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Bachelor Viewing Party Ideas For You And Your Girlfriends

Bachelor Viewing Party Ideas For You And Your Girlfriends

The Bachelor is one of the most-watched television reality shows ever. A large portion of those viewers are a part of what seems to be taking over, Bachelor viewing parties! If you and your girlfriends want to watch together, what better way to then throw a viewing party. If you think this sounds like something for you and your girlfriends, here are some ideas for the next party you throw! 

#1 Roses

Obviously, if you are throwing a Bachelor viewing party, you need roses everywhere. They are a cute accessory to brighten up the room and keep it girly. You can place a boutique of roses as a centerpiece, or even have a single rose laying on the table like the Bachelor gives out to the women! Another cute idea is buying rose garland and hanging on the wall or as a backdrop for pictures or just a cute display. Roses are definitely a must-have for any Bachelor viewing party. You can even hand them out after the episode to all your friends as an invite for the following week!


#2 Popcorn Boxes

I mean, this show is a big drama wheel that spirals out of control every episode, so you definitely need popcorn. Since the whole point of the Bachelor is to get down on one knee and propose, get these cute little ring boxes that represent what the whole show is about. It is a cute way to spruce up the classic popcorn idea. These boxes are so cute and are easy to assemble. You can buy a bunch of them so you have them throughout the shows season! You can also find cute popcorn boxes shaped like a tuxedo which is also the perfect idea for the Bachelor. Popcorn is an easy food item that most everyone enjoys. You can pre-pop some and leave it on your display table! Your guests will definitely love these! 

#3 Bachelor Apparel

Obviously, if you and your girl gang watch the Bachelor religiously, then you should surprise them with a cute shirt with phrases like “can I steal you for a second” or “Ladies this is the final rose of the evening”. There are so many fun and different ways to make this idea into your own. One of my favorite bachelor shirts is super simple and just says “Bachelor Monday’s” across the front! Give one to the girls and you can throw them on right after work on Monday! This would also make a super cute insta pic!


#4 Fantasy Sweets

If you are a long time fan or even new to watching, the fantasy suite week happens when there are three girls left. It is a big week, and something all Bachelor fans know about. A cute little idea to add something Bachelor themed to your dessert table is to make a cute little sign that says “Fantasy Sweets” and offer some delicious desserts to munch on during the show. You could get cupcakes with roses on the top, or chocolate-covered strawberries.


#5 Rose 

Rose is a must when you are having a girl’s night, especially when the girl’s night is surrounded by the dramatic presence of the Bachelor girls! There are cute ways you can present the rose. For example, you can make a sign that says; “Will you accept this rose,” it will for sure make people laugh and enjoy their wine a little more! Hey, you might even have people coming back for seconds and thirds!

#6 Wine Glasses

Obviously, when you are watching the Bachelor you have wine like I talked about previously, but the girls are gonna need something to drink out of! Making custom wine glasses with quotes or names is a cute keepsake for after you finish the season. It will add a little fun to your wine night! If you are throwing a bigger get together, this is an easy way to tell whose drink is whose! 


#7 Bachelor Bracket

Making a Bachelor bracket is fun and exciting. It gives you and your friends a fun way to discuss your thoughts on the season and who you already see as a front runner. It also allows you to discuss who you and your friends do not like after the first episode! It would be interesting to see if your predictions are correct as the season goes on and more people get eliminated!


#8 Trivia

As the commercials come on, grab some trivia cards and quiz your friends on past Bachelor contestants. You can ask questions about the girls backgrounds and find out fun info about each contestant. You can ask questions like where is so and so from? What is their job? You will for sure get some funny answers! This is a great way to bond with your friends too! 

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#9 Gift Bags

Send your girls home with a cute gift bag and some sweet desserts. Throw in some little flowers or some cute fake roses. In addition throw in some candy rings and anything else you think is bachelor themed! Also, sending them home with some treats will for sure make them super happy! You can custom or find cute gift bags that will represent your Bachelor theme! It is a great and easy way to say thank you for watching and coming to the party! 

#10 Themes

Everyone loves classic theme parties. Since it is a Monday night, and most of us are exhausted and sad that the weekend is now over, a good idea might be to throw a pajama party theme and get super cozy while binging the 2 hour show. You can also get dressed up! Although, I think most girls are gonna wanna settle for the pajama or sweatpants theme! This is a great photo opt for an Instagram pic! 


#11 Balloons

Balloons are a cute and super inexpensive way to decorate a space. You can find balloons in any color and in any shape. You could get red and white to match the Bachelor theme colors. And even a huge engagement ring or rose balloon! If you do not feel like constantly buying balloons every monday, maybe get them for the first and final episodes since they are extra special!


Have you had a Bachelor viewing party? If so comment down below!