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13 Basic But Cute Tattoo Ideas For Your First Tattoo

13 Basic But Cute Tattoo Ideas For Your First Tattoo

Having an exact tattoo idea in mind before you go to the tattoo parlor for the first time is important so you don’t have any regrets about your first. If you are nervous about getting a tattoo but you know you definitely want one, here are a few basic, simple and cute tattoo ideas that you can be confident in for your first one!

1. A Heart

Simple but effective, a heart tattoo, is a great way to let anyone who sees it know that you are a compassionate and loving person. You can get an outline or one that is filled in – whatever your heart desires! Either way, the experience will be short and sweet for your first tattoo and have you craving another!


2. A Star

A small star on your wrist, ankle, behind your ear or wherever you wish, is a perfect tattoo idea if you want something simple and cute. You can get a shooting star, a simple outline of one or a few close to one another of varying sizes. All of these twists will remind you to never settle and always shoot for the stars!

3. The Sun

If you want a tattoo that will brighten your day whenever you glance at it, get a sun! This basic tattoo idea can be personalized and customized to however you want it to be. It may be your first tattoo, but it definitely won’t be your last!


4. The Moon

A moon a perfect and simple shape that the tattoo artist has no way of messing up. It will be quick and over before you know it, and it will serve as a constant reminder to you to “keep calm and carry on” just like the moon does as it keeps on changes phases forever and always. 


5. An Arrow

Pointing in either direction and positioned on the body wherever you like, an arrow tattoo is the perfect tattoo idea for your first. It won’t take long to complete and it will remind you to keep moving forward and maybe even encourage you to get your second tattoo!

6. A Compass

A compass, which symbolizes a willingness to let yourself be in charge of your own destiny and guide or navigate yourself through life, is a great tattoo idea for any beginner. Many intricate designs exist out there, so don’t be afraid to take your time in choosing the one that’s right for you. Help navigate yourself and your artist so you can find your perfect first tattoo!


7. A Wave

It may be basic, but if you are looking for a cute, meaningful tattoo that has to do with nature, strength, and life, get yourself a wave tattoo. No two waves are the same, so be sure to pick out or even draw the wave for yourself that is the ideal first tattoo for you! We promise once you catch the wave for the first time, it won’t be your last!


8. A Date

Different dates mean different thins to everyone. Finding an important date that is personal to you is a perfect tattoo idea for your first. You can pick out the font and the spacing that suits your needs. After you get this one, the rest will be history!

9. A Lightning Bolt

A lightning bolt, which is a powerful symbol, makes for the perfect first tattoo. Filled in or left as a simple outline, this cute tattoo will be done in a flash and have you bolting back to the shop for more!

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10. A Paw Print

Got a furry friend? A small paw print is a great and adorable tattoo idea if you do! Always have them by your side even if you are away from them. You won’t regret this one!


11. An Anchor

Are you looking for a tattoo that will keep you anchored? If so, you should strongly consider the anchor tattoo! These come in any shape, size or style that you want, and once you set sail for your first basic but cute tattoo, you’ll never want to drop the anchor or stop yourself from getting more!


12. An Infinity Sign

If you are looking for a tattoo that will literally last forever, then the infinity sign is the perfect choice for you. The simple design will look elegant and smooth on your skin and will urge you to get some more ink that will also last forever!

13. A Flower

A rose, a lily, a sunflower… the list goes on. If you have the perfect flower in mind, the decision is up to you on which one you feel most comfortable with. This will be a beautiful and elegant tattoo idea that will remain as beautiful as when you first got it!


Which of these tattoo ideas intrigue you the most? Comment your favorites below!

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