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30 Beauty Mistakes You Didn’t Know You Were Making

30 Beauty Mistakes You Didn’t Know You Were Making


Since middle school, we’ve all been doing some hard research! We all googled “how to get the perfect skin” or “how to get the shiniest hair”. It’s been a goal to make sure we hit every beauty target. But, there are a few little tricks that we may be missing and a few beauty mistakes that have become too much of a norm! Let’s look those beauty mistakes in the eye and vow to never make them again!

1. Not finishing your shower with a cold rinse.

Hot showers are the absolute best! Hot water opens up everything– including our pores and hair follicles. Doing a cold rinse before jumping out of the shower will keep your conditioner nice and secure and help prevent dirt and filth from getting into your pores, which is the source of breakouts!

2. Your shampooing routine.

Yes, your hair can get so greasy, so fast, but letting it grease up once in a while is great for your hair! Your hair has natural oils to make it healthy and strong. Try skipping hair washing a day or two a week.



3. This makeup remover method.

The typical way to remove makeup is to grab your wipe or washcloth, start at your eyebrow, and wipe down your face. Think about it: if we pull down on our eyes every day, it’s going to leave its mark. You will develop saggy eyelids and bags under your eye. Instead, try wiping up, starting from the bottom of your eye and moving towards your forehead.

4. Your deodorant schedule.

Its most common to put deodorant on in the morning before you take off for the day. Try putting your deodorant on right after the shower, or before you go to bed at night.


5. Brushing your hair.

You can brush your hair wrong? Yes! I’m sure most of us start and the top of our heads, fresh out of the shower, and just rip through all of or tangles and knots (Ouch!). Instead, wait for your hair to dry, and brush starting at the bottom and work your way up!


6. That Perfect Smile.

When we think of a great teeth whitener, what is the first thing to come to mind? Whitening strips? Some “at home” dental treatment? Well did you know that all of these things actually make your teeth weaker and more sensitive? Try using activated charcoal! It comes in pill capsules and you can find it around the “laxative” section at a CVS or Rite Aid type of store. Just get a tiny container, break the capsule into it, get your tooth brush wet, dip it in the powder, and brush away. The charcoal is a natural absorber. It absorbs things like coffee stains (because we all have those!) and build up over time. They don’t remove anything natural, like your enamel!



7. Not Moisturizing

We all love putting lotion on and having baby butt skin. How often do you actually moisturize, though? Every time you get out of the bath or shower, put lotion on as soon as you jump out. Don’t even wait to dry all off the way! You will get better results if you put on a body oil (or coconut oil) , then a lotion to lock in all the oil. Also, try to use a lotion that isn’t scented. It can irritate sensitive skin. Instead, try Gold Bond, Aveeno, or even baby lotion! You find grab all of these at your local drug store for a few bucks.

8. Ignoring that crazy, frizzy bad hair day.

Frizzy, dry hair haunts us all. When your hair is still damp, put a squirt of Aloe Vera gel in your palm, rub it around and comb it through your hair! Aloe Vera is perfect to lock in moisturize in. You can even use it on dry hair (just not too much) and it won’t dry all crunchy!



9. Don’t scrub your face away!

You always hear that washing makes for cleaner skin! Well this isn’t true for your face. Washing your face too much can dry out your skin. Only do it about once a day, and don’t forget to moisturize!

10. Conditioning never stops!

Even though you did a deep conditioning treatment in your shower (and rinsed with cold water!) don’t stop the conditioning there. Put in some leave- in conditioner before you comb your hair. Try Walmart for some great leave in conditioner!


11. Don’t forget the primer!

Applying makeup on an un-primed face can irritate your skin. It’ll make dry skin drier. It is also more likely for that foundation will get clogged in your pores. Try E.l.f.’s Hydrating Face Primer.

12. Curl before mascara, always!

Following these steps will make your life so much easier! First curl, then mascara. Putting your mascara on, and then curling, causes clumping (which is such a pain). If you curl your eyelashes, and then apply your mascara, it’ll go on beautifully and look natural. If you still are getting a few clumps, grab a toothpick and try to separate your lashes.

13. Avoid the “brush pump”.

We all see it on the movies. About to apply your mascara, and you pump the brush in an out a few times. But do you know what that really does? The only thing that brush pumping is good for is creating bacteria in your mascara, which could eventually lead to infections. No one wants that. Just one simple in-and-out will do it for you, I promise!


