9 Back To School Tips That Will Get You Back In The College Groove

Holidays are nearly over! Now its time to get back into the college groove. It is a couple of weeks or a couple of days leading up to the first day back. What do you need to do? Here are 9 back to school tips that will get you back in the college groove. These tips will make the first week back a breeze!

1. Get organised

Start reading any of the required information teachers have online. This will allow you to know all key dates (such as when to hand in assignments), and any pre-reading you need to do before each class. Getting organised and staying organised will keep stress at bay!

9 Back To School Tips That Will Get You Back In The College Groove

2. Start studying

Don’t leave it until the middle of the semester to start studying all the content from each class. If you start studying at the beginning of the semester, it will make your stress levels much lower! You won’t feel cramped in the middle or end of the semester when you decide to start studying – thinking ‘I have to study so much content in so little time!’.

3. Don’t over-invest socially

College is about being social and making new friends. Some may end up being friends for life. The problem is if you focus too much on parties, the real reason why you came to college is forgotten. College is about learning, doing well and getting a degree! Too much partying may hinder studying and results. ‘Schedule’ when you are going to party and let off some steam. You can’t spend all your life studying!

4. Invest in good materials

Depending on how you take notes – either on a laptop or a notebook – invest in some good materials. Buy a laptop easy to carry around from class to class. Buy pens and notebooks you are comfortable to write with. You want to make sure you enjoy taking notes!

9 Back To School Tips That Will Get You Back In The College Groove

5. Download essential apps

Most college students have a smartphone these days and it is important they download the key apps. The key apps include the university apps, such as ones showing the content, university notices and how to get around the university. Other key apps college students should think about downloading are ones such as a to-do list and flashcards. These will make university life much easier.

6. Invest in a good bag

A shoulder bag or backpack, the choice is yours. However, make sure you invest in a good bag. One that is good for your shoulders and posture. You don’t want to be carrying around lots of books and either the bag breaking or you end up getting sore shoulders. It is key you spend the money in a great bag for when you are running around class.

9 Back To School Tips That Will Get You Back In The College Groove

7. Know your transport

How are you going to get to college? Is it by train? Walking? How long will it take? It is key before every semester to check how you are going to get to college. Timetables change each semester so it is important to check transport schedules so you get to class on time.

8. Know your timetable

Timetables change every year. It is important to know when your classes are and where the classes are. Knowing your timetable will make sure you don’t go to the wrong class or even forget to go to class!

9 Back To School Tips That Will Get You Back In The College Groove

9. Get a good sleep schedule

Having a good amount of sleep every night is important. If you have too little sleep, you will feel continuously tired throughout the day and not focused. Whereas, if you have the right amount of sleep, you can focus and be productive throughout the day. Make sure to get your sleep schedule under control before you get back to school!

Back to school time! Here are 9 tips that will get you back in the college groove! These tips will help you get into a great routine and set up your university semester! Share with us your tips for getting back into the college groove!

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