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10 Back To School Tips That Will Get You Back In The College Groove

So you’ve been Netflix & chillin’ for what seems like a good week or so now. In all actuality though, it’s going on a little over two months. Over time, you’ve developed your own personal routine. Wake up, shower, brush your teeth, eat, Netflix, sleep. Then repeat. You’ve been so comfortable and in your own little world for so long, you haven’t even realized that your next semester of school is less than a week away.
Now your college PTSD kicks in. You’re forced to drop all the unproductive habits you’ve adapted to and readjust back into “school mode”. But having waited until essentially the last minute to do so, you’re already feeling unprepared and behind on the things you need to do.
If you’ve ever found yourself in that situation, this article was made with you in mind. Here’s 10 back to school tips to get you back in the swing of things!

1. Redevelop A Healthy Sleeping Schedule

The quickest and easiest way to get behind in college is sleeping your entire day away, so make sure this is one of the back to school tips you make a priority. Making a shift or change in the time your body naturally gets tired doesn’t quite happen overnight either, so it’s important that you start training your mind and body as soon as possible!
Set an early alarm for the morning and force yourself to stay awake throughout the entire day. Be consistent with it and you’re sure to be back on track in no time.

2. Purchase and/or Organize Your School Supplies

Being organized is a major key that’ll compliment the effectiveness of the other back to school tips you’ll receive in this article. Having one section of your room dedicated to schoolwork and schoolwork only, as well as knowing where everything school-related is will make it a LOT easier for you to remain on track. Try to stay organized throughout the entire semester; don’t start to slack off after your first week!

3. Speak To Your Academic Advisor

Skipping this step will surely have you feeling unprepared for what’s to come in the upcoming semester. Speak to them and get advice on what class you have left to take, and which ones they prefer based on difficulty. If you have any other question about your academic, ask away! That’s what they are there for.

4. Establish Stress Control

As one of the back to school tips, handling stress is obviously a little more complex than the others, and it should be treated as such. Try to establish a plan or a go-to for when you’re feeling stressed through the semester. Don’t overwork yourself and have an outlet for the days you need a break.

5. Thoroughly Review Your Syllabi

What better way to prepare yourself than knowing exactly what to expect from a course? Review your syllabus for each class and know what your responsibilities will be. Note things like attendance, test dates and when homework is due. The easiest way to stay on track.

6. Make A Little Study Group

Two minds is better than one, three minds are better than two, four minds are… you get the point. Get some friends together and make a study group! Get together every now and then and bounce ideas off each other. Stay focused though! By doing so, you’ll be surprised how easy and effective cramming for a test can be.

7. Your Professor Is Your Friend

Reaching out to your professor early in the semester is one of the best back to school tips you’ll ever receive. The benefits are endless. By showing true interest and determination to succeed in the course, your Professor will be more likely and willing to give you additional assistance when needed, and even career opportunities in the future!

8. Make A Friend In Every Class

This will definitely come in clutch. Having a friend will always keep you up to speed if you happen to miss a class or two, and as previously stated, studying gets exponentially easier when you have someone to bounce ideas off of. Consider this an extremely useful asset that could really help you succeed.

9. Find Your Classes Ahead of Time

You don’t want to be that guy that’s 20 minutes late to class on the first day. This will help you avoid that entirely. Make the sacrifice and take the time to check out all your class locations a day or two before the semester begins. You won’t regret it.

10. Keep an Open Mind

In college, all the preparation in the world still may not be enough at times. You have to expect the unexpected. Always remain open-minded because things can change in an instant! Don’t be afraid to step out your comfort zone and try new things.

Implementing these 10 back to school tips should not only have you prepared for the semester. You should be excited! Success is right there in your grasp. It’s time to go and get it! Do you have any other effective back to school tips? Let us know in the comments!

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