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8 Beautiful Handmade Jewelry Items From Etsy

By now, I’m guessing most twenty-somethings know what the website Etsy is all about. Etsy is this whimsical and lovely online market that features handmade and vintage items of all types. From jewelry to clothing to wedding supplies, to toys, and even furniture, Etsy has a special gift for anyone and everyone to love. Their collection of jewelry is to die for! Whether you’re looking for unique or customized, or even vintage jewelry pieces, you’re sure to find something lovely for sale from one of Etsy’s shops. Here are eight beautiful handmade jewelry items you can find on Etsy!

1. LaLaCrystal’s Personalized Leaf Gem Bracelet

This bracelet is perfect for anyone who loves customizable handmade jewelry. You can choose what color metal you would like the bracelet to be, as well as how many leaf-shaped charms you’d like to have. This makes a perfect gift for mothers or grandmothers, as you can put all of the children or grandchildren as their own leaf for a little family tree-inspired bracelet. You can choose from any of the twelve available birthstones, and add as many as ten to each bracelet, along with leaf-shaped initial tags to go with each stone. Or, for a less bulky bracelet, you could always do just birthstones and no initials, or just initials with no birthstones. That is the beautiful thing about Etsy: it’s all up to you!

You can order LaLaCrystal’s beautiful charm bracelet from Etsy starting at $26.55!

2. PressedSoPretty’s Gemstone Couple’s Bracelets

These bracelets from PressedSoPretty’s shop come in packs of two, one for yourself, and one for your lover, best friend, mom, or whoever you’re close to who would wear matching bracelets with you. The bracelets are made with solid gemstones, which come in a variety of colors, 21 to be exact. You can mix and match your choices, and get whichever ones you find to suit you and your other person. The detail that makes these bracelets match, is one stone at the middle of each bracelet that is white and glows in the dark. If matching bracelets are what you’re looking for, Etsy is the place for you!

You can find PressedSoPretty’s matching bracelets on Etsy starting at $35.00 for a pair!

3. HandmadeArtUkraine’s Hand Painted Wooden Necklace

This handmade jewelry piece is one of the more eye-catching options on the list and it is absolutely gorgeous. Hand-painted, this wooden necklace features depictions of beautiful folk flowers. The shop owner is Ukrainian and infused some of her cultures into the design of this piece. Inspired by popularized folk art from the region of Petrykivka, the artist depicts a traditional floral pattern, and it’s absolutely breathtaking. Her shop is full of different accessories with similar art designs if you fall in love with this one!

You can order this beauty from HandmadeArtUkraine’s shop on Etsy for just $15.30!

4. LoveMontreal’s Pressed Flower Necklace

One of the prettiest themes jewelry can have is floral themes. Flowers are widely loved and appreciated, and many of them are absolutely beautiful. This handmade jewelry by LoveMontreal contains one of those beautiful flowers, Baby’s Breath. The miniature ivory flower is pressed into the necklace, and set in hard resin. The chain and pendant set is made of quality stainless steel that is safe for most all skin types. This makes for a beautiful and durable handmade necklace anyone would love!

You can order this gorgeous flower press necklace from LoveMontreal’s shop on Etsy for $25.00!

5. EmmasLovelyCreations’ Flower Resin Earrings

These earrings are a lovely companion piece to the necklace above which also features pressed flowers in resin. However, this handmade jewelry takes it even a step further. With an ethereal crescent moon shape, your choice of what color trim, and three types of flowers inside, these earrings are incredibly special and unique. There’s lavender, baby’s breath, and a small pale pink flower in each earring which makes them perfect for any pink, purple, or white toned outfit!

You can order these beautiful earrings from EmmasLovelyCreations on Etsy for $15.70!

6. LittleFables’ Clay Earrings

These clay earrings feature, yet again, a floral design. Florals certainly seem to be in style this season! These earrings were handmade with polymer clay which was heated and molded and then allowed to harden and secure their design. They are layered with different colors of clay, so they have something of a 3-D effect, which is sure to catch some attention! They are also made to order, so you’ll get a pair that is one of a kind!

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You can order these one-of-a-kind earrings from LittleFables on Etsy for $38.65!

7. BohemianBettyStore’s Cowry Shell Ring

This ring features a totally boho beachy style that is perfect for the summer months! This handmade jewelry is made with a real, authentic, natural small cowry shell that is set within a vintage sterling silver band. It has a strong connection to nature, and to the ocean, so if the beach is your favorite place, this is the ring for you! The cowry shells are found on the shores of beaches in Bali and are all slightly different, so this is yet another one of those handmade jewelry items that are all one of a kind!

You can order this unique cowry ring from the BohemianBettyStore on Etsy for $29.68!

8. MyLimoIsWaiting’s Silver Mood Ring

We’ve all been little kids in a gift shop before, right? Wanting every little sparkly or colorful thing that our parents don’t want to waste money on… is this ringing a bell? If you were one of those kids then you’ve probably had at least one or two mood rings in your life. Mood rings are fun because their color changes based on your body heat, but the little card swears it’s based on your mood, which makes it personal and exciting. Well, adults deserve a little fun, too! Here’s a ring that’s more fashionable than the mood ring you had when you were 10, and still features the super cool mood stone that made it so lovable in the first place!

You can order this nostalgic mood ring from MyLimoIsWaiting on Etsy for $34.00!

Which one of these beautiful and unique handmade jewelry items from Etsy will you be ordering? Let us know in the comments below!

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