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15 Signs You Went To Barrington High School

While Barrington High school is known for offering an overall great education, there are some things at Barrington that have nothing to do with learning, but that most students can relate to at one point or another. Here are 15 signs you went to Barrington High School.

1. You constantly get crap for being “rich”

“Oh you live in Barrington? You must be super rich!” Okay but have you ever heard of Stevenson?? How about New Trier or Loyola??! The fact of the matter is, Barrington is a nice town with a good amount of money, but by no means is everyone that goes to school here rich.

2. Dreading the walk from FOD every morning and begging for a ride to your car after school

Walking from FOD sucked no matter when your rotation was, but if you had it during the dead of winter, you understand the pain of having frozen hair and having no feeling in your hands for the majority of first hour.

3. Constantly questioning Barrington’s money spending choices

Yeah, thanks for the TVs in the hallways that don’t work and the vending machines in the commons that we can only use after school. Great idea.

4. Always wondering, does the “Good morning! Have a nice day! Happy Wednesday!” lady that sits at a desk in the hallway do anything else besides tell us to have a nice day?

She’s super nice, but seriously does anyone really know what else she does??

5. Pulling into the senior lot and seeing a jeep no matter which direction you look

Not just any jeep though, the Jeep Wrangler! You know, for all that off roading everyone does here in Barrington.

6. MUMPS 2017

The struggle for anyone who had to stay away from the school for a whole month. #neverforget

7. If you’re a just graduated senior, having BRAD PAISLEY come to your graduation

Yeah, that happened.

8. When the lunch line food got changed to “healthy food”

The cardboard rice krispy treats and the whole grain cheese it’s was a real struggle.

9. Hearing disco music blasted throughout the halls every morning for the whole week leading up to the disco dance

Disco will forever be BHS’s best dance. No question.

10. Begging your teacher to show bhs tv in class and feeling extreme fomo when they didn’t play it

And then swearing you’ll look up the episode online later but lets be honest you never actually did.


Tbh the cookies weren’t even that good but that didn’t stop you from buying them anyways.

See Also

12. Sweating your butt off in the science wing but walking 10 ft to the math wing and wishing you had a parka

Always dress in layers people!!

13. “Sneaking out” through the gym entrance or physics wing just to avoid having to get your ID card out to leave

Way too much work.

14. Seeing girls carry around those little red and black lulu lemon bags and wondering why that ever became a trend

Why? What are you carrying in there everyday? It’s not a lunch box it’s a lulu lemon bag.

15. Filly football

Whether you’re a guy or a girl, you know the pain of finding glitter in places you never thought glitter could be. Sometimes months after the even game happened.

Whether you loved your 4 years at Barrington, hated it, or are still currently experiencing them, I think it’s safe to say the memories we’ve all made at Barrington high school will definitely last a life time.

Do you have any other signs you went to Barrington High School to add to the list!? Share in the comments below!

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