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15 Beach Bags That Are A Must Have For Summer

15 Beach Bags That Are A Must Have For Summer

With summertime comes summer fun, and that means it’s time to start hitting the beach and the pool again. Wherever you go you’re going to be needing to bring some necessities, so that’s why having the perfect beach bag to fit your needs is so important! Here’s a list of all the must-have beach bags for this summer so you can pick the one that fits best for you!

1. Neoprene Beach Bag 

A neoprene beach bag is one of the most practical beach bags out there. It’s sporty, durable, and cute. This is also a bag that isn’t necessarily waterproof, but you can get a few splashes on it and still have your items inside stay dry. 

Not only that, but most neoprene beach bags are fairly affordable and usually a great size. They look sporty and fashionable and are perfect for the summer!


2. Mesh Beach Bag 

A mesh beach bag is a classic and has been around forever. So many people use them so they have to be good, right? The best thing about a mesh beach bag is that it is light to carry, and they’re inexpensive. They come in all different shapes and sizes and they’re just really casual and that’s why people love them. 

Not only that, but a mesh beach bag allows all the things you might have gotten wet with water to air out and dry faster than other bags. Win-win!


3. Extra Large Tote

If you’re someone who loves to pack your whole life into your bag and take it on the go, then you’re going to want to invest in an extra-large tote as your beach bag. Let’s be real, there’s nothing particularly special about this bag besides the fact that it’s huge and can fit all of your necessities. 

There are all kinds of different extra large beach totes out there, but we recommend getting some that have a lot of pockets, and some mesh pockets on the side so that your wet items can dry out easily. 


4. Woven Beach Bag 

If you are someone who only takes a few items to the beach and your main goal is to look fashionable, then we recommend investing in a woven beach bag. Woven beach bags make a beach tote look more high-end and more like a purse than a beach bag. 


5. Personalized Beach Bag 

A personalized beach bag is a must if you are going to be at any type of crowded beach or pool this summer. Many beach bags tend to look the same and if you’re in a place where everyone is carrying one it can be easy to lose yours. The best solution is to purchase one that you can customize with your name. Not only is it practical but it’s a cute unique touch special to you!

6. Boat and Tote Beach Bag

The L.L Bean Boat and Tote bag is like the most classic beach bag there ever was. If you’re someone who cares about brand name and wants just a simple and classic tote that will last a lifetime, the Boat and Tote is the beach bag for you! 


7. Canvas Beach Bag 

A canvas beach bag is simple and classic, and it also incorporates a nice casual style. A canvas bag is definitely more stylish than most regular tote bags especially because you can get the canvas in super cute colors and prints like this blue one below. 

If you want to be casual and still keep it stylish then go with the canvas beach bag!


8. Initialed Beach Bag 

If you don’t want your entire name blasted on your tote bag then another great option would just to put your initials on it. It’s a more subtle touch to still keep track of your bag if you’re planning on being in crowded areas this summer. It’s a subtle and cut personal touch to your beach bag.


9. Straw Beach Bag 

Okay, this might be one of the cutest beach bags on the list! If you’re someone who wants to be more fashionable and you don’t need all the extra space, this straw beach bag could be the perfect option for you!

Also, if you bring anything that gets wet during your trip to the beach, it’ll air out easily because of the spaces between the straw. 


10. Round Beach Bag 

This round beach bag is so adorable, but we only recommend this style if you’re planning on using it like a purse. More than likely this style of beach bag won’t hold any of your beach necessities such as towels and extra shoes, but you will look insanely fashionable walking around with it. 

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This is the perfect beach bag if you plan on just taking a walk on the beach or hitting the pier to shop. 


11. Oversized Shopper Bag 

It doesn’t get any more basic, cute, and practical than this. This is the original tote bag that’s literally good for everything. If you’re looking for the best overall bang for your buck, you should purchase an oversized shopper bag. You can take this on trips, use it as a carry-on, use it to go shopping, or as a beach bag. The possibilities are endless with this one!


12. Book Tote

If you’re looking for a medium-sized bag that’s simple and inexpensive, then we suggest just going with a classic book tote. This is similar to the oversized shopper bag but it’s more compact if you don’t need all the extra space. This bag can be used for so much more than a classic beach bag. 

13. Beach and Pool Bag

If you’re somewhere where you know you’ll be hitting the beach and the water park then we suggest just investing in a high-quality bag that does it all. These bags are made waterproof, extra-large, and with many compartments for a reason. They might be on the more pricey side but they are so worth it. 


14. Straw Circle Beach Bag 

This is another beach bag that’s all about the look, but we still love it. If you’re just planning to do a casual walk on the beach or go shopping in the surrounding areas and you still want to have a summer vibe then this bag is for you!


15. Fishnet Beach Bag 

If you absolutely know that wherever you’re going you’re about to have some soaking wet towels or bathing suits then a fishnet beach bag might be the fit for you. Although not the most aesthetically pleasing, this one is the most practical for drying out your water-soaked items. 

Which beach bag is your favorite? Let us know in the comments down below!

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