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10 Basic Posts Every Instagrammer Has Posted

10 Basic Posts Every Instagrammer Has Posted

Every Instagrammer does it. We're all guilty of posting basic pictures of food and animals. Here are some of the msot basic Insta posts out there!

Instagram has become the platform for people to display art and photography! Everyone on Instagram claim to be a photographer! If they have pictures posing in-front of a brick wall or in the woods, they will call themselves a professional photographer. Let’s be real, it takes time to find a niche and aesthetic when creating the perfect Instagram feed for yourself. If you’ve been guilty of having a basic Instagram feed, its time to take a trip down memory lane! Here are 10 basic post every Instagrammer has posted!

1. Dedicating A Post To Your Friend For Their Birthday

I understand its a way to show love towards a friend, but no one cares! When making a Instagram post for your friends birthday, you need to pick the right pictures. Some people use this post as a way to be petty by picking terrible pictures of their friends. The caption usually consist of the typical, “I love you and can’t believe we’ve been friends for so long”. A birthday Instagram post is so unnecessary! Use actions as a way to show your friends gratefulness and love towards the friendship. This is one of the basic post every Instagrammer has posted!

2. The Obvious Cropped Photo

We’re all guilty of cropping our friends out of a picture. If we feel like the photo is bomb but our friend looks a mess then it’s time to crop! Please  If you’re going to crop a picture, try to not make it obvious. Let your friend know about the edit or don’t post the picture! Cropped photos look messy and confusing, it will throw people off! I tend to stay away from people who love to crop photos! This is one of the basic post every Instagrammer has posted!

3. Food

Everyone has taken a picture of their meal! Whether it’s your eggs benedict from brunch or a kale salad, you’re going to snap a picture for the gram! If you don’t run a food Instagram page or a blog, people don’t care about your meals! Yes, we are braggadocious and want to show off the meals from lavish restaurants. Food post can look trash depending on how the picture is taken! Some people tend to take the picture up close and the dish ends up looking messy. If you enjoy posting meal pictures to your followers, keep it up. Some of us don’t care and would rather look at a page full of memes!

10 Basic Posts Every Instagrammer Has Posted

4. Pets

We are all guilty of posting pictures of our pets. We’ve used pet pictures for our dating profiles and sometimes send them as a way to slide in the DMs. Some people post pet pictures because they will get A LOT of likes! There’s a whole pet loving community on Instagram. They’re always ready to snap a selfie with their cat or dog. The trend of posting pet pictures will never fade away! This is a basic post every Instagrammer has posted!

10 Basic Posts Every Instagrammer Has Posted

5. OOTD Mirror Picture

If you’re into posting the typical OOTD (Outfit Of The Day), you’ve definitely posed in front of a mirror! Majority of mirror pictures consist of in trend outfits with clothing companies tagged in the photo. This method was used by popular influencers before they gained popularity. This photo method has definitely help start careers in modeling and blogging. As much as the OOTD screams basic bitch, it has helped Instagrammers make money and get free shit! This is a basic but beneficial post every Instagrammer has posted!

10 Basic Posts Every Instagrammer Has Posted

6. Nature

Season inspired pictures have been on a bunch of Instagram pages. Fall is just around the corner, so expect to see pictures of leaves! This photo is popular amongst people living in states that have more than one season!

10 Basic Posts Every Instagrammer Has Posted

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7. Posing In Front Of A Brick Wall

Any who claims to be a “Instagram Photographer” has a feed full of models posing in front of brick walls.The brick wall gives off the aesthetic of being tough and too cool for you look. Honestly, the brick wall picture is basic! It’s not original plus it can be found of any high schoolers Instagram page.Embrace you local architecture,  If you live in a city full of bricks and cobblestone like NYC, Boston and Philadelphia!

10 Basic Posts Every Instagrammer Has Posted

8. Museum Art

This is more of the lazy yet artistic post. You’ve definitely posted pictures of museum artwork, if you looked a mess that day or your camera isn’t letting you take amazing selfies, People love art especially if it has a message behind it. People would even tag the museum to get more likes! Art photos usually catch the eyes of a specific audience. This is a basic post every Instagrammer has posted!

10 Basic Posts Every Instagrammer Has Posted

9. Latte Art

Posting pictures of latte art was basic, especially if the art involved a heart, leaf or bear. Some barista’s got creative and created a trend of latte art. Depending on your barista, they actually took the time to create art that has never been seen on a latte. Next time you decide to take a latte art photo, look through your feed to judge if it fits the aesthetics. This is a basic post every Instagrammer has posted!

10 Basic Posts Every Instagrammer Has Posted

10. Contest Post

Influencers have host contest to give away free items and gain new followers! You have to follow the influencer and post the contest photo to be guaranteed a chance of winning. Contest post is a method for free advertisement, plus they mess up your feed! The worst feeling ever is putting all your work on creating an Instagram feed and messing it up with a contest post! Imagine posting a contest photo and not winning some free makeup!

Have you posted any these post? Are there any other basic post every Instagrammer has posted? Comment below and share with your friends!
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