14. Make sure your foundation matches

We’ve all seen the insta photo of some girl with great nails, and with her whole arm covered in makeup swatches. Your arm isn’t the most accurate place to test colors! The best place to compare colors of foundation to the color of your face is your neck! Apply the colors to your neck to get a more accurate comparison.

 15. Feeling like that dry shampoo isn’t doing the trick?

You may not be using it the right way! Make sure you aren’t spraying it too close to your head. Holding the can out about 8 inches to a foot away will give better results. Wait for it to dry completely!

16. Let the flow go!

Yes, tying the crazy mane up every day is easy and cute. But pulling your hair up all the time could do some damage. When putting your hair up tight, you’re pulling out hair without realizing it.



17. Your brushes like being clean, too.

I know, its about the last thing anyone thinks about. Makeup brushes like to be clean, too. This can help avoid those annoying breakouts!

18. Bronzer Overload!

Stop putting bronzer all over. Yeah, we all would love to be tan, but people can’t be fooled. Your ears, neck, hairline and chest give it away that you’re a different color. Instead, use that bronzer to define. Hit the cheekbones, forehead and around your nose to give that shadow effect for the perfect contour.

19. Lighting is everything.

Stop putting your makeup on in your cave. You deserve so much better! Try getting your set up going in front of a window, or a lit make up mirror! It makes the biggest difference.

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 20. Perfect Your Eyeliner Technique.

Eyeliner may be the trickiest technique. Some people are born with a gift, the rest of us have to work our butts off to get the perfect look. To get a more natural look, lift your eyelid and apply eyeliner to the underneath of your top eyelashes, then go from there. Also, if you’re an “eyeliner of the bottom” type of person, don’t be so harsh! Making it too dark on the bottom makes your eyes look smaller. Try a white eyeliner on the bottom water line, to get a bigger, brighter eye look.


21. Switch things up.

Don’t use the exact same brand, forever and always. Each time you run out of a shampoo or conditioner, try another type. Your hair can get too used to these brands and not work how they are supposed to. Same goes with your face wash and body wash.

22. For the blind people!

It seems like you’d do anything to not have to get out of bed and take your contacts out. But please, it’ll be worth it. Nothing is worse than having to wake up to dry, irritated eyes. Taking them out makes it less likely to get infections, and you can’t be getting the perfect eye makeup with infections.

23. #eyebrowsmatter

Eyebrows on fleek? Maybe? Don’t go too dark. You want to try and get a nice fade going in. The part closest to the middle should be lighter and gradually getting darker as it moves out towards your ears. Try using the E.l.f. Eyebrow Kit. It includes a gel and powder, the powder being lighter.


24. Nail care.

You’ve been painting your nails since you can remember. To get the best look, make sure you’re taking care of your cuticles. Push them back and apply some cuticle oil. Painting over your cuticles can make the polish peel faster. It just looks messy to begin with.

25. Trim your fake eyelashes.

Fake eyelashes are God-sent, yes. But, make sure they don’t look fake! Everyone’s eyes are different. Before you glue on those lashes, make sure they are the right size by trimming them. Another tip; curl your lashes and your fake ones before you apply them.


26. Don’t go tweezer crazy!

Make sure you are leaving enough eyebrows to work with. You want to leave it looking somewhat natural.


27. Clean sheets are a must.

Oils from your face build up on your sheets and pillow case. Its good to have a few extra pillows and pillow cases to switch around. This way, when you lay in bed after a shower, your body isn’t going to re-absorb all that oil.

28. Diffuser, diffuser, diffuser!

Blow-drying your hair can be a heat overload. Attach a diffuser to it! This helps minimize the heat damage, make your hair shinier and improve the health of your hair!

29. Annoying pimple?

There are a thousand ways to get rid of a pimple. One thing to remember: Do not try to pop it before it’s time. This is a classic beauty mistake! This could irritate it and make the ending outcome so much worse! Try to put a little dab of some Aloe Vera on it!



30. The last one, so of course it’s a cliché.

You read this in every article, but have you ever actually tried it? Don’t look in the mirror and stress about pimples and frizzy hair and dark bags under your eyes. Just know you’re fabulous no matter what!

30 beauty mistakes you didn't know you were making
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