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Be A Bronzed Goddess: Tips To Apply Fake Tan

Be A Bronzed Goddess: Tips To Apply Fake Tan

Fake tan can make anyone feel like a bronzed goddess. There is no better feeling in the world than being tan. Most of us would go to the tanning bed if it did not cause deadly skin cancer. This is the biggest paradox ever, to be tan or to not be tan. In case you were wondering there is a wrong answer here, and it is to not be tan. To avoid frying our skin in a tanning bed or from natural sunlight, the best invention since sliced bread was invented; fake tan. The one downside to fake tan is how difficult it can be at times to apply. Here are the absolute best tips for applying fake tan.

1. Exfoliate

Begin by exfoliating any dead or dry skin from the body. Exfoliate using any hydrating body wash. It is important to use an extra hydrating body wash so that the skin is super moisturized. A body scrub can be used first, then followed up with a hydrating body wash. The body scrub would do a better job at making sure that the skin is nice and soft! For best results use a loofa, washcloth, or sponge when exfoliating. Shave any body hair off in the shower too for the best application. Shaving is another form of exfoliating, but it is still recommended to exfoliate normally.

2. Moisturize

Moisturize every inch of the body, every single inch. This tip is super important. The fake tan will look terrible if every single inch of the body is not properly moisturized. There is never a thing such as too much lotion when it comes to applying fake tan. Put extra lotion on the portions of the body that are the driest. The driest areas of the body would be any joint or limb. Apply plenty of lotion on the hands, feet, knees, elbows, and ankles. Around knuckles on hands can be one of the hardest parts to properly apply. A great moisturizer to try is Aquaphor. Aquaphor has an extremely thick consistency and is recommended by many professionals in the medical field to help with dry skin. The Aquaphor may seem too thick when applying but leaves skin buttery soft afterward. Do not knock it before you try it.


3. Best Application Tips

The best possible tips for application would be to apply the fake tan with a mitt. Applying with a mitt will help eliminate mistakes, that may be caused with application of a hand, or sponge. A mitt would help get into smaller areas. Mitts are good for applying fake tan over difficult areas such as feet, knees, and elbows. Begin from the bottom when applying, and work your way up the body going body part by body part. It is good to be able to see the application process from all angles. Try to apply the fake tan in front of a mirror if possible. This way any streaks or splotches can be caught, before the fake tan processes. If a mirror does not do the trick, do not be afraid to ask a buddy for assistance.

This would be particularly good for applying fake tan on the back. Apply to your hands last, as putting the gloves back on fully can mess with the undeveloped tan. For extra difficult areas, the best technique is to blend the tan into the area. Do not directly apply a dollop of fake tan on this spot. Elbows, hands, and knuckles for example are wrinkly, and the fake tan will accentuate those wrinkles. Therefore, blending is a much safer technique. After application, do not touch water for up to 5 hours. This can be a pain if you need to wash your hands, but the fake tan will wash off if not fully developed. Usually, on the product bottle, there is a recommendation of how long to avoid water. Go to sleep, and then wash off fake tan in the shower. This should have given the tan long enough to develop. For the best results, apply a few nights in a row to see skin get shades darker!

4. Face Application

Having a tan body, and pale face is a nightmare, and people will notice. Hate to be the person that breaks that to you, but people will notice. Face application can be difficult, and applying fake tan to the face is a whole new ball game! To get the best results make sure the face is hairless, except for eyebrows of course. Take a tiny one blade facial razor, and just run it over the face to get off any excess hair or peach fuzz. The peach fuzz could make the fake tanner apply weirdly. Moisturize the face. Make sure that the area under the eyes is extra moisturized. This area tends to be the driest area, so load up on the eye cream.

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Not only will it help with any premature fine lines and aging, but it will also help fake tan look bomb when applied. For best application, use a makeup brush like a stippling foundation brush. These brushes work great and are awesome at getting the fake tan in all the right spots. Use a bit of the normal fake tan product on the mitt. Dab this brush in the fake tan, and begin. The fake tan dries quickly, so work swiftly. Afterward, do not touch your face or apply any makeup. There is an option of purchasing fake tan drops, that can be mixed in with lotion. This may work better on the face. When applying be careful around the eyes and eyebrows. Take your time, and blot any extra product off the skin.

5. Correction

The next morning, if you notice there are streaks, there is one simple way to fix any fake tan mistake. Just hop in the shower! Exfoliating is a great way to decrease the visibility of the mistake. It will not make the mistake fade completely away, but it will help the process.


Ditch the tanning beds this year, and let us know how these fake tan application tips have helped in the comments below!

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