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Based On Your Sign, What Does Your Lipgloss Say About You?

Based On Your Sign, What Does Your Lipgloss Say About You?

These Lips Don’t Lie, Your Perfect Lipgloss Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Hey there zodiac babe, I’ve got a fun one for you today. I see it every time we look in the mirror before a date, hang out, or meeting. What is my go-to lip gloss and how do I know what it looks like? Well I’m here to tell you I’ve read your future and I found the perfect shade of lipgloss for each of my zodiac queens!


Aries, you’re as fierce as they come. It’s no surprise your lip gloss would need some fire to it. You need something bright that will get the attention of people walking by. Your ideal lip gloss is Fenty Stunna Lip Paint in the shade Uncensored. You’re a firecracker that can’t be tamed, just like this gloss. Reds take a certain level of confidence to wear and you’ve got it! Show your friends what it takes to be Uncensored.



Taurus, you’re my posh babe of the group. You like to keep things nice and put together. It’s no surprise your lipgloss is Koko K by Kylie Cosmetic. Koko K is the perfect lipgloss for the girl that likes to keep things simple and stable. This is a gloss you can trust to get you through your busiest of days. Do you Taurus, you know what you like.


Gemini, the social butterfly with the great hair. You’re not afraid to step outside the box and try something new. I see you wearing none other than Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Gloss in Toffee. This lip gloss is a nice twist on your average nude gloss. There’s nothing average about you Gem and neither should your lip gloss be. It’s the perfect shade for the girl that loves to talk.¬†



Sweet Sensitive Cancer, how are you doing today? I’ve got something that will cheer you up. Your lip gloss prediction is Boho by Morphe. This light, dusty pink gloss is just what you need on a night out. It’s fun and sparkly just like you. Cancer, you love so hard. Try giving yourself a night off once in a while and take this gloss out for a spin.


The queen has arrived and her name is Leo. This sign is courageous in and out of the spotlight. She needs a gloss that will shine just like she does. That is why no other can compare than Glossier’s very own clear gloss in gold. This gloss shimmers on the lips and the gold flakes give it that extra sparkle. Leo already has the confidence to outshine any room. She doesn’t need much, just a little glossy touch.



Perfect Virgo, you like to keep your things in order. When it comes to lip gloss, you’re not one to mess around. You need something you can grab and apply in seconds. Sounds a lot like the Honest brand’s Gloss-C lipgloss in Poppy Topaz. This tubed lipgloss has a fast application and the red/orange color will give you that POP you need. For the days you feel run down from taking care of everything, spoil yourself with this lip gloss. Give your face a brighter shine when you need it most.


Libras always have a good head on their shoulders, but they could use some help in the decision making department. I’m making your night by picking out your perfect lip gloss, so you don’t stress. Libra screams ColourPop. Their Lux Gloss in Ticklish is the cutest shade of pale peach for a babe like Libra. You can wear it to any event and fit right in. Libras love connecting with people. Why not throw this lip gloss on and have fun mingling for a night.



Unpredictable Scorpio, you always keep us on our feet. You need a lip gloss that will surprise everyone. We’re going with Chanel’s Rouge Coco Gloss, Caractere. This wine colored lipgloss is just the right shade for a girl looking to take over the world. I love the reds and hints of pinks and purples capture what I believe embodies the essence of a Scorpio. Scorpio’s sly, seductive nature will do this color justice. Watch out, Scorpio is coming for you with this FAB gloss.

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Sags are all about being the life of the party. They need a gloss that will last them all night and all day. Something that will shock in the night, but also has that WOW factor just like they do. Sagittarius needs a dose of Too Faced Lip Injection Plumper in Pink Punch. This gloss is ELECTRIC. The tingling sensation from the plumper makes your lips look luscious! A saucy Sag like you needs to keep this in your purse for a quick application.


Capricorn, you do so much for everyone. Try spoiling yourself every once in a while. You need a gloss that’s minimal and sophisticated as you are. You need Morphe Madison Beer Lip Gloss in the color Mars. This gloss is a combination of a light brown with a slight pink nude to it. It’s the ideal gloss for in and out of the office. Pucker up because this gloss is a must have.



Aquarius, you’re such a good friend and you always keep it real! People come to you for advice and as much as you want to help, you need to take a break from saving the world. You need a gloss that will uplift you even on your coldest days. Buxom Holographic Full on Plumping Lip Polish in the shade Selena is the one for you. The clear, shimmery color with a hint of opal is the perfect gloss for a worker bee like you.


A heavy thinker like Pisces is looking for the gloss of her dreams. She needs something that will make her feel pretty and girly. Bare Mineral’s Mineralist lip gloss in Imagination is a beautiful coral pink that brings out the smiles of Pisces ladies. This is a gloss you can carry around and goes with any outfit. Show the world how you shine Pisces!


Do these glosses have you running to the store yet? Read what your gloss future has for you and let you know in the comments!

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