Bandannas Are Back: Best Ways To Style A Bandanna

Bandanas are back everyone! This accessory is here to stay for the time being. Bandanas have been popular throughout history off and on. Throughout history bandanas have been styles several different ways, and this is what makes bandanas such an awesome accessory to own. One bandana can be worn in a different way every day of the week. The styling options are endless! Plus, bandanas can spice up a plain outfit or hairstyle to give it a bit of pizzazz. Depending on the look you are going for a bandana is perfect if going for the vintage or girl next store vibe.

1. Bandana As A Headband

This is a great way to style a bandanna. A bandana is a perfect headband because you can tie the headband yourself, and adjust the tightness of the headband. This way the headband will never be to lose or too tight. To achieve this look, begin with a square bandana. Take the bandana and fold it in half until it is in a line. Grab each end of the bandana, and place the bandana over your head. Bring your hands to meet on the bottom of your head, by the nape. Then tie the two ends of the folded bandana together. This is the perfect look for a cute and casual outfit.


2. The Classic Bandana Kerchief

This outfit is great for hanging out around the house, or covering up greasy roots. On a day where there is just no time to wash your hair, just toss a bandana over the grease. Nobody will ever know. What happens under the bandana stays under the bandana. To get this laid-back look begin by folding the bandana into a triangle. Take two tips of the triangle, and placing on top of the head. One corner of the triangle should be covering the back of the head. Take the two corners and tie at the base of the head.

3. Bandana Tied Around The Neck

If looking to spice up a plain outfit, try this fun bandana hack. This could be styled with a plain t-shirt, and jeans. Take any fun bandana and fold it into a triangle. Take two corners of the triangle and tie it around the neck. This look gives off old west vibes. If his look isn’t quite right, try folding the bandana into a triangle, and then folding the triangle into a straight line. Tie this around your neck, and then tie the ends into a bow.


4. Bandana Tied In A Pony Tail

A bandana tied around a ponytail is an easy way to spice up a simple hairstyle such a ponytail. Begin by throwing your hair in a ponytail. The bandana tied around a ponytail looks good with low or high ponytails. Once the hair is in a ponytail, then tie a bandana around the base of a ponytail.  Once tied, let the ends fall. The bandana can be tied, into a bow as well for added flare.


5. Bandana Tied Around A Belt Loop

Want to spice up an old pair of blue jeans? Next time you wear blue jeans, tie a bandana around the belt loop. Wear bandanas that are brightly colored or that have an eccentric design. This will add a pop of color, or a statement print to the outfit.

6. Bow Bandana Headband

The bow bandanas were huge back in the 2010. Bow bandanas were all the rage among middle schoolers and high schoolers. This look is so nostalgic. Fold the bandana into a triangle, and then keep folding until the bandana is a thin band. Once in a thin band, wrap the around the head, but with the loose ends at the top of head. Tie the loose ends into a bow. To tie the loose ends into a bow, begin by tying the loose ends like you would a shoe lace. Cross the loose ends over one another, and then tuck one loose end under another, and pull tight to form the bow.


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7. Thick Headband

A bandana wore as a thick headband is perfect for holding back unruly hair and fly aways. Fold the square bandana into a triangle. Fold one side of the triangle to form a thin band. Fold all the way until there is no point left on the triangle. Adjust the tightness of the fold to create a bigger head band. This is great for a hot day outdoors. An awesome look for hiking! Bandanas soak up any sweat. Channel your inner survivor contestant with this look!


8. Bandana Tied Around The Wrist

To add an adorable pop of color to your outfit try this simple bandana hack. Fold the bandana until it is a thin band. Once the bandana is a thin band, tie the two ends together around your wrist. Let the loose ends hang.  To add more to the look, add other bracelets!


9. Bandana Tied In A Bow Around A Bun

It is time to give that messy bun an upgrade! This look is simple and easy to complete. Begin by throwing your hair up into a bun. Secure the bun with a hair tie. For this next look, a thinner or smaller bandana would be optimal. For this look the bandana does not need to be folded in any crazy way. Begin by folding the bandana into a triangle. Once folded into a triangle take the two end pieces, and wrap them around the secured bun. Wrap around once or twice, depending on the thickness of the bun. Tie the two ends as if you were tying a shoe. Cross the loose ends over one another.  Tuck one end under the other, and then pull tight. The bow should be complete.

There are endless ways to styles bandanas, and these are just a few of the potential options. Go buy a pack of bandanas and get creative with them! Bandanas are the perfect summer accessory and the perfect bit of flare to add to a look.