this season, but we have a lot of new creative trends as well. Including artistic creations that send its focus to the eyes, with unexpected colors, punk styles and disco ones will be dominating the next fall/winter seasons of the year. Be sure to stay on the lookout for new creative inspiration and up to date with the new trends coming because you might want to start copying them. Don’t be afraid to explore and try you might even start your own beauty trend!

1. Neon Accents

A really playful and rich trend to try! Adding neon accents in shades like neon yellow, citron green, electric blue or neon pink will definitely let you have a statement makeup. Try these shades either on your eyes with eye shadows or with an eyeliner that can be as thick as wanted or even done in a very fine line. Some have even risk it all with lipsticks in neon colors or mixing a few neon shades altogether and the result is breathtaking! Check out how big designers such as Carolina Herrera have played with this beauty trend on runways on this fall season.

2. Blushing

One of the most youthful beauty trend that has taken over the runways this season! Add soft shades of pink to your cheeks just as if you had blushed from a nice comment your crush just gave you. Spot this trend on runways such as Channel’s where the models had this look applied high on the apples of their cheeks, really close to the nose which made it seem like a natural flush. Try this trend with shades of peach blush or pink and pair it with a gloss lipstick or almost nude one to get the complete look.


3. Arty Eyelashes

Exaggerated lashes with an artistic touch have dominated the runways of great designers such as Giambattista Valli making the models look as if they were part of a 60’s comic strip. Heavy mascara under the eyes in black shades or painted thick lashes to give this really artistic look to the eyes. Followed by just one rule: if heavy eyes keep the rest of the makeup really neutral, very natural complexion and lips. This beauty trend gives makeup artists the opportunity to explore their most creative side!

4. Glitter On The Eyes

Glitter is that old friend you always call back! Designers such as Rodarte took inspiration on from Hollywood’s musical icons including Judy Garland and Ginger Rogers that took part of famous musicals from the 30s through the ’70s and as a result we got lots of glittery eyes! But the glitter dint just stay on the eyes, lips were full of this magical touch also. This beauty trend just proves us that is correct what they say, there is never too much glitter!

5. Disco Fever

The glam of the 70s is a never forget. As seen on the Michael Kors runway from this past season, not only the clothing inspired by this era is back including glitter outfits and lots of electric colors, but makeups and hairstyles as well. As for the makeup winged shadows in gold or black shades or iridescent clouds around the eyes in several colors like violet are part of this disco fever. The big voluminous hairstyles that include afros and natural curls strategically pin with bobby pins to create this 70’s inspired looks are going to be seen a lot this season.


6. Bejeweled hair

Is not only about using jewelry exclusively to the neck, ears or wrist but to start adorning your hair with it too.  Including studs and chains around your hair, it doesn’t matter is its just hold on a ponytail or left as your natural look, adding these small details will definitely step up your hairstyle game! Especially if you have to attend a formal dinner or party to get a very unique look. Christian Siriano started including this beauty trend on his runway for the season ranging from subtle hints of the trend to very heavy-all-over bejeweling.

7. Statement Eyebrows

Forget perfectly trimmed eyebrows, this season beauty trend is all about having statement eyebrows. From very thin ones to almost comical looking half-erased eyebrows you can explore it all! Well-known brands like Prada decided to totally bleach their model’s eyebrows for their runway of the season. While other designers went with very thick looking brows, some decided on a very thin line. This trend is all about being brave and decide if you want to let them grow or shave them all!

8. Face Appliqués

Yes, we are talking about those you used to get when you were little! Face appliques range from a single pearl glued to the inner corner of your eyes as Adeam did, to jewels that seem as freckles on a model’s face. Some other designs decided to add small dots of this face appliqués randomly distributed on the face as a rain of shimmer! The face appliqués of this season want to come to appear as if they were freckles or simply natural beauty marks as if they had always been where they are adding some glam to the face.

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9. Contacts

Having every model on your show with the same eye color has never been as easy as using contacts, but this time, designers went with bolder eye colors or styles and not the normal ones we usually see. Designers like Rick Owens got his models all blackout contacts, add the rest of the makeup and some bald caps to get a very alien-looking makeup. We also got red eye contacts that have an almost demoniac vibe to it. This beauty trend is a must everyone should try at least once since is super easy to get and the impact on those around you can definitely be surprising!

10. Glossy Lips

Glossy lips have slowly crawled up their way to the top of the most recognized runways of the fashion world. This beauty trend is as simple as it can be, create nude looking makeups by adding a touch of glossy lips to add an almost innocent touch to your look that can still be considered super sexy. Just check out the models of runways such as the one from Anteprima to confirm this theory! Glossy lips can come in shades of peach, pink or almost transparent with a subtle addition of glitter that will definitely match most of your daily looks.


11. Voluminous Lashes

Lashes have gained a lot of primary focus this runway season. With heavy mascara, big almost dollish looking lashes or fake eyelashes that add unusual shapes and colors. Designers like Peter Pilotto decided on using fake eyelashes in white shades that gave the models an almost fairytale effect. While other makeup artists explore cluster lashes and multiple mascara layers to create really voluminous effects one thing was clear, with this beauty trend no one is afraid of clumping mascara!

12. Black Smudges

Black is never out of style! Designers like Proenza Schouler added a touch of solid black that might have looked messy but was totally planned that way. Heavy looking eye wings or just completely black smudge eyelids were a real hit on this runways season. This beauty trend is definitely intended for the bolder fashion lovers, but we have no doubt some will come out with a creative way of translating this intense looking trend into something more subtle for everyday use.

Are you a fan of any beauty trend from this season yet? Let us know your favorite ones in the comments below!

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