Basic Yoga Moves To Help You De-stress

Knowing some basic moves to help you de-stress is something useful you can use during your “me time” to step back from your chaotic life and de-stress. These moves are not high intensity nor do they require any skill- you can do them basically anywhere. Check out these yoga moves to relax and continue your day with a clear, stress-free head.

1. Mountain Pose

Mountain pose is a great yoga move to help you de-stress. All you have to do is plant your feet firmly on the ground, hold your hands out at your sides with your palms facing forward, and keep your gaze forward but your chin lifted. This is a yoga move that brings you back to reality. This move simplifies life, reminding you that everything is going to work out no matter how hectic life may seem. It does this by helping you asses how stable you are in that moment. Standing with your feet planted firmly on the ground, you know you have security. You know you are grateful to be standing there in that moment with everything you need.

2. Child’s Pose

For this pose, you are going to have your entire body on the ground. Your knees are folded with your feet underneath you and your forearms and palms are pressed to the floor and out in front of you. Your forehead should be placed comfortably on the floor in between your arms. If it is not possible for your head to lay comfortably on the floor, don’t judge yourself, just grab a yoga block, or a pillow, or anything comfortable you could use under your head to comfortably rest your head. This is going to stretch your shoulders arms and back helping you find relaxation. You can move your arms into another position, such as out to the side or next to your hips if that feels better for you. The goal of this yoga move here is to feel complete comfort and release any tension you may be having.

3. Happy Baby

This move may be a bit more challenging for some people. You are going to flip over onto your back and bring your knees towards your head. You are then going to grab your big toes, your feet, your ankles or anywhere that you feel the most comfort. This move is going to stretch your legs and allow you to relax in a comfortable position while still stretching our your muscles bringing you a feeling of ease. Don’t we all wish we could return to that carefree, happy baby stage in our lives!

4. Lotus

This is the move that everyone thinks of when they picture yoga or meditation. All you need to do is cross your legs and place your palms over the knees facing up. This move has several moderations. If you are really flexible and want to do this yoga move to its fullest potential, you should put both of your feet on top of your knees. However, to make it simpler, you can just keep on foot pulled up on top of your knee or just sit cross-legged on the ground. Remember the key here is to relax, so make sure you are doing the variation of this move that feels the best for you.

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5. Cat and Cow Pose

This move is a combination move. That means that you could either do cat or cow, or you could combine them to really stretch your spine back and forth. You are going to get on your hands and knees for this move. Moving your back from the neutral position, you are going to push it into an upwards arch for cat pose. After a few seconds of this move, you are going to push your spine in the opposite direction moving your stomach towards the floor for cow pose. This is a simple movement that anyone is capable of that will give your spine some movement to really help you reach optimal relaxation.

6. Prayer Pose

This yoga move can be done on the floor or standing. For the sake of this article, we are going to stand. With your feet firmly planted on the ground feeling the consistency of the sturdy ground beneath you, you are going to bring the palms of your hands together and place them over heart center. This is a simple move that allows you to just take a moment to collect your thoughts and breathe. This yoga move is what you need to take a super simple moment just to yourself.

The key to yoga is self-acceptance. Do not worry if a move does not feel good to you. Only do what feels best. You can try all of these movements or just one. What yoga moves help relieve your stress? Comment them below!

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