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10 Beanies To Snag Before The Cold Hits

A cold weather staple? Beanies. These hats keep you warm and keep you looking fashionable all winter long. Don’t worry, we’ve weathered the storm to find you 10 beanies you’ll want to get before the cold hits. 

1. Women’s Lauren Conrad Mixed Yarn Striped Beanie

This beanie is adorable and comes in three different color combos. There’s seafoam, blush, and oatmeal. Each one gives a dual tone paired with white, really giving it a vibrant, stylish look. It comes with a fuzzy white pom on the top, making it somehow even more darling. This soft beanie will go with a cute sweater and jeans, or any jacket you throw on over it! Who knew stripes on a hat could look so good? 

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2. Love Your Melon (Any)

This beanie is one we highly recommend because of the cause. 50% of proceeds go to support partners that fight against pediatric cancer, create therapeutic experiences, and fund charitable programming initiatives for families and children battling cancer. These hats not only have a great cause, but are very high quality of beanie with a wide range of styles. There are so many cute blends (or solid colors) to choose from, it’s hard not to grab a couple. They have cuffed, poms, lightweight, and regular beanies. They also have a varieties of patches that have the logo on them. Love Your Melon creates fashionable beanies that help out those in need and make any outfit look better. You’re going to want to stock up on these beanies.

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3. Queenfur Knit Slouchy Beanie

This beanie is cable knit and comes in 35 different colors. If the knit and color range aren’t enough to draw you in, the reviews are almost all perfect. This hat is rated at a 4.8 out of 5 on Amazon. The slouchy beanie is chic, soft, and lightweight. All of them feature a pom, for a more fun and trendy look. This cute beanie is affordable and comes in so many colors, you’ll end up buying more than one. Another added bonus, it’s prime so for prime members, you’ll be even more stoked to order one. 

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4. CC Beanie (Any)

CC is another brand where there are so many different types of beanies and styles offered, it’ll be hard to find just one you like. There are beanies with no pom, beanies with a pom, and tail beanies. They offer a large range of colors, blends, designs, and knits. You can get sequins, multi-tones, ombre, flecked, colorblocked, lined, fuzzy, and the list goes on. CC beanies have an extensive list and an impressive range you’ll have to rifle through to find the right one for you. Although they range in price, they’re pretty affordable, not to mention pretty cute.

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5. The North Face Rhidinia Chunky Beanie

This beanie features a classic fit with chunky knit yarn and a wide cuff. It looks cozy, trendy, and comes in 6 different colors to go with your coat! This is a brand you can absolutely trust, The North Face has a lifetime warranty on all their products and always ensure high quality. You’re bound to fall in love with it, it’s soft and has a relaxed fit that’ll go with just about anything you wear. This beanie will keep your head warm and keep your outfit fashionable.

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6. Parkhurst Over the Moon Cotton Hat Beanie

Add a little cosmic action to your hat selection with this cute moon and stars beanie. It is perfect for someone who wants to look a little less mainstream. It’s neutral enough to still go with your outfits but it gives a little extra when it comes to making a statement. Cotton makes this hat stretchy and comfortable, making it a great addition to your attire. 

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7. Keds Beanie

Thick acrylic keeps your head warm, making you feel cozy and relaxed. This beanie comes in 5 different colors and features a pretty faux fur pom. It’s ribbed and decently plain so if you’re looking for a beanie with not too much going on, this is the one for you. It’s a little more subtle, and neutral enough to go with whatever outfit you’re about to go out in. This Keds beanie will bring you joy if your style is a little more classic and simple.

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8. Bailey Plaid Beanie

A plaid beanie just had to be on the list, and one this soft definitely deserves some recognition. This lined beanie can be ordered in red or blue and has white blend that cuts off the design, acting almost as a cuff.  Although there is no cuff or rolled over material, the difference in the color blend offers a different look that brings more neutrality near your face while still providing a fun plaid design. Black and red, or black and blue, intersect to make this beanie one for the holidays and every day in between. 

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9. Adidas Adicolor Bobble Beanie

This athletic beanie comes in pink or black and features a pink pom for a monochromatic aesthetically pleasing look. Super lightweight, comfortable, and relevant, this beanie offers a sporty style that many beanies do not. This beanie can go with sweats, leggings, and jeans, offering a very versatile look. It looks clean, and has clear athletic branding with Adidas displayed across the top. This sporty style makes a statement and will work with whatever you put on. 

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10. Nike Sportswear Beanie

Nike is a symbol of athleticism and sports, and this adorable hat will help you give off a sporty vibe. Wear is casual or with sweats, it can be rocked either way. The beanie is made out of soft knit fabric , has a thick cuff, and a removable pom so you can personalize how you want it to look. It comes in gray, black with gray flecks, purple, and olive green. It sits taller, a less relaxed look, but still looks athletic and comfortable. 

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What kind of fit do you like for a beanie? Comment below!

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