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10 Reasons You Should Be Best Friends with Your Sister

10 Reasons You Should Be Best Friends with Your Sister

Whether you’re 15 or 55, a permanent best friend is something everyone needs. Here are 10 reasons why nothing beats being best friends with your sister.

Hugs, kisses, cuddles, laughs, tears. Who better to experience it all with than your sister? Whether you’re 15 or 55, having a permanent best friend is something everyone needs. Here are 10 more reasons why nothing beats being best friends with your sister.

1) You always have someone to talk to at family gatherings.

We’ve all experienced those dreaded family events where no matter how hard you try to get out of it, your mom forces you to go. However, knowing that your sister will be there to talk to all night makes it somewhat bearable.


2) You know you have a buddy to pig out with at midnight.

Ice cream, pretzels, mac and cheese; you name it, you know your sister will eat it right alongside you, no matter the hour. Just a quick text to meet in the kitchen, and you’re both there in a flash, cooking up a five-course meal.

3) You have a confidential source to vent to about all the drama in your life.

We’ve all had those days when all you want to do is curl up in a ball and cry yourself to sleep. Whether it’s friends, boys, or school, your sister is always there to listen with intent ears and an open heart. No matter how bad it is, she will always give you the cold hard truth. You wouldn’t be able to do it without her.


4) The two of you can team up on your parents when they don’t let one of you do something.

Parents don’t always understand how important going to that party is, or why you desperately need that new shirt from Mixology. While one child may not be able to take both parents, two definitely can. You know your sister will be there in a second defending you in whatever you want, even if she doesn’t know what it is.


5) Disney movie marathons wouldn’t be the same without your sister.

You can never go wrong with a weekend spent watching movies all day and night. Who better to laugh at all the dumb jokes and horribly belt out all the songs with than your sister?


6) Forcing your sister out of bed just to sit in the car with you while you run errands or go grab a cup of coffee.

No one likes going out alone. Whether it’s a quick Starbucks run or a long, dreaded supermarket trip, you know you can always drag your sister along to be the DJ, the navigator, and your personal entertainer. There’s no dull task when you’re best friends with your sister.


7) When you’re sick you know you have someone to guilt into bringing you whatever you need.

Whether it’s a hot cup of soup, water from the kitchen, or medicine the doctor prescribed, you know you never have to get out of bed when your sister is around. She knows you would do it for her, so she feels responsible to get you whatever you need (without owing her)!

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8) When you’re alone or in an awkward situation, you know you have someone who will get you out of it.

At one point or another, we’ve all been stuck in those awkward conversations or dates gone horribly wrong without knowing how to get out of it. All you need to do is text your sister the code word and, next thing you know, your sister is on the phone telling you an elaborate, made-up story to get you out of whatever the situation is.

9) Family vacations wouldn’t be nearly as entertaining if you didn’t have your sister to laugh with at the most embarrassing moments.

Family vacations are always an… experience. At least you’re not the only one being embarrassed by your parents. With your sister there you can go on your own adventures, make your own memories, and most importantly, make sure people know you guys are the normal ones in the family.


10) And lastly, but most importantly, you have a best friend who you know you can count on at any moment.

We all have best friends who we talk to every day, go everywhere with, and would do anything for. However, being best friends with your sister is different. You never need to be nervous or embarrassed in front of them, because they’re stuck with you whether they like it or not. You know they’re always there to listen to you and give you advice, and are always down for a good hug, laugh, or cry with you. Sisters are a permanent best friend who you can count on for life, and wouldn’t give up for anything.

Are you best friends with your sister? Send her this list and see what she thinks!
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