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20 Beautiful Natural Wedding Makeup Looks That Are In

20 Beautiful Natural Wedding Makeup Looks That Are In

Weddings are so magical and I know everything feels so hectic leading up to the actual wedding but once the ceremony starts, that all fades away, and what your focus turns to is the person you plan to spend the rest of your life with. That is why choosing natural wedding makeup looks for your wedding might best. Don’t add any more stress to your plate with what to do for your makeup. Your partner does not care whether you wear makeup or not anyway.

Natural wedding makeup looks are so beautiful while still being simple. Don’t cover up your amazing features with globs of makeup, but rather highlight them with small touches of makeup that make your features pop. If you are really considering the natural wedding makeup looks, here are twenty that I have found ranging from pretty simple to a little more extravagant.

1. Smooth and Simple

Let us start with a very natural wedding makeup look. This look has very minimal color in it.  The lip shade is a bit kind of a beige color. The brows are a little bit colored in and there is a slight line of eyeliner on the top lid. The eyes pop a little because of the touch of mascara but that is about it. Of course, there is concealer and powder and a touch of highlighter, but you really don’t need much when you have such natural beauty already. Don’t hide it, girl!


2. Doll Eyes

Awe, the doll eyes. Doll eyes are a pretty popular look, but you can achieve that with minimal makeup. When it comes to natural wedding makeup looks, it is kind of all about focusing on one feature and making that the focus of your look. That also means you make definitely lessen the makeup in other areas so that one feature truly stands out.

With the doll eyes, you are wanting your eyelashes and that eyeliner to swoop out at the corners because that is what doll eyes do. The picture below shows the winged eyeliner that contributes to the focus of the eyes. The brows are colored in but they also help draw attention to the eyes. Notice the rest of the face has very simple and natural-looking makeup on to maintain the eyes as the key focus.

3. Dark Lips

Like I said before, with natural wedding makeup looks you really want to choose a feature that can have a little more makeup and the rest of your features has very minimal makeup. With this look, we are focusing on the lips. Notice how the eyes really only have mascara on them but that darker shade on the lips brings your focus down to them. The darker color on the eyebrows also compliments that shade really well bringing the whole look together.


4. Don’t Forget the Brows

Eyebrows never seem to be super important with makeup, but they do so much and I personally have never realized it. You can choose whether you want a darker color that goes through your brows or light, but make sure there is a little bit of color in them otherwise they might look odd with the rest of the look. They are a complimenting feature when it comes to natural wedding makeup looks.

5. Don’t Over Blush

Natural wedding makeup looks should never look like you have crazy amounts of makeup on. That is why I recommend not using too much blush if any. If you plan to use bronzer, blend it out enough to give you that shade you want on your cheeks, but then don’t use a blush otherwise it might look like too much makeup.

6. Eyelash Pop

Eyelashes are so crucial to really making your eyes pop. I know using fake lashes is super popular and you can make them work with natural wedding makeup looks. Just make sure they are the main thing when it comes to your eye makeup as well as don’t use huge lashes. A smaller lash will still give your eyes that open and pop effect.


7. A Pink Glow

The warmer colors are very natural to a lot of our skin tones and that includes pink. Pink is a great color to use for natural wedding makeup looks and you can use it on your cheeks, a little on the eye, and a pink shade for the lips and it can still look pretty natural. It will give you a nice pink glow adding to your already happy glow.

8. Neutral Lip Color

Any neutral colors work for those natural wedding makeup looks, and that goes for lips as well. If lips are your main focus of the look, then you might want to go a little darker or brighter with the shade, but if you are wanting the focus somewhere else, I suggest a neutral color.

9. Eyeliner

Eyeliner frames the eyes and makes them pop, and it is a great tool for making the eyes the focus of any makeup look, that is why if you plan to use a lot of eyeliner, make your eyes the feature that is the main focus of your natural wedding makeup look. A simple line is good as well if you would like a different feature to be the focus.


10. Freckles

Adding artificial freckles to makeup looks has become very popular, and freckles themselves are very natural which would add so much to natural wedding makeup looks. If you do add artificial freckles, don’t overdo them otherwise it might look odd if you don’t already have natural freckles. I suggest lightly spreading them from under your eyes and over the nose like in the picture below.

11. Natural Eyelashes

Fake eyelashes are huge right now, but those natural wedding makeup looks actually work better with your natural lashes. If you are someone with shorter lashes, adding small fake lashes will make your eyes pop in a natural way.

12. Highlighter

Everyone already has a kind of natural highlight, but adding that extra highlighter on won’t hurt. I think highlighter is the biggest thing I use when it comes to the natural makeup look. With natural wedding makeup looks, you want to make sure you are glowing as much as possible.


13. Glossy Lips

Good glossy lips always work well with natural wedding makeup looks. They aren’t too overwhelming for the rest of the look, but they add that little bit of shimmer and it looks so good. If you would like, put a light shade underneath the gloss to give your lips a little color and shimmer.

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14. Light Bronzing

I don’t usually bronze with my natural makeup look it depends on skin tone and what you prefer really. If you do want to align with the natural wedding makeup looks, I suggest doing a very light bronzing though because too dark and the rest of your makeup will have to be dark as well to even it out.


15. Shimmery Eyeshadow

Shimmery eyeshadow is the perfect shade for natural wedding makeup looks because they are not heavy colors usually and applied lightly will add just a touch of cuteness to that natural makeup look. Keep it a simple color like white or pink or even a soft red.

16. Shimmery Smokey Eye

Another shimmery eyeshadow look is the shimmery smokey eye. Using a sparkly or shimmery eyeshadow, add it to the outer side of your eyelid and lightly blend it into the inside to give it that smokey look. I usually go for that shimmery eyeshadow when I want a natural makeup look. It adds that little sparkle that you don’t really have on anything else.

17. Neutral Smokey Eye

Smokey eyes are super popular and it can be hard to pull that off when you choose natural wedding makeup looks. But it can still be achieved if you use neutral colors. Using a light to medium pink on the outside and keeping the inside of your lid almost empty, you can pull off that light smokey eye that highlights your eyes but keeps things simple.


18. Purple and Orange

 These shades of purple and orange a great combination and work really well with darker skin tones to make those colors look natural. To get this look too closely resemble other natural wedding makeup looks, I would lighten up the eyebrows so that the look, in general, does not have such a dark tone to it. The point with natural wedding makeup looks is to go simple and light. So, if you are going with darker eyeshadow colors, make sure the rest of the look is on the lighter side.

19. Always Go Gold

This look is a little bolder and is definitely not a natural wedding makeup look, however, the eyes are the focus of the look and the rest of the face is pretty neutral. If you were to go with this look but want it to look more natural, I would say get ready of that dark smokey and just use that gold color lightly over your lid.

20. Orange Tint Eyeshadow

Depending on your skin tone, there are certain colors that you can use for eyeshadow that will help in making your makeup look really natural. This orangey tint when used very minimally can boost that natural look but also give you a little bit more color. Don’t put too much though otherwise it will stand out too much and look odd.


Don’t put so much pressure on yourself when it comes to your makeup for your big day. That should be the least of your worries. Your S.O. loves your natural beauty and that is why choosing one of these natural wedding makeup looks is going to work for you. Which look is your favorite? Let us know down below.

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