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10 Beauty Products to Get the Perfect Look

10 Beauty Products to Get the Perfect Look

The perfect look is a matter of opinion and based on what type of style one is going for or event they are attending. However, some great products can help achieve the perfect look for any style one is attempting to create. Here are ten products to get the perfect look day or night.

1. Better Than Sex Mascara by Too Faced Cosmetics

Better than Sex Mascara comes in both waterproof and regular mascara. These mascaras help create thick, long, and luscious lashes. Better Than Sex Mascara creates bold, dramatic lashes that stand out and ties together the perfect look.  



2. Eyeshadow Primer Potion by Urban Decay Cosmetics

Urban Decays Eyeshadow Primer Potion comes in various colors for every skin tone. The original primer potion dries invisible and is suitable for all skin tones. Eyeshadow Primer Potion helps create bold looks with more pigmentation and longer-lasting wear. Primer potion prevents eyeshadow creasing and lasts all day long. The doe-foot applicator makes it easy to whisk onto the eyelid before applying eyeshadow. Eyeshadow primer potion is the perfect eyeshadow enhancer.


3. Brow Contour Pro by Benefit Cosmetics

The Brow Contour Pro comes in three colors, blonde/light, brown/light, and brown-black/deep. A multi-tasking brow pencil that allows one to highlight, define, and contour the brows. It’s a twist on old 1990’s pens with a pushdown color button. This pencil allows the user to choose what they need by pressing down on designated sections of the pencil. Once the color is chosen a little twist of the pencil will reveal the product. Each section of the pencil is labeled for a fail-proof application. The brows frame the face, and with the Brow Contour Pro, the eyebrows will look amazing.

4. Tartelette Give, Gift & Get Amazonian Clay Eyeshadow Wardrobe

A set of three eyeshadow palettes that will help achieve any look. Neutrals, mauves, and burnt colors can be mixed or used individually to create a day or night look. There are shimmers and glitters of gold, berries, and bronzed goddess colors to make the eyes pop. Anything one could want (aside from bright colors) are created with these palettes. Some soft and subtle, bold, and dramatic, these are the perfect palettes to buy together!


5.Orgasm blush by Nars

The Nars blush in the color Orgasm is a great shade for any skin tone. The blush is a peachy-pink color with a hint of shimmer. The Orgasm blush leaves a light, rosy, flushed look to the face. There are many other Nars blushes and colors. The Nars blushes are buildable and have wonderful pigmentation. These blushes can be bold or discreet and come in shimmer or matte. 



6.Brushstroke 24-Hour Liner by MAC

This MAC eyeliner is highly pigmented. The free flow of the liquid makes it easy to line the lids for any look. A thin line and a thick line are easy to apply. This eyeliner is great because it lasts a long time without a raccoon eye effect. The precision tip makes it easy to place the liner. It is a must-have product to make the eyes stand out. 


7. Matte Lipstick by MAC Cosmetics

There are many variations of the matte lipstick MAC has to offer, but Matte Lipstick provides payoffs. Matte Lipstick has a true to the color formula that lasts up to 10-hours on the lips. Eating and drinking are not a problem with this lipstick. The colors are bold; even the nude shades. There is no feathering with MACs Matte Lipstick. It is comfortable to wear and has a classic matte finish. The Matte Lipstick is the perfect lip coverage for any look. 

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8. Teint Idole Ultra 24H Long Wear Foundation by Lancome

Lancome has a 24-hour foundation that provides excellent coverage. There are fifty diverse shades of foundation. Teint Idole Ultra foundation has a natural matte finish. This foundation will not transfer and is resistant to humidity. Teint Idole Ultra is a breathable and lightweight foundation that covers imperfections and balances out skin tone. Teint Idole Ultra is also great for sensitive skin and is not oily. Teint Idole Ultra is a full-coverage product to create a flawless look. 

9. Baba Bomb Moisturizer by Tarte

Baba Bomb Moisturizer is a great treatment for the skin to keep it healthy and firm. Baba Bomb is a 24-hour treatment and hydrates the skin. This adorable packaging makes applying moisturizer easy. Just press down on the lid, and out pops the product from the top. Baba Bomb uses vegan plant collagen to make the skin firmer. Babassu, avocado, and green tea make up this heavenly moisturizer that is a gift to the skin! 


10. Kylie Jenner Lip Liner

Lip liner by Kylie Jenner comes in many color variants. Bold to nude, any color desired is available. The lip liners go on smooth and have a strong staying power. Coloring in the lips with the liner and then applying lipstick helps achieve the best long-lasting lip color. Kylies’ favorite color coconut is a great choice for nude lipsticks, while Beau is a bold choice for red tints. Kylies Lip Liners are also available in her lip kits and are paired with the perfect liquid matte lipstick. The choices are endless and the colors are flawless. Lining the lips is a smart choice to keeping lipstick and color on the lips throughout the day. Finally, one of the best reasons to purchase the Kylie lip liner is that the formula is smooth. The application is easy and glides right on. A seamless application makes for a perfect look!


The perfect look is not an easy feat, however, there are many products  above to try above to help you achieve that effortless look you’ve been trying to capture. Do you have any must-haves to achieve the perfect look? What items from the list above would you like to try out? Is there an item above that you have tried? Let us know what amazing beauty product finds you’ve come across and share it below! 

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