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Beach Bag Musts You Need

Beach Bag Musts You Need

Summer can get so busy between work, travel, and everyday life. You may find yourself rushing to pack for the beach weekend away or a quick trip down for the day. Unfortunately, when we rush, we often forget what we need most! So here are a few items that I believe should always stay in your beach bag!

1. Sunscreen

The first one may seem obvious, but this is a must! Always have a bottle of sunscreen in your bag, maybe even two! Nothing is worse than arriving at the beach and realizing that you forgot your sunscreen at home! Or what may be even worse is when you think you have enough sunscreen, but in reality, you only applied it to your left leg, and you have run out! Yes, you can always borrow sunscreen from friends and family, but we all have preferences and skin sensitivity, so bringing your own is always better. You may even be at a tourist attraction where you can easily walk onto the boardwalk or a quick five-minute walk into town to buy a bottle, but again, we all have our preferences. You will probably overspend on sunscreen if you are at a tourist attraction! Which is not worth it! This is why you should always keep a bottle of sunscreen in your beach bag!


2. Sunscreen Case

Now that we have established sunscreen is a must. It is also good to have a sunscreen case! Listen, accidents happen, bottles break, and caps can be unreliable! Keeping your oily sunscreen in a case or container in your beach bag is the best! Trust me. It can be as simple as placing your bottles into a Ziplock bag or an old toiletries bag! In case an accident does occur, it will be contained! Nothing is worse than ruining your brand-new beach cover-up, beach bag, towel, or hat because your sunscreen malfunctioned! And sunscreen stain is a pain and will most likely not come out! So, save yourself money and future disaster by always having a sunscreen case in your beach bag!

3. Sunglass case

A Sunglass case is a must for your beach bag! Noting is worse than realizing you don’t have a sunglass case for your expensive sunglass and feeling unsure where to place them when you want to take your quick heat-induced nap or want to pop into the ocean for a quick dip. So, you debate, leave them on your towel or throw them in your beach bag. Eventually, you decide it is best to place them in your beach bag because you don’t want anyone to swipe them. But when you just place sunglasses unprotected in your bag, they will inevitably be scratched, sandy, and oily. Even as clean or as organized as your beach bag might seem, sand finds its way everywhere at the beach. So do yourself a favor and keep a sunglass case in your beach bag!


4. Hat

Sometimes no matter how many times you reapply your sunscreen, your face may still burn! But let’s be honest, you may not want to cut your beautiful day at the beach short just because you may be nervous about burning or feel overheated! Keeping a hat in your beach bag may help you elongate your beach day by offering some relief from the sun! It would be great if you had an umbrella but let’s be realistic sometimes, we don’t have the space in our cars for an umbrella and if you are walking to the beach forget about the umbrella because you won’t be carrying one! Keep the hat in your beach bag. Your face and lack of wrinkles will thank you later!
5. Beach Pillow

These fantastic beach pillows take up virtually no room in your beach bag! Imagine an air mattress that is just large enough to support your head and can be blown up by your lungs! And they even come with small little pillowcases! It’s the beach necessity that you didn’t realize you needed! Perfect for your little cat nap! How many times have you been at the beach trying to lay on the sand trying to relax, but you find yourself uncomfortable because the sand feels like a rock under your head? Keeping this small inflatable pillow in your beach bag has completely elevated your beach nap!


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6. Water bottle

Always keep an extra empty reusable water bottle in your beach bag! Nothing is worse than sitting at the beach dying of thirst and not wanting to spend $10 on a water bottle that will be hot within minutes. Keep the extra water bottle in your bag because most beaches have a water fountain that you can use to fill up the bottle. No one wants to keep getting up to sip water. Sitting out in the sun all day in the scorching sun, there is not a doubt in mind that you will be dying of thirst. So important to stay hydrated while being at the beach! Always keep the water bottle in your beach bag to ensure the most enjoyable beach day!


7. Snack

Keep a small snack in your beach bag. We all get hungry, especially after swimming and being outside! Nothing is worse than being hungry and unable to do anything about it! This snack may be perfect for you during the day or the best post-beach snack driving home! This snack can be a granola bar, fruit, small individual bag, or goldfish! It does not need to be any fancy snack, just a little something to cure that hunger! This snack may be the best addition to your beach bag as it may allow you to stay and enjoy the beach day even longer!


These are the beach bag essentials that you just need to create the best beach day experience! Beach days can start to feel limited as work, life, and weather may get in the way! So, when you find yourself at the beach, create the best experience possible for yourself!