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15 Beautiful Fall Wedding Ideas To Replicate

15 Beautiful Fall Wedding Ideas To Replicate

Ah, fall. Crisp autumn air and changing leaves as they fall down the tree. Snuggling up to movies and wearing your favorite sweater and hugging a warm mug of hot cocoa. Everyone loves fall and it’s such a great idea to get married during such a beautiful season so here are 15 beautiful fall wedding ideas you might want to incorporate into your wedding.

1. Smores Bar

That’s it. You made it. You said your I do’s, you’re in your beautiful gown and it’s time to eat. The stress of the planning is gone you can relax now and chow down. Go ahead you deserve it. Does anything else scream fall like smores? It’s a fan favorite for the young and old. Plus a smores bar is so unique I bet your bridesmaid would love this idea as well as all the kiddos you have running around. The smores bar also gives your wedding a nice rustic look and is such a nice touch for outside weddings.

15 Fall Wedding Ideas you should Replicate


2. Pumpkin Centerpiece

Everyone is aware of the traditional flower centerpiece but really draws the eyes to your centerpiece with instead of having a vase let the base of your flowers be a pumpkin. It’s a unique and small way to incorporate the season into your wedding reception. This idea is also wonderful if it’s an indoor wedding. Having small pumpkins mixed in with fall colored flowers really shows off the season. This is also a budget-friendly centerpiece that you can save on and splurge somewhere else at the wedding.

15 fall wedding ideas to replicate3. Table Seating

Everyone looks for their table seating at a wedding and with dark greenery leaves with the guest name and table scrawled onto it in green or burgundy it really adds to autumn festivities. It’s also a budget-friendly placemark. They can also make great vase fillers. You can switch the leaves ideas and use small pumpkins for table seating instead. Scrawl the name and table with a permanent marker the color that matches your wedding scheme. 15 beautiful fall wedding ideas to replicate

4. Fairy Lights

Fairy Lights give your wedding a fantasy romantic feel and as it grows closer to sunset the lights twinkling make it even more magical as the light up the tables and pews.


5. Autumn Leaves

If you have a half up half down hairdo at your wedding you can add a few sprigs of autumn leaves or baby’s breath into your hair to give it a more rustic romantic feel without overdoing it. Such a simple look but really plays into the season and is more of a cottage core aesthetic than a tiara or veil is.

6. Pumpkin Guest Book

Use a faux pumpkin as a sign to remind guests to sign the guest book. It’s smaller and easier to display than one of those lettered plexiglass signs. Have someone letter on the pumpkin with the wedding scheme colors and make sure the pumpkin is big enough to write on. This idea will surely cause less stress for those who have to set up and at the end of the wedding you can keep it as a trinket and it’s easier to put into storage. 15 Beautiful fall Wedding Ideas to replicate

7. Outdoors Fall Themed Altar

When I think of fall I think of the outdoors and crisp air. Pumpkins and leaves changing colors. If you’re having an outside wedding you shouldn’t have to sacrifice the gorgeous altar and arches. Play into nature and string lights near where you’re going to say your I do’s and add flowers and plants near the area. The results should be a beautiful wedding altar that isn’t stiffy but airy and romantic. 15 Beautiful Fall Wedding Ideas to Replicate


8. Pie Desserts

Of course, you’re going to have your wedding cake but when you have sweets table you can do a tray of just mini pies like pumpkin or apple. Nothing says fall like warm apple pie.

9. Guest Favors

People tend to go for the etched wine glass when it comes to guest favors but everyone knows it starts to get a bit chilly as the night draws to a close in autumn. Purchase some galvanized tin tubs and purchase in bulk some cozy blankets and tie them up with a ribbon and place in the tubs as a guest favor. That way the women don’t have to steal their date’s jackets. 15 Beautiful Fall Wedding Ideas to Replicate

10. Pumpkin Patch

Add a small pumpkin patch at your wedding. This gives you a photoshoot area for your guest to take photos and have fun and at the end of the night you can allow those who want to take home a pumpkin to turn into jack o lanterns. You can even ask your photographers to make sure they get some shots of your guest as the pumpkin patch since they’re so popular in the fall. This idea is sure to be a smashing hit.


11. Adult Apple Cider

Apple Cider and Pumpkin Patches. This idea is a great way to incorporate autumn into your wedding for the adults. Of course, you can add regular apple cider but if you’re going to have a bar at your wedding you can add all you can drink (responsibly) apple cider. Imagine a guest sitting in their table leaning their head against their date’s shoulder, a blanket draped over them and hands wrapped around a mason jar filled with spiked apple cider as they listen to the bridesmaid’s toast.

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12. Autumn Themed Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake is the crowned jewel of your wedding but they’re often very put together and classic. There are so many types of wedding cakes you can choose from to match your aesthetic I’d suggest a bare more natural cake to fit with the rest of your wedding.


15 beautiful fall wedding ideas to replicate13. Rustic Colored Placemats

If you’re having a fall wedding your color scheme is most likely going to be a rustic warm color scheme. So instead of choosing the original ivory-colored linen napkins go for a warm burnt orange or something that matches the bridesmaid’s dresses. Try to incorporate the colors of the outdoors to your wedding without overdoing it.

15 beautiful fall wedding ideas to replicate

14. Hay Bale Bowling

Use a bunch of hay bales as the bowling lanes and a mini pumpkin (with the stem cut off) as the ball and purchase some plastic bowling pin. This is a fun activity to keep the kids at the wedding entertained and allows the more competitive adults to show off their youthful side.


15. Dried Fall Flowers

This botanical wonder is perfect for the bride and groom as they head off to their honeymoon you can give your guest dried fall flowers instead of confetti. It’s more eco friendly and would fantastic if your photographer takes a few shots of them flying in the air.

Tell us what is your favorite fall wedding item and what you want to incorporate to your special day. Which item on this list also feels more autumn to you?