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20 Beautiful Sun and Moon Tattoos Ideas

20 Beautiful Sun and Moon Tattoos Ideas

Having a tattoo on one’s body is a different experience for everyone. For some, it is a deeply spiritual and personal choice to have a piece of art on one’s body. For others is a neat little part of yourself that you think is neat. Regardless of the reason, nobody wants to have an unintentional lousy tattoo. While there are procedures nowadays to get tattoos removed, the process is expensive, and it’s much more preferable that the symbol you get is precisely the one you want since there’s not a lot of “redos” that you can get when it comes to this stuff. Sun and moon tattoos are an excellent idea for anyone. They are a universal symbol no matter where you go and can have a lot of meaning. Just being sure to talk to your tattoo artist of what you want before you get started so you’ll be happy with what comes out. With that all being said, here are a few ideas for sun and moon tattoos if you’re looking to brainstorm.

Sun and Moon Spread Across the Back

An iconic look among sun and moon tattoos is the traditional spread of the two celestial objects interlocked together within the center of the back, creating a duality of both unity and difference within one. It’s certainly a look that has permeated through popular culture for some time and is by no means going out of style any time soon.

20 Beautiful Sun and Moon Tattoos Ideas


Sun and Moon on Each Wrist

Perhaps you’re not looking for any large sun and moon tattoos across the back, though. Maybe you’re looking for a bit more of a traditional almost yin and yang approach to the whole thing, well a unique alternative variation would be to have a sun and moon each on the inside of your palm.

Sun and Moon on Each Ankle

Maybe you’re looking for an even subtler approach to the way you tattoo yourself. Perhaps you don’t want any of your tattoos to be any kind of statement on your body necessarily, but more a personal and intimate thing you keep to yourself. An excellent alternative to that would be to have a sun and Moon on each ankle. This method is easy to cover up with a sock if you wish to keep it to yourself.

20 Beautiful Sun and Moon Tattoos Ideas


Sun Surrounded by Phases of the Moon

This variation of sun and moon tattoos is still somewhat familiar, but no less beautiful when it’s brought into reality. The wonderful image of the ever-changing Moon surrounded in its full cycle of phases encompassing the steadfast and ever-present sun is undoubtedly a beautiful thing to paint onto your skin.

Day and night

This version of the sun and moon tattoos is a bit more conceptual than the others. However, like most tattoos and personal preferences, it comes down to personal taste rather than overarching popular opinion. All the same, having the sun and Moon split partway through and hovering above a landscape depicting both day and night is always a lovely piece of art.


Sun embracing the Moon

It is a common occurrence in many mythos for the sun to be desperately in love with the Moon and vice versa, two lovers chasing each other across the heavens only to embrace on eclipses which are rare and far in between. Having these two lovers embracing on one’s skin is a powerful and evocative image for many people and is a lovely symbol of romance and hope.

Sun and Moon behind the ear

Another subtle way for you to hide your canvas of artwork is to have the sun and moon tattoos placed behind your ear. Not only is this a great way to protect your art from the prying eyes of the world, but it’s a lovely little sentiment that only yourself will know about since most people don’t look behind the ears of people for any reason in particular.


Sun and Moon in Watercolor

This is another beautiful variation that combines a freeform coloring technique with some very hard set linework making a beautiful contrasting work of art on your skin. Although this sort of tattoo style isn’t for everyone, it does create a wonderfully chaotic and vibrant nature with a bit more of a detailed straightedge look compromising the difference between the sun and the Moon.

Sun and Moon Geometric

Contrasting that last idea on the variations you can consider when thinking about getting sun and moon tattoos if you’re not interested in the inherent chaos that comes with a watermark tattoo, an excellent opposite of that would be some purely monotone and rigid geometric design.


Sun and Moon Minimalistic

Another side of this style craze could come from profoundly minimalist design. Perhaps you don’t want a lot of clutter, or overall detail work getting in the way of your complete picture—an excellent way to contrast that could be to get just small minimalism sun and moon tattoos.

20 Beautiful Sun and Moon Tattoos Ideas

Flower Sun and Moon

Perhaps you’re looking for a little bit more a looser definition than just your standard sun and moon tattoos. Maybe you want a bit more a floral lighter side to it, well, in my opinion, you could never go wrong with flowery filigree around the sides and edges of the sun and Moon.


Yin and Yang Sun and Moon

If you’re looking for something that has a bit more meaning connected to balance and spirituality, then having the yin and yang symbol incorporated into the design might be an option that you’re looking for. Though there are many symbols connected to balance, such as scales or other such things, the yin and yang have become a universe icon. They are easy to incorporate since all of the objects are round, making it a natural design choice.

Traditional style Sun and Moon

If you’re looking for a tattoo that looks a little less new age and a bit older style, then you could probably ask your tattoo artist if they know how to tattoo in the traditional way like something reminiscent of old vintage tattoos from the 1950s or the 1940s.


Jewelry Sun and Moon

An idea that I’ve come across, which is also very interesting I the idea of a few sun and moon tattoos which have jewelry dripping and cascading off of them. Or even the idea that both the Sun and Moon are curated out of precious gems like a mosaic. Maybe also carved from stained glass. This style could probably fit with any configuration of sun and Moon that you have in mind and seems to be a relatively flexible and adaptable idea.

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20 Beautiful Sun and Moon Tattoos Ideas


Lotus Sun and Moon

Another sun and moon idea I’ve seen is where you have the sun and moon rising out of a lotus flower. I found this exceptionally visually appealing, uniquely when colored since the gentle pink and green of the lotus gives from some high contrast against the yellow and blue colors of the sun and Moon as they are traditionally portrayed.

Tiny Sun and Moon

This style of sun and Moon tattoos might also be classified under minimalism, depending on how you approach it. Still, another excellent little way that you can have your sun and moon tattoo on your person without having it possibly take up too much space for another tattoo that you are planning of is by getting a tiny version somewhere on your body.


Gaelic knots Sun and Moon

Another very stylistic and common way of getting tattoos done is by having them done in the fashion of Gaelic knots, making the lines look almost vine-like as they weave in and out of themselves to create the image. However, this style doesn’t lend itself over to color, so much as shading. It’s undoubtedly another engaging style to have a tattoo in.

Sun and Moon on the nape of the neck

Although this has been discussed briefly within this article already, it truly is essential to take into account where on the body you’ll be putting your tattoo. Not only can it affect the cost with how big it will be, but it will also have some effect on how the tattoo itself will hurt. The nape of the neck is certainly a great place to have sun and moon tattoos. Those do take into account this might be a bit more painful part of the body since it’s closer to nerve endings.


Sun and Moon on shoulder blades

Another proper placement for sun and Moon tattoos is on the shoulder blades, either with the two combines, or one on each there’s no doubt that a sun and moon tattoo certainly is a sight to behold when painted onto a mural of pigment and skin.

Sun and Moon on the hips

Lastly, having a sun and moon tattoo on your hips can make for a beautiful image as well. However, I am preferable to symmetry, so the idea of having a moon on one side and the sun on the other sounds sweet to men. That could be a different case for you; whatever you choose, make sure that at the end of the day, it brings you joy.