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8 Beauty Gurus Who Are Killing It On Youtube Right Now

8 Beauty Gurus Who Are Killing It On Youtube Right Now

8 Beauty Gurus Who Are Killing It On Youtube Right Now

The online beauty community is its own thing entirely and it changes as time continues to pass. It wouldn’t be the beauty community without a little drama and scandal, but what if I told you that there are actually beauty gurus who stay out of the drama and just happen to be killing it within the online world? Especially some of those up-and-coming beauty gurus that are starting to find their place in the online beauty community and delivering content that is worthy of watching and creations that are worthy of recreating.

These beauty gurus are the ones who are taking their hard work and using it to learn and understand their communities and listen to what their followers want to thrive on platforms like Youtube. These are the ones who are going to go far and are worthy of you subscribing to their channel. The best beauty bloggers draw you in with their techniques and approach to makeup but get you to stick around because of their personalities. This is a list of beauty gurus who are killing it on Youtube right now because they give honest reviews while providing comic relief, applying some extravagant makeup, and will make even the person least interested in makeup want to subscribe to their channel.

1. Skincare by Hyram

24-year-old Hyram Yarbro is seriously killing the Youtube game at the moment. The beauty guru has over 10 million followers on his platform thanks to his celebrity skincare routines and wacky purple hair. He is extremely popular with the Gen Z generation and has accumulated a strong following amongst the religious TikTok and YouTube fans. What makes Hyram a great beauty guru is he’s really taken the time to get to know his audience. He makes sure to include budget-friendly drugstore makeups into his videos and makes sure to cater to all skin types as a way to make every viewer feel included and seen when they are watching him. Because he knows he caters to the Gen Z generation his popular topics are often teenager-related things like acne, sunscreen, and skin sensitivity.


2. The Green Belle

If you are interested in learning about clean beauty and the green side of the makeup world then you need to subscribe to Gabby Dubious’s channel, The Green Belle. Gabby is one of the top beauty gurus to check out because she discusses a greener approach to beauty. After learning about all the harmful chemicals that are found in mainstream cosmetics and skin care, she decided to create a channel where she could share that knowledge with her followers. Every product she uses in her videos is green, clean, and non-toxic which fits her environmentally-friendly lifestyle. Her videos offer up advice on clean beauty and self-care through skincare routines, hair and makeup tutorials, brand reviews, and recreations of celebrity makeup looks using clean products.

3. Beauty Within

Rowena Tsai and Felicia Lee are the best beauty gurus for Korean skincare and beauty advice. Their entertaining and informative videos are perfect if you’ve just discovered K-beauty and are looking to learn more about it. Although their videos are on the longer side, each one is worth the watch because the duo will ask beauty experts their thoughts and opinions on particular products and trends. These ladies are among the most popular beauty gurus for skincare on Youtube right now, especially in the K-beauty world. They cover everything like skincare tips, makeup tutorials, product reviews, and how to spot the prices for products that are way out of range and similar products that will provide you with the same results without breaking the bank.

4. LABeautyologist 

Nayamka Roberts-Smith specializes in personalized skin which makes her one of the best beauty gurus for people of color particularly. She is a licensed esthetician so she combines the best of beauty and science together in her videos. Each of her videos offers her followers advice on affordable products and popular beauty treatments. She is known for posting videos that are specific to Black women and their skincare concerns with videos that address hyperpigmentation and preventing sun damage. one of Nayamka’s biggest beliefs is that you can use the science of clinical skincare and natural ingredients to strengthen confidence through beauty.


5. James Welsh

James is one of the best male beauty gurus within the community these days. He proves that skincare products should not be defined by gender, making him one of the best beauty gurus for both men and women. His advice is unique because it is a much-needed male perspective on all things beauty. His addictive product reviews and adorable British accent make him very, very entertaining to watch. James brings a personal perspective to acne and acne prevention because he suffered from severe acne when he was a teen. James can also provide you with a solid review and tutorial using products of all kinds.

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6. Cassandra Bankson

Cassandra is one of the beauty gurus you should check out if acne is one of your biggest skincare dilemmas. While most beauty gurus try to hide their acne on camera, Cassandra candidly shares her acne struggles with all of her followers. She hopes that by sharing her struggles and successes that she can inspire others to embrace their acne and live more confidently. Because her acne journey has caused her to have to change up her diet frequently, she often talks about the link between diet and skin health with a scientific background in the hope of helping those of her followers who are also struggling.


7. RachhLoves

Rachel Cooper prides herself on being the beauty guru that is a Youtuber, wife, mom, and adorer of all things girly. She is one of the beauty gurus you should watch if you are too someone that is busy and still wants to make time for self-care and makeup in an easy, fun-loving way. Her videos not only cover beauty but cover everything from fitness to fashion to lifestyle. She also vlogs about her family and children so you can see her makeup and skincare routines in action. Her approachable, casual, and bright style make her one of the most fun to watch beauty gurus today.

8. Amanda Ensing

Amanda’s style is super glamorous but that doesn’t mean that she isn’t one of the most down-to-earth beauty gurus on Youtube today. Amanda’s videos break down complicated techniques like contouring in a way that is simple and thoughtful so that all of her viewers can understand and do what she’s doing. In addition to her fashion videos and beauty vlogs, Amanda will post Q&As and uplifting messages to her viewers. She is one of the most personable beauty gurus which is what keeps driving her viewer count up every day.

Who are some of the beauty gurus that you enjoy watching on Youtube? What sort of videos do they post that keep you coming back to their channels? Let us know in the comments!

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