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7 Back To School Hacks You Will Love

7 Back To School Hacks You Will Love

Back to school season will be among us before we know it! I’m here to help eliminate some of those back to school jitters and get you pumped for the new year. Here are seven life-saving back to school hacks you will love.

1. Get Organized

When you’re organized, you will have better mental clarity to start off the new school year. Trust me. When I organize my desk before the first day of school, I feel ten times more prepared for the madness about to ensue. If this means getting desk organizers and labeled bins for all your books and school supplies, go for it! You will love the finished product.

7 Back To School Hacks You Will Love

2. Go Shopping For A New Outfit

Everyone deserves a cute new outfit to rock on the first day of school. Get a group of your closest friends together and hit up the mall. Make it a fun girl’s day and by the end, you will all have new back to school outfits. Just make sure to follow the dress code if your school has one! Nothing worse than getting detention on the first day.

7 Back To School Hacks You Will Love

3. Back To School Supplies

Back to school is so much better when you have cute supplies to keep you motivated to study and get good grades! I recommend colorful sticky notes for notetaking, colorful gel pens and sharpies, fun notebooks, etc. I don’t know about you guys, but when I have a bunch of new supplies it gets me excited to learn and do well in school.

7 Back To School Hacks You Will Love

4. Pack A Lunch

If your school lunch is slightly less than fabulous, then this one is just for you. Take time either in the morning or the night before to pack your lunch in plastic containers and an insulated lunch box. Taking this extra time will be so worth it when you sit down at lunch the next day and get to eat a delicious meal. You can pack anything from salads, pizza, sandwiches, leftovers, take-out, you name it! Way better than the sloppy joe your cafeteria tries to pass as “edible”, I can tell you that.

7 Back To School Hacks You Will Love

5. Buy A New Backpack

I’m sure your backpack from last year is pretty run-down and has its fair share of holes and stains. So, why not invest in a cute new backpack you will use all year long? Plus, it’ll give you that extra confidence to talk to the cute new guy sitting next to you in English. Backpacks are powerful forces.

7 Back To School Hacks You Will Love

6. Set Plenty Of Alarms

If you are the opposite of a morning person like me, you need this hack in your life. Let’s say you have to wakeup at 6:30 a.m. to get to school by 7:30 or 8. This means you need to set alarms leading up to 6:30, approximately 5-10 leading up to the time when you absolutely need to be up. I know I won’t wake up for the first couples alarms so if you make them super loud and obnoxious, you will have to get up eventually to shut it off. Pro tip: Leave your phone charging overnight clear across the room from your bed so you physically have to get up to press snooze.

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7 Back To School Hacks You Will Love

7. Eat Breakfast

This may seem obvious, but a lot of people forget or “don’t have time” to eat breakfast every morning. But this is the most important hack I have for you. It seriously makes a world of difference to start your day fueling your body and giving it the necessary energy to conquer the day. If you don’t eat breakfast, you will feel so much more tired and sluggish throughout the day. Just do it! It can take literally 2 minutes to pour a bowl of cereal, grab a protein bar, or whip up a green smoothie.

7 Back To School Hacks You Will Love

Well, I hope these back to school hacks got you a little more excited to slay this school year. I believe in you guys, you got this. Be sure to comment which of these you are going to focus on. Happy back to school!

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