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Winky Lux: The Beauty Brand You’re About To See Everywhere

Winky Lux: The Beauty Brand You’re About To See Everywhere


Let’s get one thing straight – if you haven’t heard of Winky Lux yet, you’re missing out! Winky Lux is the latest beauty brand in the game (with the most gorgeous packaging I’ve ever seen, btw) that will check every box on your checklist when it comes to choosing your makeup and skin essentials.

Winky Lux is saying “Boy, Bye” to all parabens and animal testing (hallelujah!). They have an extensive range of products for your face, lips, eyes and brows. And some of their most popular products actually react to your skin and lip’s natural pH levels to give you a one-of-a-kind hue that’s perfect for you! Keep reading and I’ll give you the inside scoop on some of their best sellers, new products and exactly how I feel about them!


Winky Lux Lip Balms

These are definitely one of my favorite products from Winky Lux so far. You may have heard of the magical flower balm that actually has real chrysanthemum flowers in its balm! These balms are super hydrating, feel so smooth on my lips, and the best part: each one reacts with your lips pH level to give you your own unique, flattering color. Oh – and it’s coconut scented, so try not to keep licking it off your lips all day!


Glimmer Balm

Glimmer Balm is a best seller on their site, and for good reason! It applies on clear and reacts with your lips pH levels to give you a perfectly rosy pink pout with a touch of glitter. And this glitter balm also features a yummy coconut scent!


24kt Glimmer Balm

Did someone say 24kt?! Yup, you heard that right. This best seller is taking luxury lip balm to the next level. Let’s be real, the gold pill itself is so aesthetically pleasing to look at. Just like the other balms, it will react to your lip’s pH levels to give you a personalized pink stain, with a touch of glittery gold! I would suggest getting your hands on this limited edition while you can – I know I am!

Flower Balm

Another bestseller on the site is Winky Lux’s super popular Flower Lip balm stain which which also applies clear and turns your lips the perfect stain of pink. You can choose from 5 different flowers depending on your favorite color. And honestly, I would totally buy this anyway just so I could show it off on Instagram…

*Winky Lux is also teaming up with Society19 to give you a special discount code!


If you buy the flower balm, you will get the glimmer balm 50% off w/ code: SOCIETY19

Matte Lip Velour

If you want a more pigmented, stay-all-day look, try one of Winky Lux’s matte lips! With 29 different dreamy colors, it’s so hard to pick just one! These lip velours go on creamy and dry matte, and the best part? They don’t make your lips all cracked and dry throughout the day so you won’t need to keep reapplying!


The first one I tried was “Pippy”. It’s a warm neutral pink color meaning it will look universally flattering on any skin tone! I really love this color for an every day look. The other color I tried was “Bougie” (love that name). Bougie is perfect for a night out with the girls or for heading to a concert! It’s a deep burgundy color with sparkly flecks of metallic pink to give your lips that 3-dimensional look!


Creamy Dreamies Conditioning Lipstick

If you’re looking for color that’s a little more subtle than the matte lip velours, try Winky Lux’s conditioning lipstick. I tried “Milkshake” and I’m in love. These lipsticks, which come in 9 different shades, are formulated with shea butter to not only give you a rich, silky color but major hydration as well! This is definitely going to become my go-to lipstick during those harsh winter months.

I swatched the conditioning lipstick next to the matte lip velours so you could really see the difference in sheerness and finish of the different lipsticks!


Glossy Boss

You didn’t think we were done yet, did you? If lip balms, matte finishes and lipsticks aren’t your thing, you must be a glossy girl! These Glossy Boss glosses are infused with vanilla and vitamin E to give your lips that much needed moisture. This range of glosses comes in 11 different shades so you can nail any look you’re going for!

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The two colors I tried were “Unicorn Tears” and “Skinny Dip”. I loved the iridescent look of the Unicorn Tears shade! It’s sheer and glittery and perfect for that plump pout that can go with any outfit. The other shade I tried, skinny dip is a cute peachy-neutral shade perfect for any skin tone!


If you though Winky Lux only carried lip products, you thought wrong! From moisturizer and primer to bronzer, concealer, highlighters and eyeshadow, Winky Lux has it all. I tried a few of their products and couldn’t believe how well they actually worked.


Peeper Perfect Under Eye Concealer

Okay, I really wanted to try their under eye concealer because it’s so hard to find concealers that actually work well. I was so over the cracking and creasing that trying Winky Lux’s was a must. I was super impressed by the coverage and staying power of this concealer. It stayed on all day and didn’t even crease! One thing I will say is that I ordered the fair/medium color and it was slightly darker than I expected – especially if you’re trying to brighten up the area under your eye. Therefore I would suggest going a shade lighter than the one you think will “match” your skin tone.


Strobing Highlight Balm

I definitely love a good highlighter and this one packs a punch. When trying it, I found it best to apply with your finger tips and let it naturally melt into your skin! The creamy texture has the perfect consistency for blending, and for such a smooth, weightless texture, I was super impressed with how pigmented it was! It works great for applying over bare skin when you want a subtle glow or for applying it on top of your foundation.


Whipped Cream Primer

This primer was unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. I’m not going to lie, when I first opened it, I thought to myself, “a whipped, PINK primer?!” How does that work? The moussey textures actually blends really well into your skin and I definitely saw a difference in my skin. My pores were blurred super well and even just with the primer alone, my skin looked so much better and even. Not to mention it felt totally lightweight and is perfect for putting on under your foundation.

What are your thoughts on Winky Lux? Are your super excited to try their products?! Let us know what you’re getting down below!