15 Bathing Suits For This Summer

Summer is right around the corner which means it’s time to start lounging by the pool in your seasons best. If you’re looking for a new bathing suit or haven’t managed to find a decent one in a while this list is for you. Below are 15 bathing suits that will make you want to walk around all day in nothing but a towel, your suit & flip-flops.

1.  Halter Top & High Waisted Two-Piece

This two piece will be flattering for a variety of body types. The high neck will ensure that anyone with a larger bust won’t burst out. The high waist will also hit you at the smallest point on your body. It will hit you about an inch or two above your bellybutton, which is perfect if you’re someone who isn’t comfortable showing off all of their stomach. Or if you’re on the smaller side it’s perfect to create shape.

2. Sporty Two-Piece

This is perfect if you’re someone with a smaller chest. The way that the top is cut will make sure that you’re entirely covered and give you an added boost as well. If you’re someone with a larger chest the thick straps will make sure that you have plenty of support as well.

3. Patterned

Unlike on normal clothes patterns on bathing suits are actually very flattering. It will help you both stand out and help shape your body if you’re uneasy exposing yourself too much. A floral design like the one below is perfectly feminine and almost looks like a normal bodysuit.

4. Straight Across Neckline

Another flattering bathing suit will be one that has a straight across neckline. Similar to the Sabrina neckline this will help show off your collarbone while maintaining a sense of modesty. If you’re looking for something that is cute but will cover you a bathing suit with a cut like this is the one you want.

5. Black High Waisted Two-Piece

You can’t go wrong with the color black, even in summer. Even though this black two-piece seems simple it’s very flattering and will be on many different body types. The higher leg will also help give you more shape and will hit a body in a more flattering way. It will elongate your legs while hitting you at the smallest point on your body as well.

6. High Leg One Piece

Whoever said that one pieces can’t be sexy clearly haven’t seen deep scooped one pieces like the one below. This one is reminiscent of the 90s. It will completely cover your stomach and cleave while showing off just enough side boob to make you seem scandalous.

7. Halter Neck One Piece

Halter necklines are universally flattering. Although oftentimes they can seem sporty if you find one that is tied and has scalloped trim on it that will instantly make your bathing suits more feminine. Bonus points if you can find one that is in as bright as a color as the one below.

8. One Piece With Side-Cuts

Bathing suits like the one below are designed to make sure you’re comfortable as well as sexy. The intricate cutouts help to expose just the right amount of skin and the ribbing in the front will hide your stomach if you’re concerned about it.

9. String Bikini Top

A spin on the tried and true string bikini would be by paring it with high waisted bottoms. String bikini’s are perfect if you have a smaller chest and want to show it off but don’t want to expose it all. Also a high waisted bottom will also make you look curvier.

10. Vintage

If you want your bathing suit to also reflect your style look no further than a vintage inspired two piece. The structure of the top will give an added boost to anyone who needs it and will support women with bigger chests. A vintage pattern like the one below will also add to the sense of a pin up girl.

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11. Strapless

A strapless bathing suit can be daring, but if you’re not planning on doing anything too strenuous in your suit consider buying one. The one below also has bottoms that hit a little higher than other bottoms. Depending on the pattern you can make this look either sporty or feminine.

12. Tie In Front

A knot in the front may seem like a simple solution but it really can add an extra something to an otherwise plain bathing suit. Even if it’s just for show and you don’t actually have control of how tight it can tie it will still give the illusion of your chest seeming just a smidge perkier than it naturally is.

13. Bohemian

Another bathing suit that will help show off your style is a bohemian inspired one like the one below. Although an actual crochet bathing suit may not be the most practical there are definitely others with a similar print. Only they’ll be made from a material suitable for a pool or an ocean.

14. Deep V

At first glance this may seem like something just for smaller chested women but this suit can be warn by many different kind of women. A deep cut suit like the one below has thick enough straps and sides to where it would keep everything that needs to stay in, in. As well as how the cut hits right above the belly button will also be comfortable for anyone uncomfortable with exposing their stomach.

15. One Shoulder

This suit is perfect for women with a more muscular body. Typically women with broader shoulders might shy away from something like this but actually it will help to streamline your body. One shoulders don’t always have to be sporty either, the suit below is definitely sexy.

What are your favourite bathing suits for summer? Tell us in the comments!

Shelby Filangi

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