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8 Bathroom Organization Tips For When You Have A Lot Of Roommates

8 Bathroom Organization Tips For When You Have A Lot Of Roommates

Bathroom organization tips are a must when living with a lot of people. Here's how to keep your bathroom clean and organized!

Bathroom organization tips can be a livesaver when you have roommates. Living with people you know can be frustrating when you all share a bathroom, gone are the days of spending as long as you want in the bathroom and now you are learning what it is like to have to share with other people! You will have some flatmates who are perfect people to live with, they clean and are quick in the bathroom, but you will get some that are nightmares, taking hours and leaving it in a state! Here are 8 bathroom organisation tips for when you have a lot of roommates!

8 Bathroom Organization Tips For When You Have A Lot Of Roommates

1. Have an Organised Washbag

Keeping a washbag full of all your essentials can make it easier for there to be less clutter in the bathroom and for you to have everything you need! Filling it with conditioner, shampoo and any skin essentials can make it quicker for you in the bathroom, and make sure that you always have a supply that you can keep in your room! This eliminates bathroom clutter and means that you can keep it in your room for when you need it!


2. Keep Your Bathroom Clean

No one wants a bathroom that you don’t enjoy showering in! If you set an example and leave the bathroom clean, then others will follow your example. If it helps then keep a cleaning rota of who has to clean the bathroom on different days, especially if you have a lot of flatmates! It will take little time but will make such a difference to yours and your flatmates lives if you enjoy where you are living!

3. Plan What Time of Day You Shower

You will all begin to make a schedule on when your flatmates shower, some may wake up early when others may leave it until the early hours of the morning! If you don’t want to make a rota then just keep a similar time of day that you want to shower, this means that others will get used to you having that time slot and you will have the bathroom free!

8 Bathroom Organization Tips For When You Have A Lot Of Roommates


4. Keep What You Can in Your Room

This is an essential tip so you are not cluttering your bathroom with unneeded products, if you have bought a bathroom wash bag then you can keep the majority of your products in there and take it back into your room when you are not using it. This will stop your bathroom from getting messy and also stop your roommates from stealing all your products!

5. Keep Your Own Supplies

Keep stocked up on what you need! Make sure you have a supply of shampoo, conditioner and skin products so you don’t run out when you really need them. Keep organised and keep a constant supply and you will never have to go without!

6. Invest In A Good Mirror In Your Room

Sick of having to wait for your time to use the bathroom mirror? Then invest in a good wall mirror that will enable you to get ready in your room without the use of the bathroom, this will make going out a lot easier, and also stop the rush of getting ready with other people in the bathroom! This is one of our favorite bathroom organization tips!

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8 Bathroom Organization Tips For When You Have A Lot Of Roommates

7. Invest In A Good Pair of Flip Flops

We all know that bathrooms shared with lots of housemates can mean the floor is not what you want to walk barefoot on, so flip flops will become your best friend! Have a look at investing in something like Haviana’s or Toms to help you get from bathroom to bedroom!


8. Buy a Good Dressing Gown/Kimono

A good dressing gown will be an essential if you share a bathroom with a lot of roommates! This means that you won’t need to take clothes with you into the shower, reducing the risk of you having to get dressed straight away into soggy clothes. Look into cute kimono dressing gowns, these will be perfect for going between your bathroom and bedroom and will be comfortable and fashionable in the process! This is one of the best bathroom organization tips!

8 Bathroom Organization Tips For When You Have A Lot Of Roommates

Any other tips for living with a lot of flatmates? Leave us a comment below with your best bathroom organization tips!
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