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5 Bathroom Hacks For A More Comfortable Shower

5 Bathroom Hacks For A More Comfortable Shower

Do you share a shower, or have a tiny bath? Or are you simply looking to make your shower easier? Here are five bathroom hacks for a more comfortable shower.

Make bathing easier and add an element of pleasure for all the bathroom singers and the perfect groomers. Several basic tricks might make you go “Why didn’t I think of that?” Well, now you know!

These hacks will help you well organize all your bathroom necessities, making it easier to find and reach them. A well-managed and tidy bathroom may inspire you to spend more time on self-care.

Add Racks For Lotions and Hair Products

Adding racks to your bathroom by the mirror is a great way to keep your belongings and other daily use products in place and at an arms distance from you at a clear view.

It will save you all the extra time you waste each morning looking for those things. Keep your things where they are supposed to be with the added racks for an organized-increased space.

5 Bathroom Hacks For A More Comfortable Shower

Bring Wrinkled Clothes In While You Shower

Take your wrinkled clothes to your shower and leave with crisp looking ones!

We all know the struggle of having to iron our clothes each morning for a clean, crisp finish. Even after doing your best to get a material that doesn’t wrinkle much, your shirt often demands a light iron before work.

Save the morning rush and give yourself the extra minutes on your breakfast table for a smooth and satisfying start in the morning!

5 Bathroom Hacks For A More Comfortable Shower

Hair Pin Holder

Admit it, we always have so many of those bobby pins/hairpins, but we never come across enough of them while styling our hair. Apply a magnetic strip across the wall by your mirror and stick all your pins on the magnet.

Keep them together without chasing them every few days. Not only will these pins now be easily accessible, but they also add a funky look to your bathroom.

5 Bathroom Hacks For A More Comfortable Shower

An Extra Shower Curtain Rod Adds Extra Storage Space

If you are a self-care freak or even believe it is necessary to well maintain your body would love to have a bunch of grooming items at an arms distance to you in the shower.

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Add an extra shower curtain rod along the opposite side of where your bathroom curtain is. You may use this rod to add a number of baskets hanging from the rod to add a large amount of storage for all the products you have always wanted to regularly use on alternate days for your skincare routine.

You may hang things such as shampoo bottles, body wash, conditioner, body scrub, and even your toothbrush and toothpaste for those of you quietly prefer brushing in the shower. This, in fact, will also make the area by the sink look more sorted and organized. A clean and spacious bathroom is always better than a clumsy one.

5 Bathroom Hacks For A More Comfortable Shower

A Dry Sink Makes An Excellent Amplifier

Place your cellphone in a dry sink to amplify the volume. Increase the joy of listening to music as you shower.

Yes, it is great fun to listen to your jam as you shower. For those of you who have never played their music in the shower, you should really give it a try, at least sometimes.

Make showering fun. A tired and stressful day could have a very relaxing ending with a warm/cold shower, as preferred, along with your favorite music before you sit down for your last meal of the day. Listening to music for those who shower in the morning is another great way to kick-start your day in a great mood!

5 Bathroom Hacks For A More Comfortable Shower

What are your favorite bathroom hacks? Let us know in the comments!

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