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Beach Body Ready: The Best Ab Exercises Of All Time

Beach Body Ready: The Best Ab Exercises Of All Time

If defined abs are your goal, you need to know the best ab exercises. Anything you set your mind to is possible. It is necessary that you remind yourself that your body is just as important as your mental health. You should treat your body with respect and dedicate your time to maintaining the body that you want.

We all want to look our best so that our self-esteem is at its best. When it comes to wearing the clothes that you want, you get frustrated when you see that they no longer fit. It’s not just about looking good but having self-trust. When you sent a goal for yourself and you achieve, you feel like you’re are capable of setting goals and completing them.

My own personal journey with fitness has given me a deep insight to the ways fitness gives you control. Here is a list of the best ab exercises I have learned from my yoga and zumba classes:

1. The Side Plank

Planking allows your body to focus all its energy into one position. It’s one of the best ab exercises. The goal of planking is to allow your muscles to tone and for your body to condition itself. Side planks are the best way to use your core strength. Once you are in the planking position, your body will naturally try to stretch itself out so as to keep you from falling. You strengthen out and harden your core (abs), and hold your position in place for about a whole minute. Once you do this exercise you really start to feel the burning sensation. You can do this with or without an exercise ball.

Beach Body Ready: The Best Ab Exercises Of All Time

2. Lifting Your Legs

This is a really clever exercise that you would never guess is meant for abs. This is one of the best exercises that’s actually kind of fun. This is a very easy exercise. Do this everday for only few minutes you will start to notice changes. What you do is you lay down on the floor looking up at the ceiling. With your arms to the sides and your legs put together you then lift up your legs up the ground until they are completely vertical. So essentially you make a 90 degree angle from the time you lifted up you left from the ground. Then you bring you legs back down but keep them just a few inches from the ground before you bring them back up. You repeat this exercise for at least a 2 minutes for it to feel effective.

Beach Body Ready: The Best Ab Exercises Of All Time

3. Bicycle Crunches

The important thing to remember is that the best way to work your abs is by bringing your upper body to your core. Bicycle crunches are the most challenging exercises but the most rewarding because of the amount of movement you make. In order to do bicycle crunches you need to have both hands behind your hand then move one knee up and have it touch the elbow of the opposite side. In other words, you left knee should touch your right elbow. You keep doing these exercises by switching sides and allowing having both feet off the ground.

Beach Body Ready: The Best Ab Exercises Of All Time

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4. Windshield Wipers

What is really cool about the best abs exercises is that they are very practical. All you need is your body and a yoga mat. This next exercise is also very simple but very effective. The windshield wipers is an exercise where you have your legs up so that they are perpendicular to the ground. You make sure that your legs are never separated. You move your legs in three movements from the left, then to the center, and then to the right or vice versa. This exercise will make sure that your core is in motion.

Beach Body Ready: The Best Ab Exercises Of All Time

5. Raised leg sit ups

Raised leg sit ups are the best effective way to get your core burning. Similar to sit ups, the raised leg sit ups incorporate your legs. When you lift up your upper body, you will also make sure that your legs also come up. Your legs have to be held together and bent at the knees. However, your bent legs have to remain in its position while you push your upper body up and down.

Beach Body Ready: The Best Ab Exercises Of All Time

Which one of these exercises will you be using to help get your body back in shape?

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