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10 Sneaky Things That Are Giving You Bad Skin

10 Sneaky Things That Are Giving You Bad Skin

Unexplained breakouts are the worst. Sometimes it is the little things we do everyday that cause them. Here are 10 things that may be giving you bad skin!

Unexpected skin problems always seem to pop up at the worst time possible. It may be a massive breakout before a first date or maybe obscenely dry skin the day of an important job interview. The most frustrating part is when the cause of these issues is unknown. You haven’t been feeling too stressed and you’ve been following a daily skin routine religiously. So why does this still happen? Sometimes parts of our daily lives can have surprisingly negative effects on our skin. These are 10 things you probably do that could be giving you bad skin!

1. Drinking coffee

We all know that coffee is caffeine-packed. That’s why it’s praised by sleep deprived college students all around the world. However, while we do love it, caffeine can actually cause major breakouts by messing with your hormones and increasing your skin’s oil production. Cutting down on the amount of coffee you consume each day can cut down the amounts of breakouts you have to deal with.

10 things you probably do that could be giving you bad skin!


2. Skipping meals

We oftentimes hear how skipping meals can negatively affect our body, but we seem to overlook what this does to our skin. Missing a meal deprives your skin of necessary vitamins and nourishment. This can make it dull, blemished and dry. Make sure you are consistently feeding your body what it needs so you can look and feel your best on a daily basis.

3. Talking on the phone

Imagine all the germs living on an office toilet seat. Your phone has more bacteria on it than that. When you talk on the phone, that bacteria transfers from the phone to your face and can cause breakouts or rashes on your cheeks and jawbone. Wiping down your phone and washing your hands often can prevent this problem from reoccurring.

10 things you probably do that could be giving you bad skin!


4. Wearing glasses

If glasses go unwashed, bacteria can build up on them. This bacteria can then enter the pores of your skin whenever you wear the glasses, leading to breakouts or irritation. Don’t forget to wipe your glasses down every once in a while, whether they are for daily reading or for beach-time sun.

5. Sleeping on dirty pillow cases

When you sleep, your skin rests and sheds its dead cells. Overtime, without regular washing, these cells build up on your pillowcase. Changing or washing your pillowcases at least once every two weeks can keep this from causing skin problems.

10 things you probably do that could be giving you bad skin!


6. Using towels

Just like pillow cases, towels carry incredible amounts of germs. Sitting in the bathroom, they are in the perfect, moist environment to serve as a breeding ground for bacteria. Dermatologists suggest having towels solely for your face and washing them after every use.

10 things you probably do that could be giving you bad skin!

7. Running the air conditioner

If cool air is running through your home all day, your skin could be lacking needed moisture. The air conditioner takes humidity out of the air, which can lead to excessive dryness for your skin. Be mindful of how often the air conditioner is used to avoid this issue.

10 things you probably do that could be giving you bad skin!

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8. Being near secondhand smoke

The negative effects of second-hand smoke on your overall health are well-known. However, fewer people are aware of the impact the smoke can have on your skin. Second-hand smoke can be more harmful than firsthand smoking because there isn’t a filter at the end of the cigarette. This means the cigarette’s components are more concentrated in the smoke. When your skin is exposed to this smoke, collagen-destroying enzymes increase, which can lead to noticeable sagging and wrinkling. The aging of your skin thus becomes much more noticeable.

9. Taking hot showers

While a steamy shower sounds satisfying at the end of a long day, it doesn’t satisfy your skin. The heat disrupts your skin’s normal moisture balance, stripping your skin of its natural fats, oils and proteins that usually keep it looking and feeling healthy. Very hot showers also put your skin in a state of stress, which can lead to damage and acne breakouts.

10 things you probably do that could be giving you bad skin!

10. Swimming

The chlorine found in swimming pools kills the beneficial bacteria and natural oils found on your skin, leading to acne and dryness. Washing and moisturizing your face after a swim can stop the negative effects of a fun-filled day at the pool.

10 things you probably do that could be giving you bad skin!

Do you know of any other things that tend to lead to breakouts or bad skin!? Share in the comments below!

These are the things that are giving you bad skin that you probably never knew!

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