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These Beach Bag Essentials Are Must Haves For Summer 2018

These Beach Bag Essentials Are Must Haves For Summer 2018

Here are some beach bag essentials you'll definitely need for this summer season! Grab these items and your suit, and you're ready to go!

Summer vacation is finally here and that means many of us have started packing our suitcases and writing our shopping lists for everything we may need for our next getaway. As our checklists continue to grow there are a few things to consider for when you are in “do not disturb” mode on the beach. Here are some essentials to have in your beach bag at your next vacation. Here are our top picks for beach bag essentials:

1) The Bag

First things first, you must first find the perfect beach bag that is most spacious and super cute. Go for something a bit bright with an Oceanside-vibe, or go for the hot straw bag trend and be the most stylish person on the beach.


2) Sunglasses

These are obviously a given, but how do you choose which ones to sport with your swimsuit? You could go with the classic cat eye or the cool Ray-bans. Super cool beach bag essentials!


3) Sunscreen

There is plenty of talk about which sunscreen is best for you and what kind you should ultimately choose. There are plenty of natural sunscreens for those who want to shop a bit smarter and for those of us who break out at the sight of sunscreen.


4) Lip Balm

You don’t want to find out the hard way that you had forgotten your lip balm when the dry lip problem occurs. For most of us a chapped lip is one of the first occurrences when you spend time in the sun. So, have your favorite lip balm handy.


5) Face Mist

When you are feeling warm and your face could use a freshening up, make sure you have some face mist in your bag of essentials. Go for a fresh coconut water or rose water to feel refreshed and hydrated.

6) The Perfect Book

We all need the perfect reading material while in the beach, but there are so many to choose from. Check the New York Times Bestseller list or your local bookstore to see what is currently flying off the shelves. Get a romantic beach read or something a bit more thrilling.


7) Your Favorite Magazine

If you prefer more light reading and enjoy a good fashion magazine, get a few of your favorites like Vogue, Elle, Rolling Stone or Vanity Fair and dive right in.


8) Earbuds

Always be prepared to tune out all the screaming children and beach partiers and make sure you have earbuds to listen to some music or your favorite podcast.

9) The Perfect Tunes

Make sure you have created the perfect playlist for your relaxing time on the beach. Take a listen to Beyonc√© and Jay-Z’s new album or that new indie record you have been dying to dive into.


10) Water Bottle

The most important part of being on the beach aside from regularly applying sunscreen is to stay hydrated. So, make sure you have room for your handy water bottle in your beach bag.

11) Fan

If the heat starts to bother you like most people, have a little fan ready to go when you need a little breeze. Something petite or a hand-held fan to have in case you are starting to feel like that heat is getting to you will be a life saver.

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12) The Perfect Snack

For some people, heat tends to make them lose their appetite but it still important to make sure you get a little something in your stomach if you like to spend most of your day on the beach. Pack something light like trail mix or something with some water content in it like a bag of fruit. A great option for beach bag essentials!


13) Headband

A crucial for beach bag essentials- headbands! Nothing is more frustrating than not being able to keep your hair out of your face. Make sure you have a cute headband or maybe some bobby pins to keep things into place.


14) A Sun Hat

If a headband isn’t your thing, find the perfect sun hat to keep your hair back¬†and the sun out of your face. Go for a big straw hat or a cool baseball cap.


15) Water Resistant Phone Pouch

If you don’t want to lie on the beach and want to get in the water, make sure you have a water-resistant phone pouch to keep that phone safe. You never know when a perfect photo opportunity will arise.


There you have it! Our top beach bag essentials you need for this summer season! Let us know in the comments below which products you can’t live without

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