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20 Beauty Essentials From Urban Outfitters To Boost Your Mood

20 Beauty Essentials From Urban Outfitters To Boost Your Mood

Let’s face it: March is gross. Change of season can majorly throw off your body’s chemistry, leaving your hair and skin looking dry and lifeless. I definitely feel off my game in every way shape and form whenever a new season is approaching, and my favorite way to reset has always been by playing around with different beauty products. Not only does a good pamper session lift your mood, but it also gives you something to stay busy with for a few hours. With these 20 beauty essentials from Urban Outfitters, you’ll be ready to Snapchat some serious clout to all your friends!

1. Rael Facial Sheet Mask ($3.00)

I’ve never been prone to acne or skin irritation, but some sheet masks cause me to breakout. These don’t. The combination of collagen, tea tree, and vitamin c will totally restore your skin’s quality without stripping it of its natural oils, giving you a vibrant glow you can normally only achieve in the summer. Plus, these bamboo sheets are sustainable!

20 Beauty Essentials From Urban Outfitters To Boost Your Mood


2. OUAI Mini Wave Spray ($12.00)

For me, nothing boosts my mood like hair that looks like I just came back from a day at the beach (or a VS fashion show). This texturing spray will give you easy breezy waves all year round, and the only work you have to do is spray a bottle! 

3. Valjean Labs Exfoliate Resurfacing Face Masks ($15.00)

Pumpkin enzymes? Don’t knock ’em till you try ’em! It’s impossible for me not to smile after treating my face to these powerful antioxidants, which are packed with vitamins that leave my skin glowing 10/10 times.20 Beauty Essentials From Urban Outfitters To Boost Your Mood

4. Heritage Store Rosewater & Glycerin Spray ($10.00)

Spraying my face with this lightweight product is a key part of starting my day off right. If you’re looking to hydrate and brighten your skin, this is a super convenient and easy fix. And its rosy scent isn’t too overbearing, so it won’t clash with your perfume or agitate your skin! 


5. VERB Ghost Conditioner ($18.00)

If you have fine hair like me, this conditioner will be your new best friend. It’s weightless and hydrating, leaving you with luminous, luxurious locks after each use.

20 Beauty Essentials From Urban Outfitters To Boost Your Mood

6. The Honey Pot Feminine Hygiene Spray ($8.00)

Nothing kills my mood like finishing a great workout and then coming to terms with the inevitable B.O. that follows it. That’s why I look no further than to this fragrance-free lavender formula, leaving me fresh as a daisy after some intense cardio.


7. ohii Deep Sea Scalp + Body Scrub ($16.00)

I hate travelling with a ton of beauty products, but hotel soaps can mess with your skin and hair, ruining an Instagrammable night out. If you’re on the go, this two-in-one salt-based scrub is perfect for minimizing clutter in your makeup bag.

20 Beauty Essentials From Urban Outfitters To Boost Your Mood 

8. Pixi Glow Tonic Mini ($4.00)

This tonic does some pretty important work: it brightens and smooths skin in minutes. And if your skin is sensitive, Pixi’s got you covered. The super gentle, cruelty-free tonic doesn’t irritate skin, making it a perfect go-to to add to your beauty routine.

9. Gourmand Deep Moisture Body Cream ($10.00)

My skin is like, embarrassingly dry this time of year. And it kills me. But this cream is my savior; with three different options – citron glace, cotes de palmes, and creme vanilla – your skin will be effortlessly soft with a glamorous, decadent scent! 

20 Beauty Essentials From Urban Outiftters To Boost Your Mood10. Moon Creations Iridescent Chunky Glitter Gel ($3.00)

Glitter is, without a doubt, the best pick me up. Applying this gel to your hair, skin, or even nails will give you the sparkle you need when times are rough! 

11. Therawell Hemp-Infused Foot Pads ($13.00)

No one likes to admit their feet are nasty, but let’s be real: especially if you run, calluses are gross. And warmer weather means open toes shoes. These hemp-infused pads will compress your soles, cleansing and restoring your skin quality! You’ll also save major money on pedicures.

20 Beauty Essentials From Urban Outfitters To Boost Your Mood

12. Alleyoop Spot Me All-in-One Spot Treatment ($12.00)

Zits can legitimately ruin an entire day…sometimes a full week! Nip it in the bud with one of my favorite inventions: spot treatment. All you have to do is dab the clear gel on any blemish, and then go about your makeup as usual. 

13. Moon Teeth Whitening Pen ($20.00)

If you need a reason to smile, let it be this whitening pen! My teeth definitely need some brightening from all the coffee I shamelessly drink, and this has become critical to my beauty routine. Plus, it’s super tasty in either Candy Cane or Vanilla Mint.

20 BEauty Essentials From Urban Outfitters To Boost Your Mood

14. Spa Day Headband ($8.00)

It’s truly the simple things in life, and for me, that’s a cute headband to wear for a pampering session. Reserving a special (and cozy) hair ornament specifically for personal spa days always boots my spirits when I’m down!

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15. Punky Colour Semi-Permanent Hair Color ($9.00)

Think changing up your hair would make you feel better but don’t want to commit to a dye job? With three wild colors to choose from (purple, violet, and lagoon blue), you can mix it up and then wash it out in the same day! 

20 Beauty Essentials From Urban Outfitters To Boost Your Mood

16. Foxybae Rose Gold Marble Flat Iron ($100.00)

This adorable flat iron is the perfect remedy for a bad hair day. Its ceramic plate will increase shine, without giving you the split ends that usually come with a straightener.

17. Blossom Lip Gloss ($6.00)

Lip gloss is either a hit or a miss to me, and this is definitely a hit. With cute dried flowers infused in the balm itself, Blossom gets it right with a subtle shine and variety of yummy flavors.

20 Beauty Essentials From Urban Outfitters To Boost Your Mood

18. StackedSkincare Micro-Roller ($30.00)

Do NOT be scared by the fact that micro-rollers are made of teeny tiny needles, because you will literally have the softest skin after using one. I’m obsessed with this product. Roll this baby all over your face and neck to stimulate rejuvenation a few times a week, and your skin will never look smoother.

19. Umberto Giannini Grow Hair Tonic ($13.00)

I get seriously sad when my hair starts looking damaged from all the heat I use on it. If you’ve got frayed hair and split ends but don’t want to chop it, using a tonic like this one strengthens strands, bringing them back to brightness!

20 Beauty Essentials From Urban Outfitters To Boost Your Mood

20. KVoss Lip Treatment ($17.00)

If lip balm and lip gloss had a baby, this is it. I’m a huge fan of statement lips, and in three rosy shades, this treatment plumps your lips with shimmer and shine. You’ll definitely make this a staple of your routine. 

These beauty essentials will definitely put some pep in your step. Let us know in the comments which product is your favorite!

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