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Top 8 Bars To Visit When You’re At Michigan State University

Top 8 Bars To Visit When You’re At Michigan State University

Michigan State University is surrounded by bars that you absolutely need to check out during your time at the University!

Michigan State University is not only home to the green and white Spartans but also to a rich bar culture. Based on what your feeling that night from grand river all the way to the edge of campus our little college town has any bar that fits your style. So here are the top eight bars to visit in when you’re at Michigan State University.

1. Crunchy’s

Don’t feel like going dancing tonight but still want to have some fun with friends? Look no further than this hidden gem. Once voted the number sixth best college bar in 2013 this bar offers a wide variety of draft beer. If beer isn’t your thing don’t worry, they also offer soft drinks and even hot cholate for those cold days. While you drown yourself in some tasty drinks, enjoy watching the game on the multiple television screens offered.

On Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights its time to gather up the squad for some good old fashioned karaoke! With a wide range of songs to jam to, enjoy listening to friends and strangers try their best to impress the crowd with their not so angelic voices.


2. HopCat

Rated number 10 by Food Network Magazine for their crack fries, this restaurant promises to hit the spot. Need more than just fries before the long night out? Don’t worry this menu is full of different options that everyone will love. Also enjoy the local 30 which presents not only IPA but different Ale choices that go great with any food.

3. Harpers

When it finally hits the weekend Michigan State students are ready to let loose from their busy schedules of the week. On Friday students hit the streets in search of places to drink and dance at. One of these places is Harpers. Conveniently located in the college towns center this bar is known for its cheap drinks and dance floor.

Piece of advice for those who want to try this place out get there early because the line starts getting long at 10 pm.


4. Ricks

Popular for its deals on Thursdays, college students flock to this hole in the ground bar. With more than one bar set up students and visitors can enjoy getting their drinks in a timely manner. Once a drink is in your hand grab your friend and head to the vast dance floor before all the good spots are taken. Shake it!

5. The Riv

During the early days of the week this restaurant offers a chill atmosphere that all can enjoy. Equipped with friendly staff and cheap drinks people can relax and not worry about breaking their credit card limits. Its on Thursday mornings when everything changes.

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At Michigan State University we have this event called RAMA where The Riv hosts all you can drink deals, and great music all day long. The catch is you have to wake up early in the morning to be one of the first people in line. Don’t stress too much all you need is a jersey and the squad to make this a good time.

6. Lou and Harry’s

A restaurant during the day this bar offers all the food you can eat, before the drinks start to over flow at night. Be warned the dance floor is a little tiny, but the DJ always has the hottest list to shake your booty to.

7. Tin Can

If you’re an older student or visitor, you might like the laid back vibe of this little bar. With a whole list of cheap shots, you can still turn up without having to fight the crowds.


8. The Landshark

This spot usually draws the newly turned 21 year olds who can’t wait to get their hands on the bars famous shark bowls. No one really knows what the blue liquid is made with, but everyone enjoys tasting the mix with the the tiny shark gummies.

Regardless if you want to dance or relax Michigan State University offers any and all options. Just go out there and see which one calls to you. As everything else go green, go white!
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