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Beauty Box Subscriptions You Need

Beauty Box Subscriptions You Need

Beauty box subscriptions have been all over lately. Influencers are posting about them, commercials are on the TV, advertisements are popping up left and right, we really just can’t seem to get away from them.

And thats OK because they are fabulous. What an incredible invention. You pay a monthly rate and get sent samples of products to try out. Most people enjoy getting samples of products because then you can see if you really enjoy something and if you should purchase it. Beauty products can be really expensive so it sucks going out and spending the money when you don’t know if you actually like the product. 

On the flip side, maybe you don’t even know about the product. Thats the beauty of these boxes. You get to expand your interests, test out new things and learn about new products. It really is an all around win win. The concept is to try new things. 


It seems like every week there is a new box subscription hitting the market. There are ones for children, your dog, ones that send you clothing and new outfits, ones for shaving, ones for men, etc. The list just goes on and on. 

These beauty box subscriptions will open your eyes to this new way of shopping. You don’t know what you’re about to receive which adds a little fun and mystery each month. Yes, you can choose different things you like but you won’t know exactly what is in each box. 

Something to keep in mind when looking for your monthly subscription is to make sure you are actually going to enjoy the products. If not, then it’s a waste of money. If you don’t enjoy getting fitness stuff, then the box sub that focuses on fitness related things isn’t for you. Also make sure that you are paying less than the value you are getting. You don’t want to be scammed. 


Beauty Box Subscriptions You Need

These boxes are a great little surprise every month. And while they are great and you might want one, they also make great gifts. You can supply whoever with a couple of months and if they like it, they can start to pay for it on a monthly basis. 

There are so many options to choose from so lets get started. 


Birch Box

Birch Box has you start out by taking a little quiz to see what you like and what you don’t like. They want to get to know you off the bat. For $15 a month, you’ll get a mix of hair, makeup, skincare and all things beauty related, sent to your door. This box can be a complete surprise or you can pick which five samples you want to receive. This is a great way to ensure you are going to love the products you get. After the second box, you can also choose just one item you’ll want to get next. Say you’re loving the Amika Dry Shampoo, well tell Birch Box and they will include it in your next box. Another perk is you can actually buy from their website. If you are loving a product and want the full size, order it off of Birch Box and get free shipping. And for every $10 you spend, you’ll get $1 back in Loyalty Points. Once you join, you get a free welcome gift. What else could you need?

Ipsy Bag

This subscription has three options. You can get the original Ipsy Glam Bag for $10 a month and receive 5 samples, spend $25 a month for the Glam Bag Plus and get 5 full-size products and lastly spend $50 a month for 12 full-size products. All of these are great options. All you do is take a beauty test so the creators can see what you like, what kind of skin you have, what you dislike, etc. They want to help personalize a bag for your needs. Another great thing is you can retake your beauty test at any point. So if you decide you no longer want to receive lip products, you can make that adjustment. Ipsy also makes it easy for you. If you are unaware about a product you’ve received, you can go onto your Ipsy profile and they tell you what it is, what it does and how to use it. They also give tips and videos so you can enjoy your products fully. 

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Beauty Box Subscriptions You Need

Boxy Charm 

Boxy Charms boxes have a minimum value of $100. That means that you are paying a fraction of the price for the products you get every month. You can get beauty tools, makeup products, skincare, hair care and much more. They have a Charmer community where people share tips and tricks for the products as well as sharing tutorials. You can win giveaways when you become a member and get redeemable points that you can use in their store. They have a bunch of options and payment plans. For a regular monthly box it costs $21. If you get three months, you’ll get the discount of $19.66 a month, if you pay for six months, it’ll cost you $19.33 a month and if you get 12 boxes, you’ll pay $19.25 a month. Just remember that these are non-refundable. But I promise you won’t want to give them up once they start. 


Don’t worry, this isn’t just for people who enjoy the gym. It has a little something in there for everybody. This box is a little different than the others. It’s a seasonal box. So four times a year, you’ll receive your FitFabFun box in the mail. It costs $49.99 or if you want to pay for all four in advanced it would be $179.99. A nice feature about this company is since it only comes four times a year, you may not remember. They will send you an email letting you know when they will ship and charge you for your box. This way, it doesn’t surprise your bank account too much. These boxes contain a $200+ value so you are really getting your moneys worth. They send you all things health, wellness, beauty and more. You can even get hair tools, cheese boards, home items, fashion, etc. This box has a little of everything and they base it off the season. 

Beauty Box Subscriptions You Need


This box has $300 worth of products in it. The most we’ve seen yet and it was voted the #1 women’s box subscription. Each season you get a box for $75. Or if you want to pay for all four at once it’s $270 and they offer 30% off for their annual subscription. All come with free shipping as well. It may seem much higher than the other but you are getting much more in these boxes. Every item is hand picked by the founder and president of POPSUGAR. You’ll get seasonal favorites that range from makeup, skincare, home products, food, fitness and more. And they have a blog showing what the past boxes have contained. This way you can get an idea of what you may be receiving in the mail. 

I know I’m ready to get my credit card and subscribe to all of these boxes. These beauty box subscriptions are so much fun. Who wouldn’t love getting a present every month? Even if it is from yourself. Leave a comment telling us your favorite beauty box subscriptions and why!

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