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Top 10 Beauty Items That You Can Buy In Travel Size

The days of not being able to carry our favorite beauty items on board of a plane are long gone thanks to the magical creation known as “travel size”. When this trend started not many products were available, it was just the basics such as toothpaste, body lotion, shampoo, mouthwash and makeup remover that you could only find at a chain drugstore. However, nowadays you can find practically anything and any brand in “travel size”, which is completely crazy and amazing at the same time. Sephora is definitely the go-to place to find your favorite brands since they carry everything you’ll ever need. The coolest thing about this new trend is that purchasing “travel size” not only allows you to bring the stuff on board, but also to try it out in order to see if you actually like it. Then once you’re sure you can leave the tiny size for traveling and purchase the bigger fuller version. It’s the most practical invention ever. So, here are the top 10 beauty items that you can buy in “travel size”.

1. Better Than Sex Lash Mascara

Better Than Sex? Yes, better than sex and better than the original size. This tiny travel version allows you to not only bring it on board but fit it anywhere and bring it with you every time you go out. It fits literally anywhere.

Get it here:

2. Kopari Deodorant

Not only is this one of the most beloved and natural deodorant brands, but its cute and tiny “travel size” makes it the must-have item you should always carry in your bag…or pocket for all we know. Besides, who wants to be smelly and who wants to carry a hella big deodorant bottle? It’s time to get the Kopari mini deodorant.

Get it here:

3. Glossier Milky Jelly

Just one word: Glossier. That’s all you need to hear. Glossier is now offering one of their fan-favorite products in “travel size”, which will make it even harder to resist not buying all the cute little Milky Jelly cleanser bottles in stock. The fact that you can now take your favorite cleanser anywhere and everywhere is mind-blowing. So head over to a Glossier store, and try buying just the travel version of this must-have beauty item, not the entire store.

Get it here:

4. Ouai Hairspray

Carrying hairspray on a trip has always been a dilemma because some time ago only the cheap brands would offer “travel size” bottles, and honestly, no one is happy with cheap hairspray. But luckily those days are long, and now you can purchase practically any Ouai product in “travel size”. Be careful though, Ouai products are extremely good and therefore addictive, and no matter how tiny the bottles are, you certainly cannot carry all of their products onboard nor in your purse. It’s time to choose only one beauty item from the Ouai “travel size” family.

Get it here:

5. Too Faced Born This Way Concealer

If you speak make-up, you know that the Too Faced Born This Way Multi-use Concealer is like a magical concoction that covers the darkest circles and imperfections without giving you a cakey look. Now, the magic is even more real thanks to the option of buying the “travel size” of this product, allowing you to take this savior anywhere. The other amazing benefit, if you’re willing to, is that you can buy tiny sizes of each color to see which one fits tour skin tone best.

Get it here:

6. Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask

Summer Fridays masks were all over Instagram a few months ago. Bloggers, vloggers and influencers all around the internet were posting about these trendy masks with cute packaging, claiming that they leave your skin nourished and smelling fantastic. However, buying an exfoliating mask from a non-medical brand is a little bit daunting, and this is where the “travel size” came to save our lives. You can now take your Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask on board of the plane, which makes all the sense in the world. I mean it’s literally called “jet lag”. But, you can also purchase the tiny version in order to give this trendy mask a try and see how your skin reacts without committing to the pricey full size.

Get it here:

7. Urban Decay Long Lasting Setting Spray

Setting spray is known to be annoying due to the fact that the bottles are usually huge. Well not anymore. Buy yourself a bottle of Urban Decay’s most famous beauty item, and you’ll be ready to go, wherever it is that you’re actually going. Your make-up will stay put, and your purse tiny.

Get it here:

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8. Huda Beauty Obsession Eye Shadow

Carrying around large eye-shadow palettes can get a little bit messy, heavy and annoying. However, that struggle can now be put to rest thanks to the launch of the beloved Huda Beauty Obsession Eye Shadow palette in micro size. It’s tiny, cute, practical and as good as the original. Now, no matter where you go, you’ll always be able to retouch tour eyes at the reach of your fingertips, and it’s totally guaranteed that this tiny palette will successfully fit in the tiniest bag.

Get it here:

9. Caudalie Beauty Elixir

If you’re more of a skincare addict, this will be your newest drug. Not the Caudalie Beauty Elixir itself, because we’re assuming you already know this wonderful product, but instead the cute size of it. Once complicated to take on board or even inside your purse because it’s a liquid oily product that can explode at any second, it’s now tiny and approachable. You’ll never miss an item from your nighttime skincare routine ever again.

Get it here:

10. Luxe Lip Color Mini Duo by Bobbi Brown

You know that annoying feeling when you have to head out for the night or for a short weekend getaway but you just cannot pack all of the lipsticks you’d like to bring? Well, that feeling sucks but it can now be avoided by buying the newest Luxe Lip Color Mini Duo from Bobbi Brown’s most beautiful lipstick collection, which has everything you need to take care of your lips on the go. Two mini lipsticks are included. Plus, the color schemes are perfect for any occasion and time of the day.

Get it here:

Whether you are into these “travel size” beauty products due to the fact that you can now take them on board with you, or due to the fact that you like trying them out before committing to the regular size, it’s up to you which one to pick, or how to afford them all.

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