10 Bars You Need To Visit This Saint Patrick’s Day Bc They’re So Worth The Hype

Saint Patrick’s Day is a holiday that supports going to an Irish pub more than any other holiday, lets set that straight now. So if there’s ever a time when you need to figure out which of those Irish pubs are worth it, here’s your 10 top in New York.

1) McSorley’s Old Ale House

Yeah with a name like that, this is an easy contender to consider for an Irish pub on Saint Patrick’s day. The reason this ale house is so great is that it bleeds history and character from every board on the floor. This pub has been around for one hundred and sixty-four years. Its seen presidents, been written about in literature, and even contains some conspiracy theories surrounding the supreme court. The bar sports its very own ale that many visitors say tastes different in-house than anywhere else you can buy Mcsorley’s Ale. Not to mention the fact that the entire front face of the bar is covered in dark cartoon-like pictures done in spray paint over the windows and walls. Just seeing this place is enough to make a grand Saint Patrick’s Day memory, but go for yourself and find out all the other rich history surrounding this place.

10 Bars You Need To Visit This Saint Patricks Day Bc They're So Worth The Hype


2) The Dead Poet

For all you writers and literature lovers out there, this is your bar on Saint Patrick’s day. The bar itself was designed by a former high school English teacher to encourage his love for literature, in particular, Irish heritage literature at the time. And the bar shows it, lining the walls are black and white pictures of writers and poets that most if not all people today have forgotten. Alongside the pictures are quotes and inspiring lines of Irish literature that will be sure to put you in the spirit of Saint Patricks Day. And even if literature isn’t your thing, every drink comes served with a shamrock, you can’t beat it.

10 Bars You Need To Visit This Saint Patricks Day Bc They're So Worth The Hype

3) Paddy Reilly’s

Like I said, if literature isn’t your thing, how about some music on Saint Patrick’s day? Paddy Reilly’s is open every day of the week and has live music to go along with every moment in the bar. It has that overly comfortable rustic feel to it with a fireplace and wooden seating/accents everywhere that gleam with the fire’s light. If whiskey is your drink and you want to do Saint Patricks Day some justice, I suggest you go here and enjoy the tunes.


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4) Mullane’s

If you’re looking more for a sit-down kind of Irish experience on Saint Patricks Day, Mullane’s in the bar for you. And hold your horses! If you’re a picky eater, no worries here-their menu has a little bit of original Irish cuisine but also does just fine serving you your a-typical pub food. Not to mention the location of this, its right in Fort Greene and is surrounded by all kinds of event locations and shopping galore. This is a great place to go to on Saint Patricks Day if you’re looking to make it a more well-rounded day-that doesn’t involve just straight pub-hopping/drinking. Not that there’s anything wrong with that! Just putting it out there in case.

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5) Irish Haven

While many promote this place as a locals-only kind of place, it actually is very welcoming to all. The reason there’s a stigma behind this one is that it has that kind of old-school look to the place. It really does seem just like a hole in the wall kind of pub when you walk upon it. Not a place anybody would just walk into. But that’s so far from the truth, the owner supports college programs and has even helped promote a few studies from the local college based on the bar and its surroundings. Not to mention the fact that all beers and drafts never run higher than four dollars, can’t beat that. And yes, that includes cheaper beers of course.

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6) White Horse Tavern

Original woodwork, tin ceiling, and an officially landmarked pub, what more could you want on Saint Patrick’s day? While Mcsorley’s beat out everyone on the age range of pub life, the White Horse gets second place and was an old school haunt for everything from writers to rock stars. The menu hears definitely has more Irish flair and will be noticed by anyone sitting down for a bite the first time. This is funny in itself because out of all the other bars listed for a Saint-Patricks day visit-this one I would say has a lot more familiar drinks and liqueurs present. Whereas with many of the other bars, the whiskey is strictly Irish, and the prominent draft handles sport Guinness inspired choices.


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7) Donnybrook

If you’ve been getting worn out with all the history options being presented for Saint Patrick’s day, go to Donnybrook. This is your Irish inspired pub, but it has been completely overhauled and modernized. The menu is a little dainty, in a good way, but that’s the only way to describe it. A big promoter of small snacks and drinking whatever Irish themed cocktails float your boat. furthermore, the bar has a massive social media following and does its very best to meet whatever standards its following feels is lacking. Definitely, a good place to go on Saint Patricks Day with family or close friends if you’re wanting to avoid some of the more rowdy places. But again, it is Saint Patrick’s day, anywhere will be a little more spirited.

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8) Tir na nOg

Stained glass, victorian archways, a 45-foot long stretch bar that snakes its way through the entire pub…Yeah, Saint Patricks Day visit for sure. The cool thing about this pub is the fact that it gains inspiration from a lot of different sources. Many visitors describe the place as having a lot of European influence as well as a lot of reclaimed materials from all over the place making up the decorum and structure in the pub. Not to mention the big double doors you walk through to get into the bar that comes from a parish church in Yorkshire England. Again the menu is more modernized with this one and has a different airy feel, all will enjoy this place, especially on Saint Patricks Day but it is a little more upbeat in flair.

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9) Black Sheep

You want some of that heartwarming Irish family pub feel on Saint Patrick’s day? Exactly what I was thinking, the Black Sheep is the pub to go to feel welcomed and get those warm friendly vibes. Family-owned, and community-supported and support for as long as it has been active. This place holds parties and huge family gatherings all while being fairly priced and putting out great homestyle Irish recipes. There’s no excessive flair with this Saint Patrick’s day choice, good food, good drinks, overly welcoming, and a great holiday lighting that just throws a glow over everything, including your heart.

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10) Failte

For your last but hardly least Saint Patrick’s day pub choice, we have the Failte. And no, I’m not telling you how to say it, pub tradition to get up the nerve and ask one of the bartenders. Another really welcoming and warm kind of pub to kick off your Saint Patrick’s day adventure. This place also houses a massive fireplace that’s crackling all the time, and it really speaks to the lighting of the place. Familiar feeling stained wood and low lighting makes this place soft on the eyes and warming to the body. Typical Irish drinks and foods aplenty while still having the handful of creature comfort food choices that everyone is looking for in a pub. Short and simple, go here, get the name right, force your friends to do the same and keep this place popular.


10 Bars You Need To Visit This Saint Patricks Day Bc They're So Worth The Hype

Made the trip? Let us know in the comments below how these pubs suited you and what your opinion of them was. Also if you learned any history feel free to share.

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