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Top 10 Bands Touring This Summer

With bands touring all over during the summer, it can be hard to decide which bands to see! Here’s our list of the top 10 bands touring this summer to help you make your concert schedule!

1.  Theory Of A Deadman

We’re starting off this list of bands touring in summer 2020 strong with Theory of a Deadman! As I imagine most of these bands will be to a variety of readers, this band is an acquired taste. But one that if it fits your palate, you will be ecstatic to go see them perform live this summer. And, not to split hairs over classification, but this band definitely captivates a style of modernized rock or pop-rock even. Depending on which song you listen to first and how in-depth your taste and music go. Either way, Theory of a Deadman has established a popular following and is a name that most if not all can at least say they have heard of before. Be sure to catch them live once this summer and get some great memories instead of browsing all the other bands touring.

2. Shinedown

While you’re browsing those listings of bands touring this summer, don’t waste any more time if you’re looking for a rock band that is energetic and fully animated on stage-I give you Shinedown. This band’s song lists cover a wide range of dramatic and powerful songs that are filled with character and untold stories from start to finish. If you’re looking for more of a heavy-hitting rock that comes alongside modernized thematics then Shinedown is definitely a band you’re going to want to catch on tour this summer.

3. Maroon 5

A name that I imagine will stick out no matter what in this listing of bands touring. Maroon 5 just carries so much weight with its name. The band has been around forever in modern culture and just seems like a constant that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Coming in softer but still just as powerful we have a pop-inspired and infused musical character from this well-known band. Plus, while many of these bands are covering a wide range of locations, Maroon 5 definitely has quite the diverse set of locations it will be hitting this summer, so don’t let the location stop you from catching them this summer.

4. Lynyrd Skynyrd

If a deep and soulful rock is what you’re looking for in this list of bands touring, then this is your stop.  Lynyrd Skynyrd while aggravating to reference in spelling, is one of the best rockers out there this summer. I implore you not to miss this tour if your type of music is a heavy-hitting rock jam-packed full of meaning and internalized messages.


You still haven’t seen a KISS show yet!? If this is you, stop looking at any other bands touring and get yourself to a show this summer! Anyone that knows KISS from the older days or even the new ones will tell you that it is still an absolute lifetime of experience. In a way its a rite of passage if you call yourself a fan of any kind of classic rock to see KISS at least once. And it’s really tough as well, this band has been around for a long time, things have changed. But what hasn’t is their ability to produce music that is like no other. KISS deserves your respect and will captivate your attention without a doubt.

6. Five Finger Death Punch

Not many bands touring can stack up with the sheer power and energy of this heavy metal band. Five Finger Death Punch, let that name roll off your tongue a few times, you really won’t need much else to want to see this band if that appeals to you. Bringing forth soaring lyrics and booming rhythm, this band is a great one to see on tour this summer. Don’t do yourself the injustice of not experiencing this band this summer while they’re on tour, I assure you, if you’re a fan of heavier rock, this is the band to end your search through all those other bands touring.

7. Tech N9ne

Can’t get out of this list without throwing some rap in to represent itself. And who better right now to portray that than Tech N9ne. Relatively recent in terms of extreme exposure, this rapper has taken the scene of rap culture and made quite the image for himself. His rhythm has great variety, his music varies from fast and violent to laid back and soulful. Either way, if rap is your game then Tech N9ne will have something for you to enjoy if you catch him on tour this summer.

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8. Pitbull

Again, checking out all these bands touring can be quite the hassle, and if you’re interested in rap or pop the lists go on and on. However, an artist with an attitude that you can’t help but show some interest in is Pitbull. The great thing about this artist, in my opinion, is that despite having been around for a while, his style has been true to his character. when you hear the name Pitbull, there’s an energy, attitude, and generally just gritty charm to the sound. His music reflects this and knows how to get people moving with his modernized lyrics that match whatever the current buzz is.

9. Alan Jackson

You can’t have a list of bands touring in summer without some country am I right? If you say I’m wrong, then you need to listen to some country, the music speaks to summer! Often times I can’t find myself listening to country music without it being summertime, and Alan Jackson emanates that notion flawlessly. He’s got all the country charm you’ll ever need and always gives you a feeling that you should be out having some fun and getting away from the usual hindrances. So whether you’re a long time fan or just wanting to get some country in your life this summer, be sure to catch his tour.

10. Elton John

Much like with KISS, if you haven’t considered Elton John in your lists of bands touring this summer-what are you doing!? This artist has influenced so much of music culture and is a legend to many various artists and musicians. It’s like learning Latin before any other language, it opens the doors to all the others and lets you see how things have developed over time. Elton John is both a legendary individual and musician. do not let an opportunity to see him in action slip by this summer!

So what did you think of our top 10 list of bands touring? Let us know in the comments below!

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