5 Beauty Hacks That Went Viral And We Didn’t Even Know It

I’m all for beauty hacks! They give me something to try and I love a little bit of trial and error. So, if you ask me, I’m one to know a lot of the beauty hacks that have gone viral and made their way to the top.

But, there are some that slipped through the cracks for sure. I wouldn’t classify these beauty hacks as popular, mainly because they’re not that common, but they were a fad at one point or another because they did go viral.

These random tricks include rubbing tomato ketchup in your head, putting powder on your eyes, and more. So, to tune into the full list read about the 5 beauty hacks that went viral and we didn’t even know, below!

1. Flat Iron Your Braid For Beach Waves

Mind = blown! What have you tried to get beachy-wavey hair? Everything under the sun? It’s not so hard. All you need to do is put your natural hair into a braid and run your flat iron over the braid on high heat. It’s quick and you’ll have your waves in no time. About time the beachy waves were made more accessible!

5 Beauty Hacks That Went Viral And We Didn’t Even Know It

2.  Use Kool-Aid As A Lip Stain

So, this was once famous amongst pre-teens and teenagers when they didn’t have the money to go out to Sephora—the things teens will! But, this one is weird yet interesting. Who would have thought that you can use red Kool-Aid for the perfect red lip?

Simply wet your finger, dip it into the Kool-Aid powder, and run your finger over your lips.

5 Beauty Hacks That Went Viral And We Didn’t Even Know It

3. Use A Coat Of Powder For Fuller Lashes

I hadn’t heard this one—ever! But, here it is, and it’s pretty cool: take a clean mascara brush and run translucent powder over your bare lashes. Then load up the mascara and notice how much more volume you get! The purpose behind using the translucent powder is that the mascara will have something to stick to when it’s applied to your lashes, hence giving a more fuller look.

5 Beauty Hacks That Went Viral And We Didn’t Even Know It

4. Dunk Your Full Face Of Makeup Into Cold Water

Apparently, this is one hack that celebrities have been using for years and we didn’t even know about it! This K-beauty hack, named Jamsu, is pretty bizarre: put on your full face of makeup and then bake your whole face with translucent powder. Now, get ready for it: take your full face of baked makeup and dunk it into cold water for 10 seconds. It’s a thing, really! The cold water helps your makeup settle in and last longer.

Ever heard about dipping your nails into ice water the moment the paint goes on? Think about this K-beauty hack to be the same but just with a full face of makeup.

5 Beauty Hacks That Went Viral And We Didn’t Even Know It

5. Use Tomato Ketchup As A Toner

This one sounds super gross but it’s a thing! For all our ladies and guys who have blonde locks, this one is particularly for you: use tomato ketchup to help color correct blonde hair. Apparently, it’s known to rectify that ashy green look that takes on blonde hair sometimes. It’s a thing, and if you don’t believe it, let me tell you that Blake Lively has been doing this for years!

All you do is put tomato ketchup to your dry hair like a mask and leave it in for 15 minutes. Then rinse it out with water, and use shampoo to clean your hair. Easy peasy (and yes, a bit nasty).

Have you heard any of these beauty hacks that went viral? If so, when and where? If not, how did you find them? Weird, eh?

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