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20 Badass Gifts For Feminists In Your Life

20 Badass Gifts For Feminists In Your Life

If you know an absolute girl boss, then these badass gifts for feminists will be right up their alley. Presents like these will certainly make them smile!

If yourself or someone you know is a total feminist – meaning they’re a huge advocate for women’s rights and the power of women, then you probably should get them a gift that accurately represents what they’re all about. These gifts for feminists will let them know what total badasses they truly are, and will for sure make them feel empowered!


1) A Day To Day Reminder Of How Women Change The World

Ring in the new year with this gift idea and get your friend, relative, or partner this badass calendar. Flip through days in history where women made remarkable achievements, and never forget how special women truly are!

2) If They’re A Total Badass

This is definitely one of the best gifts for feminists because everyone enjoys hearing they’re a total badass.


3) This Friendly Reminder

Most women in general hate being told to “man up,” but when a feminist gets told that? It’s a whole other level. Give her this shirt with the correct quote on it and she will be wearing it all day!

4) An Inspiring Poster

This quote is to be hung on the wall for all of the days she may feel like she’s not making a difference, or wants to give up. To look up and see something like this can help any women out of their dark times.

5) Because, We’ve All Had Those Days

Let’s be real, we’ve all felt like not wearing a bra at times. However, we’ve always been told it’s “unlady like” to do this in a public setting. Well, not in the eyes of a true girl boss it’s not.


6) Just In Case No One Already Knew

Chances are if you know a feminist, they’re definitely a take charge type of individual. This girl boss necklace says it all.


7) A Phone Case That Stands Its Ground

Let’s be real, we’re on the phone all of the time. So, while holding up that smart device to your face all day why not show off what you really stand ford?

8) A VERY Accurate Jacket

In the media we are seeing now more then ever an uproar of women standing for themselves, their rights, and their sexuality. One of the greatest gifts for feminists is a cute coat, that really says it all.


9) If You Know A “Nasty Woman”

Being called nasty is no longer an insult with the “nasty girl” movement. Redefining what a nasty woman means is what this pillow is all about.


10) Take Some Notes In Style

Yes, every feminist deserves these awesome girl gang pencils. Don’t lie, you want one too.

11) Protect Yourself With These Condoms

If these bother whoever you’re hooking up with, you’re clearly hooking up with the wrong guy. Protection is true girl power.


12) Pin It With Pride

One of the best gifts for feminists is a pin that states what they’re all about! Any person who is totally about girl power will accessorize with this cute badge.


13) Give This To The Girl Who Just Hit Puberty

Getting your period is nothing to be ashamed of, however we all were still so embarrassed when it happened. Let a relative or friend know that it’s all going to be alright with this funny period book.

14) Stick It To Them With These Cute Stickers

Throw these awesome empowerment stickers on a laptop, car, notebook, or more! They will look good on everything.


15) A Statement Tapestry For An Apartment or Dorm

Females that empower other females are proud of what they do, and deserve to show off that pride! Home decor pieces like this cute tapestry really embody what being a feminist is all about!

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16) Join The Badass Babes Club

If someone you know is a total badass when it comes to girl power, then officially have them become a part of the badass babes club with this cropped tee!


17) This Awesome Notebook

This 40 page notebook is sure to provoke some girl power in any woman.

18) If They Have A Cat, Then This Is A No Brainer

If you know someone who is sick of the cat calling, and possibly even owns a cat, then this is the gift for them. A very fun and retro looking poster that can be hung up anywhere!


19) A Straight And To The Point Necklace

When it comes to gifts for feminists, you can’t go wrong with a present like this one. Straight forward jewelry like this makes a statement!


20) Because Feminists Are “Troublemakers”

Not only does this bag speak pure sarcasm, but it’s also a great way to hold your groceries, or whatever else you may buy. The feminist in your life will never have to hold a plastic bag again!

What are some of your favorite gifts for feminists? Leave us a comment in the section below!


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