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10 Back To School Fashion Trends You Have To Try

10 Back To School Fashion Trends You Have To Try

Let’s be honest, shopping for clothes is probably the most important (and the most fun) part of back to school shopping. Given the current pandemic, chances are you probably won’t get the chance to strut your new stuff for a while, but you can still look cool over Zoom. Whether you’re a high school freshman or a college senior, here are the Top 10 back to school fashion trends you absolutely have to try!

Tie-Dye Everywhere

Tie-dye clothes are probably the biggest ongoing trend, thanks to apps like Tiktok. Stores are selling everything from sweatpants to fancy dresses in tie dye. This versatility makes viable for a huge selection of possible outfits.  It’s also a fun DIY you can do at home, so instead of buying new ones, you can just refashion some old ones. Colorful tie dye clothes are what we need to brighten our days in times like this. If there’s one back to school fashion trend to take on, it’s wearing tie-dye!

10 Back To School Fashion Trends You Have To Try


Casual Suits

Dress down getting dressed up and try going for the casual suit look. It will make you professional and chill at the same time, so it’s the perfect look for back to school fashion. You can impress your teachers by looking put together without turning off your classmates by looking too snobby. Older and looser fitting suits are recommended for creating a sense of ease. Try pairing one with a graphic tee for a dressy casual look. You don’t even have to wear the full suit, you can just wear the blazer!

Animal Prints

With quarantine keeping us mostly indoors, it’s time to bring the outside inside, and animal prints are the perfect way to do this! Channel the feeling of a lush jungle or an open savannah by embracing all sorts of stripes and spots. Animal printed clothes are in abundance, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding some to include in your back to school fashion shopping list. If you’re feeling courageous like a lion, then try mixing some animal prints. It’s actually not as hard as it sounds, many animal prints are in neutral colors so they’re easy to match and coordinate with!

10 Back To School Fashion Trends You Have To Try


Amped Up Athleisure

Spending all of our time at home has accustomed us to all-around athletic wear, especially as students with the summer off. There’s no problem with athleisure, but you can definitely step it up so you don’t look like you just rolled out of bed m(especially when you DID just roll out of bed). Ditch the plain old leggings you would normally wear to school on a tired day, and go for items in exciting colors and prints that will rejuvenate your morning. After all, for most of us, the classroom is literally a step away, so we can muster up at least a little energy to wear something nice.


Bright and energizing colors are what we all need, especially as we head into the colder and darker winter months, and what’s brighter than neon? Probably nothing, that’s why they call it DAY-glo! Neon is a super easy back to school fashion trend to do because you probably at least own something neon already. If you don’t know what to pair it with, go with simple basic colors like black and white, and styles like a classic pair of jeans. You can also go full ‘80s and pair neon with neon. Wearing neon is a surefire way to make you stand out from your classmates, but don’t wear it if you’re trying to avoid getting called on during class!

10 Back To School Fashion Trends You Have To Try


Throwback Party Prints

Throwback party prints are kind of like neon’s laid-back older brother, if laid-back can really be used to describe party clothes. If you think of the 80s when you think about neon, then these party prints aren’t far behind. Geometric prints are already trending, and these zany, colorful styles will be sure to brighten your day without hurting your eyes. Try searching local thrift shops or your parents’ closets for the perfect find. Printed-button downs are especially popular because they tailoring really makes the print pop. Pair these prints with some high waisted jeans and your back to school fashion will be totally tubular!

10 Back To School Fashion Trends You Have To Try

Track Suits

As if retro styles haven’t had enough love already, track suits are also making a huge comeback. It’s no doubt because of their combination of comfortability with stylishness, like many previous styles. And of course, they come in tons of bright colors, too, so break out that windbreaker you’ve been holding on to because it’s time for it to shine! Let the track suit do the talking by pairing it with a simple black or white crop top for a cool and casual athletic look. You can also of course wear the track suit pieces separately for more experimentation. Other athletic clothes, like biker shorts, pair well.

Oversized Clothing

Comfortability is not normally associated with fashion (many say pain is beauty), but current trends prove comfortability is key. When you’re spending all your time at home, it seems pointless to get all dressed up just to sit in front of a computer with only your chest up visible. Thankfully, oversized and baggy clothes are everywhere, so you can wear designer styles with comfort. There’s no one way to wear them, so let your imagination guide you, but streetwear and skate culture influences are especially popular. Oversized clothes are also pretty easy to find, simply go up a few sizes from what you normally wear and suddenly every store sells them! However, that search is unfortunately a little harder for plus-sized folx, so look for clothes with dropped shoulders or wide legs to achieve a similarly baggy and oversized appearance.

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10 Back To School Fashion Trends You Have To Try

Layered Chains

Whoever said “don’t wear all your jewelry at once”, and “less is more”, is definitely wrong, at least in this decade. Layering necklaces, especially chain necklaces, is a super popular style that has its roots in the ‘90s hip hop scene. Layering your jewelry like this is a fun way to bling out  your everyday look. You could literally wear an old pajama t-shirt then throw a bunch of necklaces on it and it would be fashion, and that’s awesome! Just roll out of bed, put on a bunch of jewelry, and you’re good to go. If you want to really perfect try investing in some more chain and padlock necklaces that were super popular last year. Although, there’s no need to buy more stuff, you can probably accomplish this with the jewelry you already have, just make sure it’s in the same color.

10 Back To School Fashion Trends You Have To Try

Slip Skirts And Dresses

Slips are probably the queen of comfortable fashion. They were originally intended to be undergarments for longer dresses and skirts, and they were commonly worn up until about the 1960s. They were revived in the 1990s as risqué red carpet looks, and then made their way into everyone’s closets. They should be in your closet too, because they are super popular right now! They are also super comfortable, with a loose fit and soft silk or satin fabrics. Slips should definitely be one of your back to school fashion must-haves because they are elegant yet simple. If you think about it, you’re going to school in your underwear, but it’s not even a nightmare because you’ll look gorgeous!

Bonus: Face Mask!

Not really a trend, but more of a requirement, protective face masks are the #1 back to school fashion essential, especially if you’re attending in person. However, that doesn’t mean your face mask can’t be cute! There are tons of quality protective masks in cute styles out there, so you can match your outfit while staying safe!

When reading this list, you’ll notice that basically every back to school fashion trend is some kind of retro revival throwback making a comeback sort of trend. Gen Z is definitely the generation of bringing things back, so look to parents’ and older cousins’ school days to get some back to school inspiration! Let us know what you find and what you’re wearing this school year in the comments below!

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