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6 Beauty Hacks To Be Ready In Minutes

6 Beauty Hacks To Be Ready In Minutes

Your crush decided to invite you our last minute? You have a party after work and barely time to be ready? Don’t worry, because with this beauty hacks you’ll be ready and gorgeous in no time. This beauty hacks will also help you look on point on those lazy morning you don’t really want to do anything but have to work or go to school.

1. One step before

A good beauty hack you should apply regularly especially when you have an important event you don’t have much time to be ready to is planning beforehand. This means that you should try your outfit options the day before the compromise.

Because let’s be real, we usually plan an outfit we think will look amazing and when we try it on the result is not what expected, and we don’t have time to change. Planning before makes you see if what you thought looks as you wanted or if you need a change. Is also a great way to even decide how to accessorize it to complement what you are going to wear.

6 Beauty Hacks To Be Ready In Minutes

2. Trust red

Sometimes we decide our outfit super-fast and the best part, it looks amazing on the first try, but we struggle a little when it comes to our makeup. The best beauty hack you could apply is when in doubt trust red lipstick.

We all have that one red lipstick that matches every outfit decision we make, every occasion we have. And it’s also a great choice when you don’t really want to apply a lot of makeup, just take a nude look and make your face glow with a pop of red on your lips.

6 Beauty Hacks To Be Ready In Minutes

3. It isn’t messy if you style it

There are days when we wake up and our hair is an absolute mess. And the worst part, we don’t really have time to iron or curl it. If this has happened to you, you should read and repeat this beauty hack! When your hair looks like it has its own life, pull it up into a messy bun.

Messy buns look chic and simple, they even match whatever outfit you decided to wear that day. Plus, they are effortless which means it will take you only a couple of minutes to have it ready. Complement the messy bun with a bow or hair clip to make it more sophisticated.

6 Beauty Hacks To Be Ready In Minutes

4. Glitter has your back

There’s nothing worse than having a nail that chipped just before you had an important date. With this beauty hack you don’t have to worry about it anymore, just be sure to carry a glitter nail polish with you!

Glitter is such a cute element to add to your style and when it works as a savior its more than welcome. Apply glitter nail polish to your chipped nails instead of removing it all to have your manicure perfect in no time.

6 Beauty Hacks To Be Ready In Minutes

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5. Let the drying for later

A great way to save time when getting ready in the morning and you had to wash your hair is trusting this beauty hack. Let your hair dry while you moisturize, choose your clothes and essentially get ready before you dry it.

That way your hair will air dry for a while and it would make the process of blow drying it way faster because it will be less damp. Plus, applying this beauty hack gives you time to add any time of extra-conditioner you want to make your hair prettier for the day.

6 Beauty Hacks To Be Ready In Minutes

6. Waves for days

There are times when you don’t really want your hair to be straight, but you want it to have more texture. An awesome beauty hack to apply in those cases is to braid your hair in one single or various braids according to how thick your hair is and start to iron it while braid it.

Unbraid your hair and you have beach looking waves in minute!

6 Beauty Hacks To Be Ready In Minutes

Try any of this beauty hacks and let us know if they save you any time!

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