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10 Basic Clothing Items You Need In Your Closet To Instantly Upgrade Your Style

10 Basic Clothing Items You Need In Your Closet To Instantly Upgrade Your Style

If you’re anything like me, taking a look in your closet can be a bit overwhelming; it seems like there’s so much to sort through! It’s easy to fall into the mindset of thinking that we need dozens of fun, interesting pieces to upgrade our style. However, sometimes you just need a few basic clothing items to have on hand that will immediately help to downsize your wardrobe and make every outfit you wear look stylish and put together.

Here are ten of my favorite basic clothing items that you absolutely need in your closet!

1. A black mini skirt

I’ve found that almost anything goes with a simple, black mini skirt. Eternally elegant and classy, you can pair with any style of shirt, and you can wear it no matter what the season is. In the winter, dress it with a pit of black tights and a jacket to make it appropriate for the cooler weather.


It also can be worn casually or in a more professional environment, so it’s extremely versatile. A black mini skirt can upgrade whatever kind of outfit you’re creating, even though it might seem like basic clothing.

2. A chunky cardigan

While I would personally opt for a white one, any color cardigan can change the whole vibe of you outfit in an instant. Oversized sweaters can be both comfortable and trendy, and it will instantly turn any look into one that’s warm and cute.


This basic piece is something that you need in your closet at all times, and you can make it your own! Choose whatever style and color cardigan suits you best and snag it for chilly days to make a summer outfit instantly ready for any season.

3. A pair of white sneakers

It’s no fun to put together a great outfit, only to be unable to find a good pair of shoes to go with it. Shoes can pull together a whole look, so having a pair of basic white sneakers is an absolute must-have.


White tennis shoes are super easy to find, and there are so many different styles. You can choose ones that work best for you, and I can promise that you’ll find yourself wearing them constantly. These simple shoes will upgrade every outfit by pulling it together effortlessly.

4. A black dress

Much like the black mini skirt, a simple black dress is a go-to for every occasion. It’s so easy to dress up with fun jewelry, great shoes, or a new hairstyle. Having any sort of black dress in your wardrobe will upgrade your style and will always make you look super put together.


Also, if you opt for a mini dress or one with straps instead of sleeves, you can pair it with a cardigan or plain shirt to change things up and make it ready for whatever weather awaits you outside.

5. A good pair of straight-leg jeans

Jeans can be paired with almost anything, and they work for every season. Straight-leg jeans, in particular, are an essential part of your wardrobe. This basic clothing item can be worn regularly or rolled and can upgrade even the simplest of tops.


Whether it’s a tank top, long sleeve, t-shirt, or sweater, straight-leg jeans go with literally everything and it’s an easy go-to especially when you don’t have much time to pick out an outfit in the morning.

6. A gray hoodie

It’s important to prioritize comfort, but you can do that while still looking classy and cute. A simple gray hoodie with do the trick. It can be paired with so many things, whether it’s jeans, legging, or sweatpants, and much like a black dress, you can make your hoodie outfit like ten time more put together with some elegant jewelry or great sneakers.


It’s also easy to layer, so if it’s cold outside but warm inside, you can just take it off and on. This basic clothing item will upgrade every comfy outfit and make you feel relaxed both literally and figuratively.

7. Black leggings or yoga pants

Going off of the importance of comfort, try pairing that gray hoodie with a pair of black leggings or yoga pants. The neutral color goes with everything, and it never fails to look sleek and refined.


You’ll be super comfortable, and you won’t even have to think twice about what your outfit; it’s basic, but easy and cute.

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8. A white shirt (or a couple)

I don’t think I can stress enough how important it is to have at least one white shirt. It could be in any style; tank top, t-shirt, long-sleeve, button down, scoop neck… the list goes on and on. Whatever style and shape of shirt fits you best, I guarantee that you can find it in white.

Having a few different styles is ideal, but any kind of white shirt can be paired with almost anything. It goes with every basic clothing item on this list, and your wardrobe really isn’t complete without at least one.


9. A leather jacket

This is one of those items that toes the line between basic and bold, but leather jackets are pretty simple. They’re very in style right now, and by just throwing one on over a dress or a shirt and jeans, you will instantly upgrade that outfit and make it super trendy and fashionable.

Finding one that fits you right can be tricky, but I’ve found that this is a good basic that will help you to dress up bland outfits and look ready for every occasion.


10. A pair of sweatpants

These could be any color or style, but they’re an absolute must-have. Sweatpants are cute and cozy at the same time, and they can be worn no matter what season it is. They’re perfect for lounging around or even going out to grab groceries or see friends, and they go with so many different things.

This is a staple in every wardrobe, and they can be tailored to your personal style. Whether they’re bright pink, blue, or gray, they’ll be easy to match and comfortable to wear.


Let us know what your favorite basic clothing items are in the comments!