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10 Beautiful Flowers To Bring Color To Your Home

10 Beautiful Flowers To Bring Color To Your Home

If you feel that your living space feels dull, lifeless, and without color, then it could be time to bring in some beautiful flowers to your home.  Houseplants are an excellent way to make your home feel more alive and bright, as well as giving you a sense of company.  These vibrant plants will grow alongside you, so you want to pick your green companions carefully.  Here is a small selection of some of the amazing flowers perfect for your home.

1) Christmas Cactus

Christmas cacti are one of the few frequently flowering cacti, making them an ideal choice as a houseplant.  Since they are cacti, they don’t need to be watered as frequently as the average blooming plant.  Unlike the average cactus, these plants are not from the desert.  They survive best in humid enviroments, with moist soil, with indirect sunlight.  Another way they differ from most cacti is that their bodies are long and sectioned, tending to sprout outwards into curves.  The end of these sections come vivdly bright flowers, most commonly pink or orange.  These cacti get their name due to the fact they bloom during the holiday season.


2) Phalaenopsis Orchid

This beautiful flower comes in a variety of colors, some intricately combined in a single flower.  They come in shades of pink, white, yellow, purples, and even blue.  These flowers don’t require tons of water, though they do prefer humidity if possible.  Humidifiers work wonders for making these orchids go strong and healthy.  They also need a strong, indirect source of light.  You can tell these plants are recieving the proper sunlight by the color of their leaves; dark leaves require more light, while bleached, pale ones can do with less.  These plants are notable for a few reasons.  Their flowers tend to group together in sections at the end of their stems, meaning just one plant can have a few crescents of flowers.  They also bloom for longer periods of time than most flowers.  They only tend to wither around the transition from spring to summer, making them an incredibly consistent flower for your home.

3) African Violet

Afrian violets are filled with deep, rich colors.  From the deep, thick green of their leaves, to the stunningly strong purple of their flowers, they are truly a sight to behold.  These are another flower that requires a strong but indirect source of light, and they grow best in warm atmospheres.  These beautiful flowers also require several hours of darkness consistently– they have internal regulators that won’t trigger their blooming process until it’s dark out.   They also don’t need a ton of watering, but they enjoy their soil damp.  While these plants may require a good amount of tending-to in terms of light care, they are also considered one of the best indoor flowering plants you’ll find, due to how well they respond to being taken care of.


4) Poinsettia

The poinsettia is a flower originating in Central America, once used for medicinal purposes.  Since these plants originate so close to the equator, they are used to a good amount of direct sunlight.  These flowers will grow the best if you leave them in the window sill that regularly recieves sunlight.  The more sunlight they get, the better they look.  They do best in eviroments close to room temperature or warmer, and also thrive if you mist them daily in addition to a weekly watering.  If they start to wilt, up your watering amount and they should spring back to life.  These bright red flowers will appreciate the warmth and humidity you give them.


5) Kalanchoe

Kalanchoe are a succelent, which don’t often produce flowers, making these a rare and worth exception perfect for your home.  With glossy green leaves and flowers in a variety of warm, summery colors, these tiny, beautiful flowers bring a lot of natural color.  They require good indirect light, but on the other hand, don’t require frequent watering.  These succelents may take some time to bloom in full, but they are definitely worth the wait.

6) Hibiscus

These large flowers are yet another blooming plant that appreciates a humid enviroment.  They don’t need a huge amount of sunlight, but they do grow best in warm enviroments, and they’ll drink up tons of water.  These plants can grow well in containers, so you can move them around to suit your needs.  For their sakes, you should probably move them to a window for several hours a day, then move them to whever else you’d like.  Enjoy these large flowers and their shades of reds, pinks, oranges, yellows, whites, and purples.


7) Peace Lily

These beautiful flowers have an incredibly unique shape to their petals.  Each individual flower will only consist of a single petal, large and curved in shape.  These petals form a sort of hood for their stamen.  The peace lily also has a way to notify you when they need to be taken care of.  If you notice your peace lily is starting to droop, as if being pulled down gravity, that’s a good sign that your peace lily is in need of a good watering.  These plants don’t require a lot of sunlight either, making the peace lily a low maintanence blooming plant.  Just keep your eye on them every now and again, and you can keep these lilies growing for a long time.

8) Gloxinia

The amazing Gloxinia flower comes in lovely shades of red, lavendar, and purple, which soften at the edges into a pure, snow white.  Caring for these flowers is simple, just keep their soil moist and make sure the plant gets indirect sunlight.  There two types of Gloxinia you can care for: the original and the hybrid.  The original is a perennial, meaning that they will wither and remain dormant for some time, only to regrow into a new flower, and the cycle continues.  Hybrids, however, are bred to quickly produce beautiful flowers, but once they wither, it won’t regrow again.  


9) Clivia

Clivia are flowers bound by the seasons.  They bloom from spring all the way to fall, but will fade during the winter season.  During those warm seasons, you clivia should be getting plenty of sunlight and water, probably near a window sill.  But once it’s winter, you can bring hide these flowers away into a cooler, darker atmosphere.  Follow this trend, and you should be rewarded with bundles of these amazing pinkish orange flowers.


10) Flowering Maple

Also known as abutilon plants, flowering maples produce large, bulb-like flowers in all your favorite warm colors.  These are another plant that can benifit from being in a transportable pot or container.  During the summer season, it will need plenty of outdoor sun and watering, but when it’s winter, it should come indoors and recieve a reduced amount of water.  These delicate flowers are bright and beautiful, making them a great plant pal.

What types of flowers do you love to grow?  Leave a comment and let us know about your favorite blooming plants!

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