15 Beach Outfit Ideas That Are Perfect If You’re Not Into Bikinis

For everybody who likes the beach and hates wearing bikinis, it doesn’t have to be hard to find a cute beach outfit to wear. Not everybody is comfortable wearing bikinis and that’s fine! That shouldn’t stop you from enjoying your time at the beach and having the time of your life. There are so many different beach outfit ideas that you can wear and style if you’re not into bikinis!

1. Flannel Outfit

You can wear a bikini top but if you feel uncomfortable just wearing your bikini top, then throw on your favorite flannel and high waist shorts. This gives you a trendy but ready for the beach outfit!

2. The Overalls Look

For anyone who hates wearing bikinis and one pieces, that doesn’t mean you can’t look cute for the beach. Throw on a crop top or a regular t-shirt and then, throw on some cute overalls on top. Then, pair it up with cute sandals and you are ready for the beach! This is one of the best beach outfit ideas!

3. Two Piece Set

Who said you can only wear bikinis to the beach? You are wrong! For those of you who are not into bikinis, then throw on a cute two-piece set. The one pictured below is a cute silky two piece set that is one of the best beach outfit ideas. You’ll be ready for the beach and will have awesome photos as well!

4. Crotchet outfit

For those of you who would rather wear a cute outfit than a cute bikini, this one is for you. Throw on a cute crotchet crop top and then pair it up with your cutest high waist shorts. Afterwards, throw on a light cardigan. This outfit is summer ready and beach ready. It’s perfect for the weather and for cute photos!

5. Long slit outfit

For those of you who cannot say no to skirts, this is perfect for you. Long slits are perfect for the beach! If you have a maxi skirt with a long slit, wear it to the beach and pair it up with a crop top or bikini top. You’ll be trendy, cute and chic. You’ll also have some cute beach pictures!

6. Casual Bodysuit Outfit

Bodysuits are perfect as beach outfit ideas! If you’re not into bikinis, wear a bodysuit or one piece instead. The beach is perfect for bodysuits and one pieces. You’ll blend in with everyone. But if you don’t want to wear a bodysuit just on its own, then you can pair it up with high waist shorts!

7. Lacey Overalls

For those of you who love lace or bralettes instead, wear that to the beach! No one will say anything because this outfit is perfect for the beach. Throw on your favorite lacey crop top or bralette and then overalls on top. This will make sure that you are not dying from the heat but you’ll also look cute in the process.

8. Two Piece Set

Like the previous outfit, this is a two piece set that’s great for the beach. Instead of wearing pants, you’ll have shorts on and then, you can throw on a cute hat to be even cuter and trendier. Hats are great for beach outfit ideas because it blocks you from the sun getting in your eyes and you can also use this to block your eyes from getting any sand as well!

9. Slip Dress

For those of you who hate wearing bikinis, then wear a slip on dress or a summer dress. Slip on dresses are so easy to put on and style. Plus, there are so many different styles! This one below is a pretty and simple dress but it’s perfect for the beach!

10. Maxi Skirts

Maxi skirts are perfect for the beach as well. For those of you who don’t want to wear bikinis, just throw on your favorite maxi skirt and pair it up with a crop top. This is such a cute look for anyone who just wants to walk along the beach and not get in the water.

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11. Front Tie Outfits

Front tie outfits are so cute for the summer and the beach! Wear your favorite high waist shorts and then pair it up with a front tie top. Front tie tops are similar to bikini tops except these ones are much more cute and stylish. You’ll be photo ready and beach ready!

12. Off the shoulder outfits

Off the shoulder tops just SCREAM beach ready. They’re so versatile and go with every summer event. Off the shoulder tops are perfect for the beach because they’re cute, trendy and girly. You’ll always be photo ready and you’re guarantee to look cute! Pair it up with your favorite floppy hat and you’ll have the trendy look on lock!

13. Maxi Skirts

This is related to the previous outfits. For those of you who love wearing bikini tops but not bikini bottoms, then just pair it up with a cute high slit skirt. You’ll look amazing and prepared for the hot weather as well.

14. Rompers

Rompers are perfect for the beach as well. This is a perfect outfit for anyone who hates wearing bikinis one-pieces. Rompers are cute, stylish and they make great beach outfits!

15. Flowy Tops

Last but not least, flowy, silky tops are perfect for the beach. All you have to do is pair them up with your favorite statement high waist shorts and then some cute shoes. You’ll look even better than those with bikinis on!

For those of you who are not into bikinis, dressing for the beach doesn’t have to be hard. These outfits above are guaranteed to keep you looking cute and photo ready for the beach! What are some of your beach outfit ideas? Let us know in the comments!
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