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10 Beach Accessories To Pair With A Bikini

10 Beach Accessories To Pair With A Bikini

Looking for the perfect piece of jewelry to pair with your bikini? Here are 10 trendy beach accessories to wear seaside this summer.

Accessories can take any look to the next level, even if that look is nothing but a bikini! There are many beach accessories that can help you achieve that effortless mermaid-esque look that you are striving for this summer.  We’ve narrowed down 10 trendy beach accessories to pair with a bikini  that are bound to top off any outfit you have planned for your next day spent in the sun.

1. Tassel Earrings

Tassel earrings are a flirty summer staple that stand out against whatever you decide to pair them with.  The simplicity of a bikini is a perfect counter balance to these adorable yet attention-demanding statement earrings. Tassel earrings are a must on your beach accessories list.

2. Gold Layered Necklaces

Also super trendy right now, layering multiple gold necklaces that are different lengths and styles help create an effortless, sexy look when paired with a bikini.  The gold color is also very flattering against a warm, summer tan.


3. Hair Sash

Up your hair game this summer with this unconventional beach accessory. A colorful hair sash is not only stylish, but it also helps to keep your salty beach hair under control on a windy day spent by the ocean.

4. Turquoise Necklace

Out of all the beach accessories, a turquoise necklace is a true staple for any trip to the beach.  The beautiful blue-ish green color mirrors the many hues that make up the ocean.  Turquoise looks amazing against tanned summer skin as well.

5. Medium-Sized Gold Hoops

Hoops are extremely trendy and in style at the moment and just happen to be a great go-to accessory to pair with a bikini.  Medium-sized gold hoops will instantly up your look and transform you into an effortless fashionista.


6. Colorful Tinted Sun Glasses

Colorful sunglasses are a MUST for any trip to the beach.  Colors such as yellow, purple, pink and gold are great options to pair with a bikini this summer.

7. Body Chain Jewelry

It’s OK to be extra.  Turn heads this summer with an eye-catching body chain.  Body chains are meant to add a little extra “umph” where bare skin is shown.  In a bikini, the options are endless! With so many to choose from, be sure to pick the best body chain to go with the style of bikini you plan on wearing.

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8. Starfish Earrings

Mermaid or human? No one will know the difference when you put on a set of starfish earrings.  Starfish earrings are a true classic out of all of the beach accessories and will help you achieve mermaid princess status this summer.

9. Pearl Necklace

Pearls, another staple of the sea, make for stunning beach accessories.  The beautiful and smooth white color and texture will pop against a golden tan.

10. Opal Rings

Deck your fingers out in opal this summer to achieve an effortless bohemian beach look.  As they shimmer in the sunlight, you are bound to receive many compliments on any opal ring you choose to pair with your bikini.

Out of these trendy beach accessories, which will you be rocking on your next trip to the shore this summer? Let us know in the comments section below!
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