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Back to School Discounts You Didn’t Know Existed

Back to School Discounts You Didn’t Know Existed

Getting everything you need to move into college can be stressful and expensive. Did I buy the right thing? What if I’ll need this? Can I get this at a lower price? All these things race through your mind as you and your parents scramble to find everything that you need for your dorm and get you ready for your new life at college. When you’re buying all of your dorm decor and school supplies keep in mind that many brands and stores offer back to school discounts that you’ll definitely want to take advantage of!

Everyone needs all of the basics—pillows, a comforter, storage bins—for their room. Once you have your bare bones dorm supplies you’ll also need to customize your space and make it your own! Fridges and microwaves are also a must have for when you’re too lazy to walk all the way to the dinning hall.


Where to find student discounts on dorm room supplies:

  • Urban Outfitters has tons of boho decorations and statement pieces for your dorm. Urban is the perfect place to find a boho chic comforter or an amazing tapestry.
  • You can find all of your preppy dorm decor needs at PBteen. They have everything from bedding to desk organization and tons on their products can be personally customized with a monogram.
  • All Posters always has a coupon or a sale going on. You can combine these deals with a student discount to decorate your new room for cheap!
  • Amazon’s Student Prime is fantastic for student deals. After a 6-month free trial, students only have to pay half price for Prime services. Amazon will get you all of your dorm needs fast.


  • Target is great for awesome deals on dorm storage, school supplies, and inexpensive furniture for your dorm!
  • Walmart has extremely affordable prices for dorm storage and will be sure to have all of your last minute needs like mirrors and shelving.
  • Bed, Bath, and Beyond is super helpful because they have a checklist for all the things that you need. Bed, Bath, and Beyond is a great place to shop for space saving storage.
  • Lowe’s is a great spot to shop for small appliances for your dorm. They’ll also have everything you need for your next DIY project, you’ll be sure to find some chalkboard paint at Lowe’s!


You’re going to need fast, reliable devices to get all of your schoolwork done. There’s nothing more frustrating than having an ancient computer die on you and losing all of your work as a result. If you need to pick up a new laptop or tablet before school starts make sure to take advantage of the student discounts that Lenovo and Microsoft offer.

Where to get student discounts of tech & electronics:

  • Lenovo sells reliable laptops and tablets. With a student discount you can get up to  40% off on their PCs and discounts on their entire line of products
  • Microsoft has all of the top brands for laptops and tablets and offers 10% off on all their products for students.
  • At Best Buy you can get everything from a mini fridge to a portable speaker at affordable prices!


  • T-Mobile gives you the ultimate freedom with no overage fee or annual service contracts. Get an unbeatable deal at T-Mobile, they’re offering students $48 off of smartphones and tablets plus $50 cash back
  • When you get a student discount with AT&T Wireless you’ll be able to get 10% off of your recurring monthly charges. This discount can be applied for new and existing customers!

College textbooks are ridiculously expensive. Especially when you realize that you’ll only be using these books for 3 months. Then they’ll be completely useless to you and you have to buy a new set of books. Renting your textbooks or buying them used can usually save you quite a bit. Take your savings even further by getting student discounts from the best book stores like Barnes & Noble! Check out StudentRate’s textbook search engine to compare prices and find the place that is selling your textbook the cheapest.


Where to find student discounts on textbooks:

  • Barnes & Noble is one of the best places to shop for all of your reading materials. With a student discount of up to 80% off on textbook rentals and 90% off of used textbooks Barnes & Noble’s prices can’t be beat!

  • Listen to your reading assignment while you go for a run with Audible! Audible is offering students  3 audio books for $3 and 30% off any other books you purchase!

Before they head off to college, a lot of people need to revamp their wardrobe. Future students may have grown up in the north and are heading down south for the next four years or vice versa. Whether you just need a few new pieces, like a winter coat or new shoes, or you’re about to buy a totally new wardrobe for college, check out some of these student deals to get some money off of your new look.


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Where to find student discounts on clothing:


  • Express has a 15% student discount which you can redeem in store or online.
  • You’ll find everything you need for a bohemian chic style at Urban Outfitters. Next time you’re looking for a maxi dress or high-waisted jeans take advantage of UO’s student discount!
  • Forever 21 has everything could need—basics, dresses, statement pieces, jewelry—at super affordable prices.
  • Your favorite place to shop for chic, edgy clothing, Nasty Gal, offers students a discount on their purchase and free shipping on orders over $75!


  • Charlotte Russe is the perfect place to shop for on trend styles at affordable prices!
  • Lulu*s always has amazing shoes and dresses listed on their site! Get a little extra money off of your cute new outfit with an awesome student discount.
  • Topshop is known for their eclectic British style inspired by classic pieces and high fashion!
  • ASOS is a British web store that sells edgy, on-trend fashions. For high fashion inspired clothing shop ASOS and save with their student discounts.



  • American Eagle Outfitters has tons of amazing comfy clothes for great prices. The next time you pick up one of American Eagle’s famous jeans save some money by using student discounts.
  • Aerie, the sister store of American Eagle, is known for their cute and comfy bras and undies. Before you pick up enough underwear to put off doing laundry for two weeks, make sure to use this student discount!


  • Pacsun has a huge selection of Cali cool styles. With a student discount to Pacsun you’ll get a great deal on your next skater dress, flannel, or slouchy t-shirt.
  • Old Navy has a tons of great basics and cute styles at super affordable prices. Shop Old Navy with a student discount to get great clothes at even better prices.
  • Macy’s has unbeatable discount prices and sales on tons of different brands and designers. Add to your stellar savings by using a Macy’s student discount!

Just getting to school can be a process in itself. If you’re flying  out to your school you have to also worry about staying  in a hotel and how you’re going to get all of your things to school. Take advantage of the student discounts that companies like Orbitz offer to get a little extra off if you need to book a hotel. If you get to school and you’re stuck without a car you can always do some school shopping and transport all of your things to your dorm by renting from a car service like Avis or using Zip Car.


Where to find student discounts on travel:

  • Zip Car allows students without a car on campus to have their own transportation. Members can book a Zip Car by the hour or for an entire day!
  • Orbitz  helps you to book your trip all at once! Plan your flight, hotel, and car service all in one place.

  • With over 1,200 locations across North America, Motel 6  guarantees value and the lowest price of any national chain.
  • Budget car rental allows you to book transportation at low prices to get you where you need to go!
  • Avis allows you to rent a car at your convenience and offers ton of extra benefits to make your ride as pleasant as possible.

To get all of these student discounts and more check out StudentRate. Rather than going and searching for student discounts by yourself, StudentRate lists all tons of student deals all in one place! They partner with tons of your favorite stores to get you awesome deals on every purchase that you make. To get in on all of these student discounts all you have to do is create an account with StudentRate and start shopping!

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