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20 Beauty Hacks All Lazy Girls Will Approve Of

20 Beauty Hacks All Lazy Girls Will Approve Of


Do you dread the idea of getting up each morning only to stand in front of the mirror for 30 minutes just to make yourself look acceptable for the public? Or what about when you’re going out for the night and just don’t feel like getting ready? If that sounds like you, you could definitely benefit from these beauty hacks for lazy girls! The guide below is to help all girls save time and still look amazing! And if you’re as lazy as me, you will definitely live by these tips and tricks.

1. Use your eyelash curler to get the best eyeliner.

Line your curler with a pencil eyeliner and simply curl your eyelashes like you normally would. You will have an evenly lined eye and curled lashes at the same time!

Line and curl your lashes at the same time!

2. Put contact solution in your mascara to get the most out of it.

When your mascara tube starts to get dry and clumpy, put a few drops of contact solution in it to loosen up the mascara. This way your tube will last much longer!


Contact solution in mascara is a great way to prolong the tube!

3. Keep makeup wipes by your bed so you won’t have to move to wipe it off.

This will help you to not ruin pillow cases, especially when you forget to take your makeup off before bed and are too lazy to get back up. NEVER sleep with makeup, on so always make sure you have wipes by your bed!

Put makeup wipes by your bed so you will not forget to take it off!

4. Invest in a hair dryer holder.

Because if you have thick hair like me, you will do anything to not have to blow dry your hair! This will also save your arms from feeling like jello.

A DIY hairdryer holder is a great idea!

5. Make dry shampoo your BFF.

Just for those days you don’t have time or motivation to wash your greasy head. Dry shampoo is literally a must when it comes to beauty hacks for lazy girls.


dry shampoo works wonders!

6. Hairspray your bobby pins.

Save cans upon cans of hairspray using this one trick! This will not only save you from having to hairspray every single piece of hair on your head, but once the bobby pin is in place, you’re all set!

Spray your bobby pins with hairspray!

7. Just do spot-conceal on blemishes rather than caking on a full face of foundation.

On a real note, no one wants to use an hour of their time doing their makeup, with foundation taking much of that time. This will help save your skin, foundation, and wallet! Definitely one of the top  beauty hacks for lazy girls!


Spot concealing is a quick alternative to a full face of makeup!

8. Put blush on your cheeks to make yourself look alive.

Well not alive, but more like a person who looks like they got nine hours of sleep the previous night, even though we all know you didn’t.

choose the right kind of blush for your skin tone!

9. Create the fresh-faced effect with highlighter.

Strobing your face for a fresh, youthful and dewy look is trending right now. Use highlighter to strobe in certain places and keep the rest of your makeup minimal for a “just woke up” fresh faced look!



Strobing is super popular right now!

10. Use a disposable makeup wand.

Because this helps to preserve the life of your mascara. They’re also great for perfecting brows.


Disposable makeup wands are great!

11. Use alcohol free hairspray.

It tames flyways and frizz. Hell to the yes. But the best part is that it’s alcohol free which prevents further damaging of hair!

Alcohol free hairspray is a must!


12. Use a card to get the puuuuurfect cat eye.

Simply hold any card up to your eye at an angle in which it lines up with the end of your brow. Apply your eye shadow and eyeliner all the way to the card and blend! Don’t worry about going overboard because once you remove the card you will have a perfectly precise line! This is one of the best  beauty hacks for lazy girls because we all know how long perfecting a winged line can take.

Use a card to get the perfect cat eye!

13. Use white eyeliner to make your eyes pop.

White pencil eyeliner is vastly underrated. If you’re going for minimal makeup, instead of lining your eyes heavily with black liner, use white to really make them stand out, look brighter and appear bigger!


white eyeliner makes your eyes pop!

14. Help those dry nasty feet.

This is a game changing idea. Before you go to bed, rub Vaseline on your feet, focus more on the heel and ball of your foot. Put socks on. That’s it! Super simple, and super smooth feet!

use Vaseline and socks for dry feet!


15. Cute nail art…band-aid style.

This takes only a little time to do, and saves your wallet! Now you won’t have to go to the nail salon for all your nail needs.

Use band aids for cute nail art!

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16. Quick and easy curls.

Curl your hair using this one trick: Curl it in a ponytail. It saves so much time, it’s incredible! This is one of the easiest beauty hacks for lazy girls by far!

Put your hair in a ponytail to curl it!

17. Braid your hair before going to bed.

Want some extra zzz’s with amazing hair? Braid it the night before and in the morning when you take it out, you’ll wake up with beautiful wavy hair!


Braid your hair overnight for beachy waves in the morning!

18. Make and use your own sugar scrubs.

They’re very easy to make. The best part is that they smell great, you have super soft skin and they take care of dry/ damaged skin for you!

Make your own sugar scrub!


19. Invest in Q-Tips.

Everybody has those days where mascara gets all over your eyelids or your eyeliner smudges everywhere leaving you looking like a raccoon. Q-tips are super handy for quickly cleaning up these messes. Simply use them dry or dip into some makeup remover.

Q tips are great for touching up makeup!

20. Use this chart to find your best lip color.

Figuring out which lip colors will look good on your skin can be pretty overwhelming. Especially when you’re at the store and standing in front of hundreds of colors! Instead, use this super easy chart to give you a guideline on which shades will look best on your skin!


This chart will help you find the perfect lip color!

Do you have any other  beauty hacks for lazy girls? Share in the comments below!

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These are 20 Beauty Hacks All Lazy Girls Will Approve Of