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10 Beaches In the United States That You Must Visit This Summer

10 Beaches In the United States That You Must Visit This Summer

Going to the beach is a great outdoor experience. There are hundreds in the United States to choose from so I made a list of the top 10 beaches you should visit this summer. Thank me later.

1. Hulopoe Beach

This is an amazing beach and not only because I said so, in 1997 Dr. Beach ranked this beach as the best beach in the United States. At this beach not only are you able to enjoy the warm sand in between your toes but the water is best for snorkeling and kayaking. If getting into the water is not your thing on the beach shore you can relax on the beach and check out their gift shops. When going to this beach don’t forget your camera. They have tourists’ attractions for whale and dolphin watching. This beach is home and a playground for the Hawaiian spinner dolphins. You may see some fish or other sea life that you have never seen before. This is an incredible experience and must be experienced at least once. This beach is marine preserved so unfortunately, you cannot take a shell or stone from the beach home as a souvenir.

2. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Come and enjoy this year-round sunshine. This is where the Grand Strand is located and brings in more than 10 million visitors a year. National Geographic rated the boardwalk as number 3 in the nation. This beach has amusement and water parks, an aquarium, live entertainment, home to the best golf courses, and many restaurants. The beach has beautiful white sand. On the beach, you can fish, swim, and my favorite sunbathe. If this doesn’t catch your attention the sunset will. The view is breathtaking and its best enjoyed next to a bonfire.

3. Clearwater Beach, Florida

this is a perfect spot for families and couples to have a great time or just to sit back and relax. In 2018 Trip Advisor named this beach as the number 1 beach in the United States. The beach has something for everybody, so everybody will be happy. On this clean and relaxing beach, you can enjoy beach volleyball, get out into the water and try dolphin cruising, or for the thrill-seekers try parasailing. This beach has breathtaking clear blue water (hints the name) that stretches across this 3-mile beach.

10 Beaches In The US to Visit This Summer

4. The Original Dog Beach, California

Bring your furry friend and enjoy this leashless canine beach. This beach is designed with dogs in mind. They have a water fountain for your dog so that they will have something than the salty ocean water to drink. The beach is large enough to lay and relax and hang out with other dog people. There are no fences, so your dog can run freely with the new canine friends they will make. If your dog does make their way into the water don’t worry, the water is shallow and calm.

10 Top Beach In US To Visit This Summer

5. Cape May, New Jersey

The Travel Channel said this beach was one of America’s top 10 beaches. This beach is home to America’s oldest resorts. You can take a nice 2-mile bike ride along the boardwalk, kick back and enjoy the ocean breeze, or capture the view of some of the grand historic Victorian buildings.

10 Beaches In the United States That You Must Visit This Summer

6. East Hampton Main Beach, New York

This beach is very clean and comes with many rules to follow to ensure the safety of the visitors and the beach. This is a family-friendly beach so everyone can sit back and take in the relaxing sounds of the waves. I like this beach because it is different from most, they have trained lifeguards on duty. This provides me a peace of mind.

10 Beaches In the United States That You Must Visit This Summer

7. Miami Beach, Florida

This beach has the perfect warm temperature all year round. Florida is known to have hurricanes but not in the summer season. Come and enjoy the wide beaches and clear ocean water. Many come to swim and surf but if getting into the water is not your cup of tea you can lay out on the pearl white sand and catch some rays. This beach you can satisfy your party craves or you can relax and chill with your family.

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10 Beaches In the United States That You Must Visit This Summer

8. Waikiki, Hawaii

This man-made beach is located on the south shore of Honolulu. This beach is small but perfect to kick back and enjoy the scenery of the surfers and people watch. The golden warm sand beneath your feet is an amazing feeling. This beach can get crowded but it is still an amazing place to visit.

10 Beaches In the United States That You Must Visit This Summer
9. Cannon Beach, Oregon

The landscape is incredible, so have your camera ready to capture this remarkable view. One of the beaches’ landmarks is Haystack Rock. This Rock is a protected Marine Garden and rises out of the sand 235 feet when the tide is low. When the tide is low you can spot many types of marine life. The Rock is home to many birds, sea stars, crabs and seals, the protectors of the animals are present to ensure the animals’ safety. The beach is not like most, its more for adventure than relaxation. It doesn’t bring in a big crowd and it great for walking than sunbathing. I like this beach because you can go for a nice hike, take photos of the amazing scenery, and sit back and have a picnic.

10 Beaches In the United States That You Must Visit This Summer

10. Ocean City, Maryland

Do you like to pay to visit the beach? Me either. This beach about 10 miles long and free to all. Come and swim in the beautiful water or if you don’t want to get directly in you can Kayak or canoe. The 3-mile boardwalk that has a huge Ferris Wheel and other amusement park rides, several restaurants, and plenty of arcade games to keep you entertained when you need a break from the water. The U.S. News & World Report said that this beach is number 5 as the best family beach vacation in the United States.

10 Beaches In the United States That You Must Visit This Summer

The beach is a great place to kick back and relax. When are you going to make your trip to one of these 10 beaches?

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