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Most Beautiful Places On St. John’s Campus

Most Beautiful Places On St. John’s Campus

St. John’s campus really does have a beautiful views. It only took me driving by our Great Lawn to know that this would be my future university. But there are three locations in particular that differentiate SJU from anywhere else…

1. The Roof

Doesn’t matter if it is the top floor of the parking garage or the roof of Marillac, the view is breathtaking. I know a parking garage and a dirty roof don’t sound all that romantic, but you haven’t lived until you’ve seen the sunset gleaming in your face from that height. From both locations you can see the newest building on campus, the D’Angelo Center, and Dasilva Memorial field behind it. If you’re lucky you can catch a sunset and a game depending on if it’s lacrosse season or intramurals are in session or not. Plus, it’s perfect for people of all kinds; not too tall so that people with a fear of heights (like myself) are petrified when they can manage to avert their eyes from the view, but also tall enough to feel like you are on top of the world.



2. The Great Lawn

That Great Lawn I talked about before? Yeah, it’s pretty awesome. Of course some could argue that it’s just a big field surrounded by trees and buildings. I can’t say that those people are wrong, but I will say that those people haven’t stopped to appreciate it. No matter what season, the Great Lawn is always impressive. During the spring and summer it is lush and green and full of life. If people aren’t playing football or soccer I like to walk into the middle and just look around, but not for too long because if I’m on the Great Lawn I probably have somewhere to go. During the winter you can only imagine the shenanigans that occur. From snowball fights to our Christmas firework show, the Great Lawn is a happening place. At the center you have equal views of St. John Hall, the library and the church. Each one of these buildings has something unique and something new you can discover every time you look at it. This expansive plot of grass is so large that it is almost tranquil. I have spent some odd afternoons sitting under one of the trees on its borders having a peaceful picnic. Every school deserves a lawn as great as ours.

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3. The Beach

Okay, not an actual beach. Come on, this is Queens. However some people have affectionately named this area the Beach because there is a fountain, a bench and shells. There are some bushes and flowers too but those don’t fit in with the beach theme so I’m choosing to ignore them. This is by far my absolute favorite spot on campus. There really isn’t very much to say about this location because you have to experience it yourself and create your own memories there. My personal experience of the Beach doesn’t have anything to do with what it possesses, but what you can see from it. If you walk over to the wall separating it from the parking lot below, and also ignore the parking lot below, you can see the New York skyline. Have you ever taken two minutes to just stare at New York City? And I don’t mean while someone is driving so you just kind of glance at it, I mean really look at it and get unnecessarily philosophical like I’m about to. When I look at the skyline I remember why I left Florida to come here. I love this city; I am inspired by this city. I believe if you can make it in New York, you can make it anywhere.


Can you think of any other beautiful places on St. John’s campus? Comment below and share!
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