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10 Beautiful Picture Frames Perfect For Your Apartment

One of the things I truly love that make my apartment feel more like home, is all of my different picture frames holding my most cherished memories. It’s funny though, I actually ran out of room to put my picture frames, so, a couple of years ago, my husband bought me a bulletin board so I could still display all of my loved childhood photos. My favorite picture frame, by far, is the beautiful soft grey wood frame that holds my husband and I’s favorite photo from our wedding. I honestly believe that picture frames add a lot of charming personality to an apartment, and shows that you have many loved ones and friends that you care deeply about. Here are 10 beautiful picture frames that are not just perfect for your apartment, but will also add a touch of charisma. 

1. Gold Leaf

I actually really love this gold leaf picture frame from Anthropologie! It’s just on the edge of being safe from looking totally gaudy in my opinion. This beautiful picture frame features delicate golden leaves that are various sizes curving around a square frame as well as a circular frame. Yes, there’s two frames that are included! I just think both of these picture frames are just so elegant looking, and the gold color is a nicely added touch. 

2. Ornate Silver

I’ll start out by saying that just the amount of detail alone in this frame from Wayfair is simply gorgeous. I love how the silver looks like it’s brushed on, and the different ways in which this beautiful picture frame swirls around. It’s definitely the definition of ornate, and any picture of friends or family would look simply stunning in this frame! Honestly, owning this picture frame would make me feel quite fanciful. 

3. Lovely Jeweled

I feel like this picture frame from Amazon is more fun, as well as lighthearted. It’s still a beautiful picture frame, but it’s not as baroque as the previous two frames were. I love the light pink and white jewels that are beautifully spaced out around the square frame, and I also like the brassy look between each of the jewels. It’s truly a refreshing picture frame to look at, and would look as lovely as ever in your apartment.

4. Loving Message

Now, I know that this is most definitely a frame that I would have in my own apartment. I love picture frames with loving little messages written on them! This simply beautiful picture frame from Macy’s features a snow white frame with a dark grey background, along with the words family is everything written in a casual cursive. In my opinion, this picture frame is perfect for those of you who live alone, and want to keep your family close! 

5. Golden Rope

The simplicity of this picture frame from Pottery Barn is what truly first caught my attention. I live for the simple things in life, and this beautiful picture frame would still add a bit of elegance to your apartment, but not necessarily be the first thing in the room that your eyes are drawn to. The gold on the intricately braided rope is just gorgeous, and would be fitting for any picture; whether if it’s of family or a stunning shot of nature. 

6. Mother of Pearl Floral

Floral patterns on a picture frame are always in style, and this beautiful picture frame from Anthropologie is no exception to that. I love the dark wood of the frame, and the delicately handcrafted mother of pearl floral inlay that are facing opposite each other diagonally. It’s truly a gorgeous frame that can be displayed either on a shelf or end table, or hung up on your apartment wall. This is a picture frame that you will truly cherish for years to come! 

7. Dimensional Butterfly

The distressed metal on this silver frame featuring gorgeous butterflies and flowers is just breathtaking! I’m very much in love with the amount of detail that went into making this beautiful picture frame from Wayfair. Plus, I like how the metal was purposefully made to look as if it had been rubbed off; it gives the frame a lovely dated look to it. This picture frame would honestly look great in any apartment, and make any photo of your choosing stand out. 

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8. Vintage Gold

I really like how ostentatious this beautiful picture frame from Amazon looks. The gold features in each corner of the frame are gorgeously designed, and are the epitome of vintage. There are tons of people that I know who simply adore any items that are considered to be old and outdated. I’m a fan myself; virtually all things come back into fashion sooner or later. I can honestly say that this picture frame is timeless, and would look lovely with most photos. Might I suggest a black and white, or sepia photo to complement the vintage style of this frame?

9. Simple Leaf

I feel like Macy’s truly does have some of the best products to offer! I just love the simplicity of this wooden tan and white frame that features a lovely leaf design. This beautiful picture frame has clean elements of dimension throughout it, and would work wonderfully for any apartment due to the neutral coloring of the frame. If I had more room in my apartment, I would definitely get this picture frame; there’s just something about the design that’s quite soothing. I can say with confidence that this frame would make the loveliest addition to your apartment! 

10. Platinum Disney

Here is one beautiful picture frame from Pottery Barn that is simply too cute to pass up, especially for those of us who are Disney lovers! This platinum colored picture frame features our favorite mouse, Mickey, who stands in a classic pose in the bottom left corner of the frame. I do love how the designers of this frame decided to keep Mickey the same color as the rest of the frame; so as to draw your eyes to the photo itself, instead of Mickey Mouse. Naturally, the most fitting photograph that would look lovely in this frame is one taken at one of the Disney parks, but any other photo would work just as well! 

Did any of these beautiful picture frames catch your eye? Is there one that you simply must have for your apartment? Tell us in the comments below!

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