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11 Badass Undercut Hairstyle Ideas For Women

Undercut hairstyles are no longer a boy’s only club. Ladies have also experimented with this unique, exciting style, and after reviewing results from the likes of ScarJo, Rihanna, and Miley, the reasons are a no-brainer. This style serves ‘bad bitch’ on a plate while still offering subtle alternatives as well. These eleven hairstyles will inspire you to make the chop, too.

Badass Braid

The mohawk has never looked this cool. By adding volume up top, you’re adding secondary motion for a look that is both sleek and full of energy at the same time. This style requires some length despite how short it looks, so if you’re the type who feels like wearing short hair one day and then long hair the next, then this is for you! Highlights add extra action to this look. Tie in a cute braid to complete your warrior princess makeover. You can braid two sides or just one for an edgy, asymmetrical style.

Lovely Lines

This hairstyle is hot, edgy, and smart. Take geometric patterns to a whole new level by transforming them into a hairstyle. It’s so versatile you can get a new design every time you visit the salon. Triangles, parallel lines, hexagons, and even flowery lotus shapes are popular designs used with this cut. You don’t have to be married to the idea after you get it, either. If you’re having second thoughts, simply let your hair down. Boom – it’s gone. With a cute peekaboo cut like this though, I doubt you will.

Curly Hair Undercut

Fun, flirty, and simple! This low maintenance haircut works for any occasion, any day, anywhere. Bouncy curls add plenty of body up top while the undercut gives you a stunning profile shot. Not to mention how easy this short haircut is to maintain. Your morning routine will be cut in half. Think of how quickly you’ll be looking fly and then flying out the door! Plus all the fabulous, glitzy earrings that won’t be getting caught in your locks. Frost the tips, add a design or get experimental with the color, but this hairstyle works itself.

Pompadour Cut

A hot pick touted by celebs like Scarlett Johansson and Miley Cyrus, this ultra-modern hairstyle serves the body, height, and attitude of a CEO. It is chic, clean, and exudes confidence. If you’re a boss bitch and you’re ready for your hair to tell everyone, get this haircut ASAP. Teasing the hair into a whipped soufflé shows off the shaved sides in a way that is elegant and classy. Try it in a sexy wine-red tone or shock-white to turn heads. To appeal to your cozy side, pair this cut with a soft pastel shade and a knit sweater.

Prim & Proper

This style is preppie chic. Nape undercuts are bold and daring, yet subtle. It is a great opportunity for cool nape designs, whether geometric, stylistic, or pretty! If you’ve already got a short haircut, then this probably won’t be much of a transition shock for you. If you don’t, then embrace the euphoria! Live your short-hair pixie daydream fantasy! It’s an edgy look with a dash of class and sophistication. Try it out in pastel shades like silver and mint. If you’re feeling especially brave, dye the tips ombre.

Faux Undercut

If you love the look of an undercut but aren’t quite ready yet to make the chop, try a braid instead! A tight side braid gives you the silhouette of an undercut without trimming or removing any hair at all. It is an extremely versatile style because you can add as many braided “undercuts” as you want. You can braid both sides for the symmetrical “undercut” look and try out a mohawk style. Or, you can shoot for a side-swept look as pictured below. It’s creative, pretty, and positively ethereal.

Dreadlock Undercut

Extra, extra, EXTRA volume up top! This look will drop jaws as soon as you walk into a room. It is striking, fearless, and gorgeous. There’s plenty of room for accessories, too. Change up your hair from braids to twists with stylish clips or beads to jazz things up. Since it is a long hairstyle, all it takes to hide your undercut is to let your hair down! This works out excellently for a long, romantic side-swept look. You can be soft and glowy one day and then a bad bitch the next day.

Ash Lavender Side-Cut

Undercuts can be daunting, but don’t let a masculine haircut scare you off. Undercuts can be pretty, too! Take this delicate undercut in a soft, smoky shade. It’s perfect for gals who are curious about trying the undercut look without shaving off half of their head. If you get tired of it, brush your hair down over it. If you want to flaunt it, style it back and work that hot profile of yours. Pair this cut with a cool daith, rook, or tragus ear piercing for some extra edge.

See Also

Long Bang-Bangs

Here’s a graphic hairstyle that’s daring without being too assertive. It is half-bob, half-undercut, and full hot. Easy to wear, this cut naturally steals the show through shape alone. If you’re interested in dying it, then this is a great chance for ombre, dual tones, and multiple hues. Give the undercut one color and your bangs something totally different. For something sexy and intriguing, try coloring your long bangs a ruby-red vampire shade. Or you can satisfy your cute and cozy side with a soft, natural tint and teased hair.

Cropped Undercut

Two words: military chic. This is the ideal haircut for a tough girl. Typically, cropped cuts can be quite tame, but adding an undercut delivers style and dimension. This style totally makes the list of exciting short hair trends for the decade. It is an especially refreshing solution for if you already have short hair and want to shake things up. Since when have we wanted to keep the same hairstyle for more than six months anyway? This option lets you change your game without having to wait to grow anything out.

Hair Tattoos

These have no doubt become a huge trend in the undercut culture, and this design is cutting edge. It’s feisty, wild, fearless, and so damn cool! Express your animal side with tiger-striped hair “tattoos”. The appeal lies in the intricacy of the design, how unique and eye-catching it is, and how often it is subject to change. Because these designs stand out until your hair grows back in, your stylist will be trying something new on you every time you go in for an appointment. If you are your hair, then this is a great option for you. Express yourself!

Are you ready to make the chop? Let us know in the comments below!

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